• An arsenal of weapons (ES14E5)

    Bulgaria’s armaments company Arsenal (Hall 6, Stand L373) is displaying its latest products here at Eurosatory, including multishot and standalone grenade launchers, assault rifles, smoke and illuminating mortar bombs and its newest CS hand grenades family, as well as the latest thermobaric

  • Less-lethal co-operation (ES14E5)

    Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland (SBDS – Hall 6, Stand J303) has signed a longterm co-operation agreement with NonLethal Technologies (NLT) of the USA, under which SBDS will market NLT’s lesslethal weapon systems in Europe. This partnership stems from a strategic decision made in 2012

  • Lifesaving oxygen in the field (ES14E5)

    Emergency oxygen in austere environments can save lives. The Rugged Oxygen Generator (ROG) developed by Molecular Products (Hall 5, Stand KJ511), a manufacturer of chemical technology for air purification, is now available for over-the-counter sales. Making the announcement at Eurosatory, Molecular

  • Sarmat hits the target (ES14E5)

    The State Enterprise Kyiv Design Bureau Luchs (Hall 5, Stand J657) is the missile systems house of Ukraine and has now expanded into the design and development of complete weapon systems. At Eurosatory, the bureau has released details of its Sarmat remote weapon system that has been designed for

  • Short-range fire (ES14E5)

    SIG Sauer is displaying a wide range of firearms (Hall 5, Stand C830), including its latest MPX submachine gun and P320 pistol. Both score heavily on modularity, allowing them to be easily reconfigured for NATO 9mm, .357SIG or .40S&W calibres. MPX is a new family of machine pistols. It uses

  • Clean fuel and water (ES14E5)

    There is nothing like having clean water, anywhere and everywhere. Dunlop GRG (Hall 5, Stand KJ587), part of Sweden’s Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics division, can take care of that requirement. The company is showing its flexible water and fuel tanks, along with DESMI transfer pumps, as a

  • Force behind peace (ES14E5)

    Indian defence company Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) (Hall 5, Stands F764/765) uses the strapline ‘the force behind peace’ as a guiding principle for technological excellence. Since its establishment in 1970, BDL has progressed from licence manufacturing of missiles and guided munitions

  • Turkish radar upgrade (ES14E5)

    Selex ES (Hall 6, Stand E437) has been contracted to upgrade three of its RAT 31 DL radar systems. The €12 million deal involves radars operating in Turkey and was awarded by NSPA (NATO Support Agency). The modernisation of the radars, which have been in service since 1995, will bring them up

  • Check out and carry (ES14E5)

    Calling it ‘multimission’ certainly gives due credit to the capabilities of the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Stationair (Hall 5, Stand B277). With double counter-rotating rotors and a turbofan kerosene engine powering it to 90km/h, Stationair

  • Flexible armour (ES14E5)

    Shown for the first at Eurosatory is the HSF-Hybrid SlatFence, a new-generation lightweight and flexible steel and composite bar armour, by Israeli company Plasan (Hall 6, Stand B402). HSF has been designed to protect against RPGs. Its flexible nature enables it to be rolled up for doors, hull

  • New president for ELDIG (ES14E5)

    At a ceremony in the Spanish Pavilion at Eurosatory, EXPAL’s general manager, Manuel Garcia-Sanuda, handed the presidency of the European Land Defence Industry Group (ELDIG) to Heikki Allonen, president and CEO of Finnish company Patria. ELDIG’s presidency rotates within its member

  • Scorpion stings (ES14E5)

    International Golden Group (IGG) (Outdoor A460) is showcasing the Agrab Mk2 mobile mortar system, which was developed specifically for the UAE Land Forces. Agrab (Scorpion) is equipped with the latest 120mm SCRAMS (super rapid advanced mortar system), in addition to various weapon and communication

  • Airburst attack from above (ES14E5)

    Dynamit Nobel Defence (Hall 6, Stand K632) is expecting to begin production by the end of the year of the latest development of its RG 90 shoulder-launched weapon family. Known as RG 90-LRMP (long-range, multipurpose), the new weapon has been developed in collaboration with the German Special

  • Auxiliary power for Leopard (ES14E5)

    Steyr Motors of Austria (Hall 5, Stand H398) is to supply its M12 diesel powered auxiliary power unit (APU) for installation in the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Leopard 2A7+ main battle tank, which is the latest version to enter production. The installation of the M12 powered APU allows all of the

  • Diagnosis in the field (ES14E5)

    First-time exhibitor HM EI ZRT from Hungary (Hall 5, Stand K750) is showing its newgeneration deployable rapid diagnostic laboratory, which can be applied in areas of natural disasters for disease control, for biological analysis, or importantly, for bio-terrorism actions.

  • Military biotechnology (ES14E5)

    Chilean biotechnology firm R&S (Hall 5, Stand LK701) has a wide range of capabilities to address specific problems encountered by the military. Its expertise ranges from life support for soldiers that have been attacked by snakes or scorpions, to dealing with bio‑terrorism attacks.

  • Stop the bleeding (ES14E5)

    Haemorrhaging from gunshot and shrapnel wounds could quickly lead to death. The innovative XStat developed by The Activity Group (Hall 5, Stand C657), now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), provides an effective solution. A quantity of small sponges from a syringe-like

  • Smart UAV from Slovenia (ES14E5)

    Exhibiting for the first time at Eurosatory, C-Astral Aerospace from Slovenia (Hall 5, Stand H588) is highlighting its expertise in the unmanned arena, particularly for survey and ISR tasks in both civil and military applications. Using the Bramor UAV as a platform, the company groups its

  • Brush the barrel (ES14E5)

    In the heat of battle, the barrel of a tank, artillery system or naval gun has to continue delivering accurate fire. For that, it has to be well maintained. Korean firm SooSung Defense Industries (Hall 5, Stand C448) developed the ROLLVI automatic bore cleaner that does the job effectively and

  • Stability with carbon fibre (ES14E5)

    Steyr Mannlicher has brought its latest precision rifle to Eurosatory in the form of the Steyr SSG Carbon. The weapon draws on the SSG 08, but has a carbon fibre stock, which the company claims offers unmatched stability. The stock is made from sheetmoulding compounded carbon fibre, which features