• Plug and fly (ES14E1)

    Airborne Technologies GmbH (Hall 5, Stand HJ460) of Austria has introduced the S.C.A.R.- Pod (Self-Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod), which enables every aircraft and helicopter equipped with NATO hard points to be turned into a surveillance aircraft without the need for airframe modifications.

  • Protection ensured (ES14E1)

    Gill Research & Development (Hall 5, Stand L587) has formed a new business unit – Gill Force Protection – to support the company’s military and defence customers in countering the threat of IEDs using its advanced and ruggedised detectors and creative solutions to complex

  • A novel solution (ES14E1)

    How about using your own smartphone or tablet on the battlefield? Elektrobit (EB) of Finland is showing a novel solution in tactical communications at Eurosatory for the first time (Hall 6, Stand D321). According to the company, the EB Tactical LTE Access Point (long-term evolution, 4G) makes use

  • Training for NEMO (ES14E1)

    Being launched on the international market for the first time at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand E530) is the Finnish Patria NEMO (NEw MOrtar) training simulator. It is being shown linked to a Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) being used in the command post role, which would send target acquisition

  • Heads-up for ‘e-novates’ (ES14E1)

    Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, FN Herstal (Hall 6, Stand F201) is unveiling a range of new systems that illustrate the company’s focus on developing complementary technologies to support its core firearms business. Among the new range are a head-up display and systems that draw

  • The urban security landscape – challenges, risks and policing needs (ES14E1)

    With more than half of the world’s population already living in cities and with the urban population set to increase to more than 70 per cent by 2020, cities around the world face new challenges. As cities of today represent the economic might of their nations and compete to attract more

  • En Bref (ES14F1)

    • Journaliste, écrivain et bloggeur, notre confrère et ami Jean-Marc Tanguy dédicace aujourd’hui son livre Commandos français : les missions des forces spéciales. Cet ouvrage fait le récit d’opérations des forces spéciales

  • Hawkei set for Australia (ES14E2)

    Thales Australia is showing the latest export version of the Hawkei Light Protected Mobility (LPM) vehicle in left-hand drive on the Eurosatory Live Demonstration Zone daily at 10.30am and 3.00pm. The Hawkei LPM vehicle has been developed to meet the Australian Army Land 121 Phase 4 programme that

  • More roles for MPCV (ES14E2)

    MBDA’s Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle (MPCV) is currently in production for the export market in the air defence role, with the first deliveries made in 2013. It is on display on Outside Stand D550. This is fitted with a remote controlled turret (RCT) with two Mistral fire-and-forget

  • Bridging the gap (ES14E2)

    Switzerland has taken delivery from WFEL (Hall 5A, Stand K461) of its first batch of Dry Support Bridge (DSB) systems in the latest 46m configuration. In December 2011, the Swiss Army placed a £57 million order for a total of 10 bridging systems but with 14 launch vehicles. Final deliveries

  • Finland orders logistic trucks (ES14E2)

    Finland’s defence forces have awarded Scania (Hall 6, Stand H303) a contract for 184 logistic support trucks. The contract is valued at about €66 million, and includes an option for an additional 69 trucks plus service and maintenance contracts for six plus six plus three years. A variety

  • Eurosatory 2014: BAE displays Terrier CEV

    The BAE Systems Combat Vehicles UK Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV) is being shown for the first time outside the UK here on Outdoor Stand G20. Just before Eurosatory, the Terrier CEV was demonstrated at the French Army Engineer School in Angers, which has a requirement to replace its

  • Eurosatory 2014: GDELS-SBS displays latest ASCOD 2

    General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS – SBS) is presenting its latest ASCOD 2 (Austrian Spanish Co-Operative Development) in the armoured personnel carrier (APC) configuration in Hall 5, Stand E850. ASCOD 2 was one of five vehicles recently tested by the

  • Eurosatory 2014: Nexter displays VBCI with 30 mm OWS

    To meet potential export requirements for customers who want more firepower, the Nexter Systems VBCI infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is being shown at Eurosatory for the first time fitted with the Italian Oto Melara 30mm Overhead Weapon Station (OWS). It is armed with the combat proven ATK Armament

  • Eurosatory 2014: Saab to integrate new projectile variants for disposable shoulder-launched rocket system

    Saab is in the final stages of integrating two new projectile variants for its AT4 84mm disposable shoulder-launched rocket system. The new variants significantly expand the versatility of the weapon system, which has made the AT4 the market-leader in its class, with sales to more than 15 countries.

  • Exhaustive Eurosatory (ES14E1)

    Eurosatory has ratified its position as the unquestionable leader among the world’s land and air-land defence and security shows with 1,502 exhibitors this year, a 5 per cent rise on the 1,432 exhibiting in 2012… and a 35 per cent jump on the 978 exhibiting a decade ago! The number of


    16 to 20 June, Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, France Welcome to the IHS Jane's Eurosatory 2014 show site. The 12th Eurosatory Exhibition takes place from 16 to 22 June at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. On this website you will find comprehensive editorial coverage

  • Eurosatory 2014 Exhibitor List

    The exhibitor list for Eurosatory 2014 is as follows: