• Vote of confidence (ES14E5)

    CTAI (Nexter, Outside Stand A600) announced at Eurosatory that its 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) received formal qualification from the French and UK ministries of defence late in May 2014 and CTAI issued its certificates of design on 10 June. The qualification certification is a

  • Weapons partnership (ES14E5)

    Avibras of Brazil and France’s Nexter have signed an agreement this week to co-operate on the development of the Nexter Caesar artillery system to meet a Brazilian army requirement. The 155mm/52 selfpropelled howitzer is intended to use the same elements as the Astros rocket artillery system

  • Brazilian police (ES14E5)

    Israeli armoured vehicle specialist Plasan (Hall 6, Stand B402) has been selected to supply six high-performance armoured personnel carriers to answer the Brazilian military police’s Choque da PMESP requirement. The vehicles are based on a standard 4x4 chassis but have been re-engineered to

  • RAPIDFire engages UAV (ES14E5)

    Thales (Outdoor Stand A690) has confirmed that its RAPIDFire 40mm self-propelled (SP) air defence system successfully tracked and shot down two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) during firing trials in southern France earlier this year. RAPIDFire has been developed to rapidly engage very small targets

  • Europe’s future MALE? (ES14E5)

    In recent years there has been a glut of projects for European medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) UAVs, but none has made any headway. In the meantime, Europe’s air arms have largely turned to Israel and the USA to provide capability. Last month three European aerospace heavy-hitters

  • Eurosatory, indisputably the largest and the best! (ES14E5)

    Whatever some rival shows may advocate, one simply has to look at the figures to see that Eurosatory is the indisputable number one land and air-land defence and security show in the world. Launched in 1960 at the French army’s experimental unit at Satory near Versailles as an annual display

  • Artillery packaged (ES14E5)

    China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) (Hall 5, Stand 850) is now providing the world’s largest family of not only conventional towed and self-propelled (SP) artillery systems but also artillery rocket systems. It is also able to provide a complete artillery package, including the

  • JSM goes ‘external’ as it prepares for JSF (ES14E5)

    Last month the Norwegian government presented a bill to parliament to authorise the third and final phase of development for the Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace Joint Strike Missile. This is due to end in 2017 to clear the weapon for production. Kongsberg has derived the JSM from the Naval Strike

  • Fast target tracking (ES14E5)

    French company ULIS (Hall 6, Stand F139) has launched the Pico1024E GenII highprecision, energy-efficient thermal image sensor, providing extra performance to detect threats, while maintaining the all-important low-level power consumption. A major improvement is higher thermal sensitivity of lower

  • UAE strength on show (ES14E5)

    Tawazun Holding, the strategic investment firm devoted to the development of the UAE’s industrial sector with a focus on defence manufacturing, is highlighting its defence manufacturing initiatives and products at Eurosatory. Along with Tawazun, the UAE pavilion includes Mubadala, Thuraya,

  • TerraMax UGV clears the path (ES14E5)

    One of the highlights of the daily live demonstrations at Eurosatory 2014 is the TerraMax unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Oshkosh Defense (Hall 5, Stand D657). The converted M-ATV is equipped with a mine roller, and autonomously navigates a course to simulate mine-clearing operations. As well as

  • Baltic forges closer ties (ES14E5)

    Defence industry leaders from the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have this week signed a memorandum of understanding covering greater collaboration. The three nations co-operate closely on political, defence and security matters, and that co-operation has become even more

  • Naval order for LRAD (ES14E5)

    California-based LRAD Corp (Hall 5, Stand A460) has received a $1.7 million order for LRAD-RX systems and accessories from a Southeast Asia navy. The initial consignment worth $950,000 is due for shipment in September 2014, with the balance to follow as new vessels are built and commissioned. The

  • Unmanned panache from Italy (ES14E5)

    Italian company IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi specialises in hightech solutions in selected defence and civilian sectors. One of the company’s business areas is in the unmanned segment, and a range of IDS unmanned products is on display at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stands D500-530). Lightest of the

  • Working together unmanned (ES14E5)

    What better option than combining unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to peek over the horizon when moving into hostile territory? Estonia’s Eli Military Simulations (Hall 6, Stand K76) joined forces with Switzerland’s RUAG (Hall 6, Stand J201/Hall 5, Stand J850) to develop this very

  • Advanced Vista (ES14E5)

    Barco (Hall 6, Stand F303), Belgium’s specialist in network visualisation solutions and equipment, has introduced its Vista 500 rugged console, a workstation designed for ground control stations. Offering an ergonomic working position for the most demanding command and control, fire control

  • Mobile router (ES14E5)

    Supplier of critical function products to the defence and security markets, Curtiss-Wright (Hall 6, Stand J291) is showing its rugged subsystems and has announced a contract for router technology from an aerospace and defence customer. Lynn Bamford, senior VP and general manager of its defence

  • Own back up (ES14E5)

    Dutch company Nedinsco (Hall 6, Stand H263) ensures vehicle and crew survivability in hostile environments with its non-powered Back Up Sight. Should a vehicle experience a loss of electrical power, causing the main or commander sights to fail, the Back Up Sight will ensure situational awareness.

  • Green Rock protects the force (ES14E5)

    IAI is showing its Green Rock mobile autonomous C-RAM (counter-rockets, artillery, mortars) radar in its operational configuration for the first time. The S-band radar was developed by the Elta division to provide warning against attack and a means of locating the firing source. The radar also has a

  • Improving smart weapons’ ability (ES14E5)

    Honeywell Aerospace (Hall 5, Stand B751) has announced an addition to its tactical guidance technology product line – a smaller, higher performing and more efficient Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for missiles, smart munitions and unmanned aerial vehicles. This device improves the measurement