• Driving UAVs out of the sky [DSEI17D3]

    Bulgarian company Optix (Stand N8-300) is presenting a counter-UAV system concept that can disrupt the navigation of an unmanned aircraft, forcing it to land or return to base.

  • A very cool box [DSEI17D3]

    The UK’s Stream Defence (Stand N9-478) has a solution to carry blood and plasma on the battlefield.

  • Email deliveries [DSEI17D3]

    US-based HAL Communications (Stand N7-160) is showcasing a pre-production model of its MB5100/2K HF radio mailbox, the first high frequency radio mail system to provide fully synchronised IMAP (internet message access protocol) email delivery over HF radio links.

  • Joining forces for MEWP [DSEI17D3]

    Elbit Systems UK and Lockheed Martin UK have signed a strategic teaming agreement to partner in pursuit of the UK Royal Navy’s (RN’s) forthcoming Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP).

  • Stop interfering [DSEI17D3]

    Multiple radio and other communications systems in a congested environment cause radio frequency (RF) interference, which can dramatically reduce optimal communications. UK-based Cobham (Stand S6-150) this week announced its new integrated communications environment (ICE) product range as a solution.

  • Vehicle intercom [DSEI17D3]

    Sweden-based Invisio Communications (Stand N3-360) has a new product category. Its vehicle intercom system, shown at DSEI this week, will be commercially available in late 2018.

  • Having sight of the shooting [DSEI17D3]

    As winner of a tender for optronic upgrades at the Canjeurs combined forces shooting training range (CETIA), French company Bertin Technologies (Stand N7-450) was given the green light by the French Ministry of Defence to install its PeriSight (pictured) and FusionSight.

  • Say after me [DSEI17D3]

    UK group The Big Word (Stand N9-502) has just been awarded a new contract to provide interpreting services to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in Ukraine.

  • Solid barrier [DSEI17D3]

    Protecting troops and other military assets has taken many forms over the ages. Now, UK-based J&S Franklin (Stand N9-184) offers a modern solution that is both simple yet highly effective.


    FN HERSTAL (Stand N2-333) provides military, law enforcement and special units around the globe with a complete range of state-of- the-art, ground-breaking solutions developed around small-calibre firearms and ammunition.

  • Land Zone Static Display [DSEI17D3]

    NIMR (Stand N10-110) AJBAN 440A (main picture) has the latest technologies in ballistic and blast protection, designed for the most rigorous use in the harshest environments. HAFEET ambulance (inset) is a 6x6 armoured ambulance designed to be highly configurable to provide trauma medical care on the battlefield.

  • Medical Engagement Zone Demonstrations [DSEI17D3]

    CitizenAID Demonstration (Stand N3-590) CitizenAID is a philanthropic initiative with a core focus being the empowerment of the public through the necessary skills and knowledge to save lives in the event of a terror attack, all the more pertinent in recent years. Having released an app, pocket guide and accredited training course, among other material recently, its demonstrations will provide a perfect opportunity to understand the extraordinary work it is doing but also to see the principles of spreading this knowledge.

  • British by birth [DSEI17D2]

    Pride of place on Rheinmetall Defence’s Stand S7-110 is the Boxer (8x8) Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV), which is one of the contenders for the UK Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) requirement.

  • Firebreathing dragon [DSEI17D2]

    The UK Dragonfire team (Stand ND4 in the Naval Display area) has unveiled its laser weapon system demonstrator. It is being developed under a £30 million Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) contract that was awarded at the start of the year. Known as the Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW) capability demonstrator programme, the UK Dragonfire effort brings together a team of Leonardo, QinetiQ, MBDA, Arke, BAE Systems, Marshall and GKN, with MBDA acting as overall programme co-ordinator.

  • SAM system on display [DSEI17D2]

    Making its first appearance at DSEI in the outside vehicle park is the new MBDA Land Ceptor surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, which is the replacement for the currently deployed Rapier Field Standard C (FSC) used by the Royal Artillery, which has an out-of-service date of 2020.

  • Beyond the horizon [DSEI17D2]

    A radical design for an autonomous naval vessel with a range of 3,500 nautical miles has been unveiled by Rolls- Royce at DSEI 2017. Designed to perform a range of single-role missions - for example, patrol and surveillance, mine detection or fleet protection - the 60m long, 700-tonne displacement vessel is intended to be capable of operating beyond the horizon for more than 100 days at a time.

  • Diesel family grows [DSEI17D2]

    Steyr Motors of Austria (Stand S9-163) is showing for the first time the latest additions to its expanding range of high-performance diesel engines, which are stated to be a unique combination of reliable monobloc design and efficient common rail technology.

  • UK frigate is on the starting line [DSEI17D2]

    Shipyards and design houses at DSEI 2017 are positioning themselves to compete for the Royal Navy’s (RN’s) Type 31e frigate programme. An industry engagement briefing in London last Thursday - a day after the announcement of the new National Shipbuilding Strategy - revealed plans for the fast-track acquisition of a globally deployable vessel geared towards maritime security and defence engagement operations.

  • Aircraft survivability [DSEI17D2]

    Final testing is planned to complete next month for a new defensive aids system to equip Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) NH90 helicopters. Terma (Stand S5-375) was contracted in 2014 to integrate its Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MASE) pod onto RNLAF NH90 helicopters to address platform self-protection requirements identified by the company in a 2012 study.

  • Health check for ships [DSEI17D2]

    Rolls-Royce (Stand S6-210) is premiering the new Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) function available with the MTU Callosum Ship Automation System. According to the company, the latest EHM extension provides a real-time picture of the status of the vessel and its propulsion system.