• Laser warning goes modular [DSEI17D4]

    UTC Aerospace Systems (Stand S5-165) has been in the business of laser detecting sets for around 30 years, and is a major supplier to the US and other armed forces. More than 2,000 AVR-2B sets are in use as part of battlefield helicopter protection suites.

  • Recognise faces [DSEI17D4]

    Digital Barriers (Stand S8-124) is showcasing its live facial recognition technology. SmartVis Face is a non-conformant, live-streaming, facial recognition capability that can be used with standard cameras and hardware, including CCTV, police body-worn cameras and smartphones. It picks out faces from a crowd and matches them against terror watch lists and missing person databases.

  • F-35 goes interoperable [DSEI17D4]

    Lockheed Martin F-35 pilots from Italy and the Netherlands have joined those from the UK for the first time in a simulated mission scenario as part of an ongoing series of interoperability trials. The exercise explored the ability of linking various facilities around the UK into a common synthetic environment, as well as live assets, so that the F-35’s interoperability with other UK platforms can be assessed and refined.

  • Value for money [DSEI17D4]

    General Dynamics (Stand S9-210) is displaying a Piranha 5 (8x8) armoured personnel carrier (APC) as a potential candidate for the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme. This is being shown fitted with a Kongsberg Protector remote weapon system (RWS) armed with a .50 M2 HB machine gun.

  • Constantly innovating [DSEI17D4]

    In recent months Rockwell Collins (Stand S2-191) has delivered some of its innovative systems to several international clients. The German Ministry of Defence selected the company’s NavHub navigation system to provide Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) availability to its military vehicles.

  • Rugged connectors [DSEI17D4]

    Among the various products on show from Swiss company LEMO (Stand S8-150) is its range of industry-leading M Series miniature high-density ratchet-locking circular connectors.

  • Taking weapons to the limit [DSEI17D4]

    ‘‘Welcome to hell’’ - that is how the Bofors Test Center (Stand N2-234) introduces itself. The facility was created in 1886 as a firing range to support the Bofors factory in Karlskoga, and today has evolved into a multifaceted establishment that can literally put products ‘‘through hell’’ to establish their limits and rigorously check that they comply with requirements and regulations.

  • Cross the gap [DSEI17D4]

    Maintaining the speed of advance often requires crossing any obstacles such as small rivers in double-quick time. Dutch company GXS Gap Crossing Systems (Stand S6-272) has just introduced an innovative assault bridge system for infantry and light vehicles.

  • Infrared detectors [DSEI17D4]

    Emberion (Stand N3-455) is launching a series of visible light to shortwave infrared (VIS-SWIR) detectors, which are being pitched to both defence and security users.

  • Aim gets better [DSEI17D4]

    At DSEI this week, Aimpoint of Sweden (Stand N2-229) announced the CompM5 reflex sight as the latest addition to its professional product line, the most compact optic in the Aimpoint Comp family of sights.

  • Japan shows AFV systems capability [DSEI17D4]

    Mitsubishi Heavy industries (MHI) Integrated Defence & Space Systems (Stand S7-360) is presenting its total capability in the design, development and production of key subsystems for armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs). These include the diesel engine, automatic transmission and suspension systems.

  • New microwave power [DSEI17D4]

    Specialist UK microwave and RF manufacturer TMD Technologies (Stand S3-255) is showcasing two new travelling wave tube (TWT) based microwave power modules (MPMs) this week.

  • Training for real [DSEI17D4]

    UK-based MS Instruments (Stand N6-195) this week announced the acquisition of the marketing rights to a close quarter battle (CQB) training system known as Partition Panel Systems.

  • COMINT package to fly on Watchkeeper [DSEI17D4]

    The AS3 communications intelligence (COMINT) system of QinetiQ (Stands S2-550 and S2-341) is set to get airborne as a payload on Thales’s Watchkeeper UAV.

  • French trainer on track [DSEI17D4]

    On 10 July this year, the first Pilatus PC-21 destined for service with the French air force took to the air at the company’s Stans factory in Switzerland. The first of 17 PC-21 turboprop trainers to equip the fighter training school at Cognac air base is expected to be delivered in March.

  • Micro-UAV has stamina [DSEI17D4]

    Lockheed Martin UK has developed a tube-launched micro-UAV that it claims has a competitive endurance for the class of system it falls under. Outrider has proven in excess of 2.5-hour flight time, which given that it is a class 1B system - categorised as sub-2kg at 1.7kg - means it has enhanced performance for its size.

  • Multiple warhead penetrator [DSEI17D4]

    Turkish armament specialist Makina ve Kimya Endustris Kurumu (MKEK, Stand N6-210) is showing its NEB multiple-warhead penetration bomb.

  • Life bottled [DSEI17D4]

    LifeSaver (Stand N6-290) has introduced a new version of its water filtration storage bottle. Building on the company’s 6k, the 2k water bottle includes the LifeSaver Scavenger Hose that is used as an in-line pump to allow for the fill of larger containers.

  • Operational effectiveness [DSEI17D4]

    Canada’s Ixtrom Group (Stand N3-621) has unveiled a modelling and simulation system, the IXVMS7 (Intelligence Visualization, Modelling and Simulation 7 System).

  • Removable drive [DSEI17D4]

    Kontron (Stand S3-280) has added a removable solid-state drive option to its Cobalt embedded computer system.