• Penetrate the dark [DSEI17D1]

    An extreme low-light capability is what one requires to penetrate the dark of night. Besides its existing solutions for day/night surveillance, homeland security and scientific markets, Northern Ireland-based Raptor Photonics (Stand N7-378) has now launched the Owl 1280.

  • Virtually indestructible [DSEI17D1]

    Peli Products (Stand S4-240), the world’s leading manufacturer of military and aerospace-approved reusable plastic cases, is presenting its shock-proof engineered cases, designed to be lightweight, watertight, heat- and impact-resistant and virtually indestructible.

  • Brake boost [DSEI17D1]

    Alcon Components, a Midlands, UK-based motorsport brake and clutch manufacturer, has launched an armoured vehicle brake caliper. The CIR55 is designed to fit 8x8-type military vehicles operating at 30 to 40+ tonne GVM, but could also be used on heavy 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles.

  • Compact firepower [DSEI17D1]

    US company DRD Tactical (Stand N5-186) is showing its Kivaari 338 Lapua Magnum semi-automatic sniper weapon system at DSEI 2017 this week.

  • Heavy-duty matting takes the weight [DSEI17D1]

    A new matting system is displayed on Stand N9-474 and on the DSO’s UK Capability Showcase stand in Hall N6, by Ground-Guards, a first-time exhibitor. MaxiTrack is claimed to be the world’s most heavy-duty manually installed matting system, guaranteed to withstand vehicles weighing up to 130 tonnes.

  • Made in India [DSEI17D1]

    Mumbai-based Rashtriya Metal Industries (Stand N6-151), a producer of cold rolled strips, sheets and foil in copper, brass and various alloys, is focusing at DSEI on its expertise in the manufacture of cartridge cases and bullet jacket cups in various calibres - including 9mm, 0.223 (5.56mm), 0.338 (7.62mm), 12.7mm (0.50 cal).

  • Safety is woven in [DSEI17D1]

    While design and manufacturing standards play a role in protective clothing, it is the fabric used in making the garments that is key to the safety of the wearer.

  • Flexible laser rangefinder [DSEI17D1]

    French company SensUp (Stand N8-141) is showing in preview form its LRF 1550 SR+ laser rangefinder at DSEI. It is specifically designed to meet different size, weight and power requirements of multifunction optronic solutions, such as binoculars, UAV gimbals and other electro-optic solutions.

  • Lower-cost composites [DSEI17D1]

    First-time exhibitor Norco Holdings (Stand S4-250), a Poole, UK-based manufacturer of lightweight composite structures and GRP mouldings, is targeting DSEI to promote its increasing capability in providing lightweight and lower-cost composite structures to the defence sector.

  • Cool breeze [DSEI17D1]

    US company Breezer Holdings, a first-time exhibitor at DSEI, is presenting its mobile flagship Power Breezer product on Stand N5-287, where visitors can see it in action.

  • Shouldering the load [DSEI17D1]

    The modern soldier is required to carry an array of equipment, including supplies, weapons and ammunition, which has an impact on operational effectiveness. Catoma, under parent company MMI Outdoor (Stand N4-279), is confident its Switchblade modular load carriage system is destined to become the new standard.

  • Connectivity covered [DSEI17D1]

    Smiths Interconnect, which recently announced the transition of its technology brands EMC Technology, Hypertac, IDI, Lorch, Millitech, RF Labs, Sabritec, TECOM and TRAK under a single brand identity, is exhibiting its largest range of components, assemblies and systems on Stand S5-270.

  • Easy descent [DSEI17D1]

    Marlow Ropes (Stand N7-168) has launched a lightweight, stainless steel device, which is designed to be used with its 40mm fast rope to facilitate the quick deployment of units to a designated area.

  • Tough, tried and tested [DSEI17D1]

    bespoke NATO-approved TL90 AF lighting tower, designed and engineered in the UK to meet military specifications for the British Army and RAF, including air portability. The armed forces tower is tough, tried and tested, having been used across the globe in some of the most extreme environments.

  • Visor is step change for bomb suits [DSEI17D1]

    A specialist EOD helmet visor has been launched by Morgan Advanced Materials (Stand S5-265), which integrates with its cutting edge Silverback 4020 Elite bomb suit to accommodate the wearing of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective garments.

  • A fundraising feline [DSEI17D1]

    Felix Fund, a charity supporting service men, women and families who are involved with or retired from Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) duties, is this year’s charity partner for DSEI.

  • Rechargeable mobile energy [DSEI17D1]

    Rechargeable batteries have become a part of modern life, and will feature even more when all vehicles, including military, will run on battery power. Israel-based Epsilor (Stand N8-380), part of the Power Systems division of Arotech Corporation, is unveiling its 6T family of NATO standard rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • Round-up [DSEI17D1]

    Primetake (Stand N6-298) is using DSEI to give a glimpse of new variants of its .300in round portfolio that is expected to be released later in 2017, which contains specialised projectiles to increase performance in tactical situations.

  • Keep talking [DSEI17D1]

    With email and messaging now the preferred method of communication, Australia-based company Barrett Communications (Stand N7-160) has just announced its advanced 4075 high-power, high-frequency (HF) transmitter.

  • On the water [DSEI17D1]

    Today’s waterborne demonstrations will take place in the Royal Victoria Dock and will be best viewed from the grandstand on the dock edge next to the East Terrace at the eastern end of ExCeL.