• Enhanced situational awareness for USVs [DSEI17D1]

    Radar sensor processing and display specialist Cambridge Pixel (Stand S4-352) is supplying its radar tracking and fusion software to ASV Global to enhance situational awareness on ASV’s range of unmanned surface vessels (USVs).

  • Haptic robot feels as it moves [DSEI17D1]

    Fresh on the back of bagging a coveted award to provide its T7 explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) for the UK MoD’s Project Starter, Harris Corporation (Stand N5-120) is seeking other opportunities for the robot as terrorism and improvised explosive device (IED) use continue to spread worldwide.

  • Outboard diesel engine makes debut [DSEI17D1]

    A full production OXE Diesel 200hp outboard diesel engine is being introduced here at DSEI.

  • Cannon ready to fire [DSEI17D1]

    Under an Urgent Needs Requirement, the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Europe is to rapidly acquire a batch of Stryker (8x8) infantry combat vehicles fitted with the Kongsberg Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station (MCRWS) armed with the latest Orbital ATK Armament Systems (Stand S2-266) 30mm XM813 cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

  • Highest accuracy [DSEI17D1]

    The first result of the co-operation of ERA of the Czech Republic (Stand N8-324) with German manufacturer SMAG (Stand S6-432) is the new Ftm 25/6 Medium mast system, which complements ERA’s passive reconnaissance and surveillance system, VERA-NG.

  • Rocket team [DSEI17D1]

    Arnold Defense is showing for the first time its Fletcher vehicle-mounted 2.75in laser-guided rocket system integrated onto a Supacat LRV 600 platform (Supacat Stand N9-360).

  • Sight for sore eyes [DSEI17D1]

    Being shown for the first time by Kent Periscopes (Stand N8-251) is its new Straight Biocular Display (SBD). This comprises the latest display screen and lens arrangement to provide the driver of an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) with an excellent relaxed viewing capability from under armour.

  • Spear hits target [DSEI17D1]

    Elbit Systems (Stand S2-320) is showing its latest Spear Mk 2 120mm ‘soft recoil’ mortar system integrated onto the rear of a Plasan SandCat (4x4) protected platform.

  • Thunder and lightning [DSEI17D1]

    Czech company SVOS Prelouc (Stand N9-320) has developed and tested a new 4x4 high-mobility vehicle, which is well suited to deployment by special forces and reconnaissance teams. Four units have been ordered by the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) for expected delivery in March 2018.

  • Axle on a roll [DSEI17D1]

    The T700 axle system, jointly developed by Texelis of France (Stand N7-310) and Irish company Timoney (Stand N7-311), is entering production following an extensive testing programme.

  • Ironclad on a mission [DSEI17D1]

    BAE Systems Land (UK) (Stand S3-110) is entering the highly competitive unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) market with the introduction of its Ironclad UGV at DSEI.

  • Neutralising all threats [DSEI17D1]

    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems (Stand N3-683) is showing its Trophy-HV active protection system (APS) on its 6x6 Rafael Land Systems Demonstrator vehicle. The demonstrator also features a Samson Mark II turret equipped with a Spike LR precision missile system and a TopLite multi-high definition electrooptic ISR and targeting system, along with Rafael designed passive and reactive armour.

  • On the unmanned stage [DSEI17D1]

    BAE Systems (Stand S3-110) and ASV Global (Stand S2-364) are charting a n ew course for the DSEI dynamic waterborne display with the first demonstration of an unmanned surface vessel (USV) without safety crew.

  • Radiation recognised [DSEI17D1]

    VPI Technology (State of Utah Stand N4-478) has designed and developed an advanced radiological detection system (RDS) prototype, which is being shown in public for the first time at DSEI. This follows the award of a $165 million contract by the US Department of Defense last September, for an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity over the next 10 years.

  • Lighting up the KF-X [DSEI17D1]

    Oxley Group (Stand S3-330) has been selected by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to develop the full external lighting system on the new KF-X/IF-X advanced multirole fighter for the Republic of Korea Air Force and Indonesian Air Force.

  • Vixen headed for Romania [DSEI17D1]

    Leonardo’s Airborne and Space Systems division has been contracted by Romania’s National Institute for Aerospace Research ‘Elie Carafoli’ (INCAS) to supply its Vixen 500E active electronically scanned array radar for Romania’s IAR-99 trainer Technology Demonstrator (TD) project.

  • An extraordinary challenge [DSEI17D1]

    Qioptiq (Stand S8-110), an Excelitas Technologies Company and a primary supplier of the most advanced optical equipment and systems to the defence and aerospace sectors, is also active in supporting British service men and women through sponsorship of sport and other endeavours.

  • Brand new [DSEI17D1]

    Three years after its acquisition by Belgian small arms manufacturer FN Herstal, Manroy Engineering has rebranded to FNH UK.

  • Heat of the FireDragon [DSEI17D1]

    Cardiff-based survival equipment manufacturer BCB International Ltd (Stand N5-200) has developed the world’s first solid bioethanol fuel, called FireDragon.

  • Ever-expanding expertise [DSEI17D1]

    From small beginnings some 18 years ago, South African company Parsec (Stand N3-110) has significantly broadened its scope as an original design manufacturer, specialising in the design, manufacture, integration and support of advanced technology systems.