• Defence Investment Plan launched [CANSEC18D2]

    Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s Minister of National Defence, announced the release of a new Defence Investment Plan on day one of CANSEC. The initiative will include expected characteristics, costs and timings of the broad requirements announced in the government’s 2017 Strong, Secure, Engaged strategy. “When we talk about IDEaS [an innovation programme] on page 77 of the defence policy,” said Sajjan, “you can be sure to find it there in the Investment Plan.”

  • CityShield steps up [CANSEC18D2]

    As public safety and security challenges grow in complexity, the delivery of and access to timely and accurate information is key to an effective response by public safety and emergency teams.

  • RGW 90 LRMP shows up at CANSEC [CANSEC18D2]

    Dynamit Nobel Defence (Booth 728) is showing the latest addition to its series of single-shot 90mm recoilless grenade weapon (RGW 90) systems here: the RGW 90 Long Range Multi- Purpose (LRMP) variant. RGW 90 LRMP is a lightweight (8.9kg) disposable weapon system furnished with a programmable multi-purpose warhead developed in collaboration with the German Army for its Special Forces (Kommando Spezialkräfte – KSK) requirement.

  • CANSEC opens with a bang [CANSEC18D2]

    Christyn Cianfarani, president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Securities Industries (CADSI), officially opened CANSEC 2018 amid growing industry optimism stemming from new government momentum on a variety of procurement programmes. “We are in the early stages of the opportunity of a generation,” she told a packed audience at this annual must-attend event. “It will shape the Canadian Armed Forces for years to come and our industry along with it.”

  • TAPV gets suited up [CANSEC18D2]

    The Canadian Army is displaying its Textron Systems Canada 4x4 Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) as part of the outdoor static display at CANSEC 2018. The vehicle is equipped with a customised prototype SolarSShield solar heat load reduction/multispectral signature management skin in Canadian camouflage pattern.

  • Top Aces has ASDOT contract in its sights [CANSEC18D2]

    Having been awarded the long-term Contracted Airborne Training Services (CATS) by the Canadian government, combat airborne training services provider Top Aces is now looking towards a major competition in the UK known as ASDOT (Air Support to Defence Operational Training).

  • UAV players team for impending RPAS bid [CANSEC18D2]

    UAV providers leveraged attention generated by CANSEC’s opening to brief journalists about intentions to bid on Canada’s upcoming Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) project.

  • Tough rubber tracks for all environments [CANSEC18D2]

    Soucy Defense Division is highlighting its Composite Rubber Track technology on a Leopard1 Main Battle Tank trainer at the outdoor display this year (3030).

  • Cormorant upgrade gets the green light [CANSEC18D2]

    Led by OEM Leonardo, Team Cormorant has been given Government of Canada approval to proceed with the Cormorant Mid-Life Update (CMLU) programme. The team includes current Cormorant in-service support provider IMP Aerospace, engine supplier General Electric Canada, training partner CAE and avionics company Rockwell Collins Canada.

  • Many missions [CANSEC18D2]

    Rheinmetall Canada is displaying its new wheeled Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MMUGV) solution for the first time in Canada at CANSEC 2018.

  • Supersonic diving target [CANSEC18D2]

    QinetiQ Target Systems (QTS, Booth 414) has unveiled the latest member of its aerial target portfolio. The Rattler is a ground- and air-launched supersonic target that is intended to replicate the threat from high-diving anti-radiation threats, but at a fraction of the cost of the targets that are currently employed in the role.

  • High-speed screening [CANSEC18D2]

    Smiths Detection (Booth 1927), one of five operating divisions of Smiths Group, is a global authority on the application, management and manufacture of detection and screening technology for the aviation, ports and borders, urban security and military markets. Its low-maintenance, reliable equipment produces accurate, real-time information about traces of explosives and other suspect materials on people, packages, vehicles and surfaces.

  • Full-spectrum training offered [CANSEC18D2]

    Leonardo (Booth 1511) is proposing a full-spectrum training system to answer the Royal Canadian Air Force’s future needs. With the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) requirement uppermost in importance due to the impending draft Request for Proposals (RFP), Leonardo is promoting its M-345 jet trainer in particular. A formal RFP for FAcT is expected around the end of next year.

  • Training for Canada [CANSEC18D2]

    With its headquarters in Ottawa, CAE’s Defence and Security business has 4,500 employees in Canada, spread between 16 sites across the country. The company is involved to a greater or lesser degree in virtually all of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s major programmes, and through its NATO Flying Training Centre (NFTC) provides the majority of the advanced training portion of the pilot training programme.

  • FWSAR taking shape [CANSEC18D2]

    Airbus Defence and Space reports that the assembly of the first of the CC-295 aircraft for the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue requirement is well underway. The Royal Canadian Air Force is receiving 16 of the aircraft, with the initial delivery scheduled for late next year.

  • Camcopter continues to impress [CANSEC18D2]

    In a groundbreaking demonstration on 17 April, Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) and Airbus Helicopters’ manned H145 successfully completed a series of Manned UnManned Teaming (MUM-T) flights.

  • Critical advantage [CANSEC18D2]

    The Maritime & Land Division of Ultra Electronic Technologies Inc (Booth 601) delivers innovative solutions for maritime and land platforms.

  • Blackwolf goes on guard [CANSEC18D2]

    Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec-based armoured truck specialist Cambli (Booth 614) has unveiled the latest member of its public security vehicle family. Having produced the Thunder vehicle, the company identified a need for a smaller armoured truck that could be used for security missions by various agencies. The result is called the Blackwolf.

  • New shipboard CCMS capability on display [CANSEC18D2]

    DRS Technologies Canada (Booth 1511) is showing its new Centaurus shipboard Communication Control and Management System (CCMS) at CANSEC this year.

  • Long-range patrol [CANSEC18D2]

    With an eye on Canada’s forthcoming Canadian Multi-mission Aircraft (CMA) requirement, Saab (Booth 1521) is promoting the Swordfish maritime patrol/ISR platform.