• Last line of defence [AAD16D1]

    Czech communications specialist ERA a.s. is promoting its Deployable Passive ESM Tracker (DPET) VERA-NG, which provides highly mobile passive surveillance for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets in three versions.

  • Building stability [AAD16D1]

    In a world facing growing security threats and instability, international bodies such as the United Nations (UN) and sovereign nations seek to cast the peacekeeping net as wide as possible. These operations require the expertise and products of companies such as Weatherhaven Africa, part of South African firm Canvas and Tent (Stand OS4, outside Hangar 3).

  • Empowering defence forces [AAD16D1]

    Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL, Hangar 5, Stand CE10-15), India’s leading defence electronics company, is showcasing its capabilities in the design, development and manufacture of a 350-strong portfolio of products and systems for the armed forces as well as its indigenisation efforts in line with the Government of India’s ‘Make in India Initiative’.

  • Sharp eye for subs [AAD16D1]

    Kelvin Hughes (Hangar 5, Stand E5), a leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, has announced it can now bring the benefits of its innovative SharpEye radar technology to submarines, which can be installed on new-build submarines or retrofitted to existing boats.

  • Ship shape [AAD16D1]

    Having built 96 ships including frigates and corvettes for the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard since 1961, state-owned Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE, Hangar 5, Stand CE10-15), delivered its first export order, the offshore patrol vessel CGS Barracuda, to the Mauritius Coast Guard at the end of 2014. Following this success, GRSE is making a determined foray into the export market, focusing on the developing nations of the Far East, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

  • Expanding into Ethiopia [AAD16D1]

    Recognising the immense aviation potential in Africa, Pretoria-based Aerosud Group has just aligned itself with Ethiopian Airlines. Managing director Johan Steyn signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tewolde Gebremariam, group chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines, at the latter’s headquarters in Addis Ababa.

  • Imaging solutions [AAD16D1]

    The entire African continent is one of the main territories for Xenics Infrared Solutions (Optronics Africa Stand W6, Hangar 7), a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors, cameras and customised imaging solutions.

  • Secrets under wrap [AAD16D1]

    Rhino Intercept Africa (Hangar 3, Stand E14) hopes to play a critical role in providing corrosion protection to equipment in storage or to be transported worldwide. The company is the sole agent for the Intercept technology developed by Lucent Technologies in the USA.

  • Stop crime with less-lethal [AAD16D1]

    South African company Less Lethal Africa (Hangar 4, Stand E8) manufactures rubber bullets for shotguns, rifles and pistols. Its 9mm rubber bullet offers the advantage of accuracy, as there is no recoil and less noise. “This avoids the problem of ‘shooter’s flinch’, which often occurs with conventional ammunition,” said chief executive Donald Rickard.

  • High-tech skills development [AAD16D1]

    Festo (Pty) Ltd of South Africa (Hangar 3, Stand E15) is a subsidiary of Festo Germany, a leader in industrial automation. Following the acquisition of Lab-volt by Festo Didactic, the latter has become a major equipment and solution provider, designing and manufacturing training equipment and systems in a broad spectrum of technologies.

  • Runaway success [AAD16D1]

    Having last year secured a contract from DCD Defence for complete runflat wheel assemblies for the Springbuck armoured personnel carrier (APC), the UK company Tyron and its South African partner Global Wheels (DCD Stand in Hangar 7) will provide the same solution for DCD’s Mountain Lion armoured utility vehicle (pictured), following extensive testing in extremely harsh African terrain.

  • Meerkat stands tall [AAD16D1]

    South Africa’s Land Mobility Technologies (LMT Holding) has just unveiled the Meerkat, a retractable weapon station mounted on its LM13 light vehicle. As displayed at AAD, the Meerkat is integrated with the Self-Defence Remotely Operated Weapon (SDROW) fitted with a 7.62mm machine gun. The SDROW system was developed by Denel Mechatronics, a business unit of Denel Vehicle Systems (Hangar 4, Stand W7).

  • A magic box [AAD16D1]

    Zimlites Pty Ltd, exhibiting with GGDA-SMME (Hangar 6, Stand W11), is promoting the magic lunchbox, which is essentially a flameless heating kit that heats up food in two to five minutes without even using electricity.

  • Flight unlimited [AAD16D1]

    If you are a pilot or just love everything to do with flying, then head to the Wings n Things Stand E7 in Hangar 6. This aviation shop supplies all the equipment, study material, navigational manuals and software, and a multitude of accessories required by pilots and aviation companies.

  • A clear night [AAD16D1]

    British thermal/night vision specialist Thermoteknix Systems (Hangar 6, Stand CW20) has launched the NiCAM-14 Monocular NVG (night vision goggles) with a range of helmet mounts for military and civilian use.

  • Hitting the target [AAD16D1]

    Finnish company Sako Defence (Hangar 3, Stand CW4), part of the Beretta Defense Technologies alliance, is marketing the latest development of its law enforcement tactical sniper rifle, designed to meet changing operational requirements.

  • Communications contract awarded [AAD16D1]

    Barrett Communications, the Australian specialist in commercial and tactical HF and VHF radio communication systems, has been awarded a significant contract with the National Defence Force of an undisclosed East African nation.

  • Clearing the way for peace in Africa [AAD16D1]

    Following initial footsteps in Africa in 2015, Pearson Engineering (Hangar 3, Stand CW18) further demonstrated the company’s commitment to supporting peacekeeping missions in Africa during a recent trade mission organised by the UK Government’s Department of International Trade.

  • Flying in style [AAD16D1]

    For general aviation operators, customers and owners, an aircraft’s flying dynamics, coupled with stylish design, comfort and safety, are important considerations. Austria’s Diamond Aircraft is a manufacturer that still offers the personal commitment and spirit of innovation inculcated by its founder. The company is represented in South Africa by Diamond Aircraft SA (Pty) Ltd, based at Lanseria International Airport near Johannesburg, where it operates an officially authorised Diamond service centre.

  • Overseeing the bush [AAD16D1]

    ‘Getting out to the bush’ now gets a different meaning to taking a bumpy 4x4 SUV ride over the dusty savannah. South African company Vliegmasjien (Stand OS1, outside Hangar 4) is displaying its novel C-Wolf aerial utility vehicle (AUV), a rugged amphibian aircraft equally at home on water or in the bush.