• Unleashing Africa’s defence and aerospace potential [AAD16D1]

    At a breakfast media briefing by the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, the Hon Ms Nosiviwe Noluthando Mapisa- Nqakula, ahead of the opening of the Africa Aerospace and Defence industries’ exhibition, emphasised the potential of growth for AAD and of the work of the National Defence Industry Council. The new council is seen as a crucial role player in determining the trajectory of the local industry in future.

  • Innovation and Partnership [AAD16D1]

    The strong UK presence in Hangar 6 is using ‘Innovation and Partnership’ as the main theme of the UK exhibitors.

  • Support for AAD [AAD16D1]

    Several key state agencies and companies have firmed up their support for AAD 2016 recently with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, witnessed by Armscor chief executive Kevin Wakeford and Chief of the South African Air Force (SAAF), Lt Gen Zakes Msimang.

  • Ask America [AAD16D1]

    Against a backdrop of persistent regional tensions, multi-factional terrorist threats and declining oil prices, which contributed to the first defence budget declines in a decade across Africa, US suppliers are seeking to grow their share of the continent’s aerospace, defence and security markets.

  • Wireless way [AAD16D1]

    Garmin, partnering at AAD with Century Avionics, will demonstrate a variety of recently announced products that incorporate wireless capabilities to enhance safety and reliability in the cockpit of general aviation aircraft.

  • Seamless communication [AAD16D1]

    Codan Radio Communications (Hangar 3, Stand W12) has released the Codan RIOS, which enables users with different vendor devices to seamlessly communicate across any platform.

  • Beware the bull [AAD16D1]

    Occasionally an innovative new weapon system gets released that takes the market by surprise. This is the case with Denel PMP’s Inkunzi Strike, a belt-fed version of its Inkunzi PAW 20x42mm personal area weapon, previously known as Neopup. Both the PAW and Strike versions of Inkunzi (which means ‘Bull’) are on display at the Denel pavilion (Hangar 4, Stand W7).

  • Helicopters from Algeria [AAD16D1]

    Italian helicopter manufacturer Leonardo (formerly AgustaWestland) has confirmed an announcement by the Algerian Ministry of National Defence (MND) that the two will form a joint company to build helicopters in Algeria, writes David Donald. It will be owned 51 per cent by the MND and 49 per cent by Leonardo. A facility will be established at Aïn Arnat to manufacture three unspecified AgustaWestland light and medium helicopter types.

  • A major player in Africa [AAD16D1]

    Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) has grown steadily to become a major player in the South African defence industry. The Swedish company’s involvement in South Africa largely came about through the country’s acquisition of the Gripen fighter in 1999, and now the company has around 700 employees at several locations, and a healthy order book.

  • Food is served! [AAD16D1]

    “An army marches on its stomach” is a saying attributed to Napoleon. It still holds true for modern military forces anywhere in the world. The South African military has just awarded a contract for 15-person field kitchens jointly to Desert Wolf Consulting (Outside Hangar 6) and OTT Solutions (Stand ON2, outside Hangar 5).

  • Powering up outside the UK [AAD16D1]

    London-based manufacturer of microwave and RF systems, TMD Technologies Ltd (Hangar 6, Stand CE2), is showing its ‘first-of-the line’ PTX8807 Ka-band microwave power model (MPM) for the first time outside the UK, writes Don Henning.

  • AAD encourages future workforce [AAD16D1]

    The Youth Development Programme (YDP), which aims to create awareness about careers in the defence and aviation sectors, is an integral component of AAD. It provides a platform for South African youth, especially engineering and science graduates, to interact with the defence and aviation sectors and to identify bursary opportunities in these sectors.

  • Fighter from the east [AAD16D1]

    Arguably the ‘star’ of this year’s AAD is the Hongdu L-15 Falcon advanced jet trainer, two of which have been brought to the show by the Zambian air force, which has only recently taken delivery of the type.

  • Wheeled firepower [AAD16D1]

    Although China North Industries (NORINCO, Hangar 2) has not brought any of its expanding range of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), the prolific Chinese company is showing scale models of some of its latest vehicles and weapon systems.

  • Spotlight on target [AAD16D1]

    Megaray Ltd (Hangar 6, Stand D8) has been in the searchlight industry for more than 25 years and in recent years has had its engineers design and produce a range of ultra-high intensity searchlights for applications including border patrol, crowd control, reconnaissance, sniper suppression and surveillance.

  • Far ranging [AAD16D1]

    It has been a busy year for electrooptics specialist Newcon Optik of Canada (Hangar 7, Stand W7), which has brought a number of new products to market, headed by the LRM 3550M, a pocket-sized laser rangefinder monocular.

  • Maritime awareness [AAD16D1]

    Ausley USA (Hangar 3, Stand W13) is presenting its SureTrak Maritime Domain Awareness System, which has been selected for implementation in African nations as a Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) project funded under the Regional Maritime Awareness Capability (RMAC) programme authorised under section 1206 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2006.

  • New synergies promote growth [AAD16D1]

    In the world of sophisticated manufacturing, it often helps to bring synergies to the table, writes Sam J Basch. South African company Parsec (Hall 5, Stand W7), a trusted supplier of innovative electronic technology for more than 20 years, is now broadening its scope, especially in defence and aerospace, with its linkage to the Ansys group.

  • Space creation [AAD16D1]

    A manufacturer of satellite subsystems and components, NewSpace Systems (Hangar 6, Stand E16 of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA)) is a privately owned South African company that has advanced facilities in South Africa and, as of January 2016, a subsidiary in the UK. Having already secured a Rand 25 million (£1.3 million) contract through the UK office, an additional manufacturing facility will be established in 2017 at the Harwell Space Hub in Oxfordshire.

  • Pilot optional [AAD16D1]

    Released today by South African aerospace and defence company S-PLANE Automation (Pty) Ltd (Hangar 6, Stand CW21), the xKIT converts an existing aircraft into an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV), enabling integrators and aircraft manufacturers to bring sophisticated unmanned features rapidly to market.