• Multimissions covered [AAD141]

    Embraer Defense & Security (Hangar 5, Stand E14) is drawing nearer to the first flight of its new medium-sized, twin-engined KC-390 jet for tactical/logistical transport and in-flight refuelling. Two prototypes are currently under construction in its industrial facility in Gavião

  • All-seeing in all situations [AAD141]

    Belgian company Xenics (Hangar 2, Stand A8), one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of infrared imagers and cameras, is introducing its SWIR (short-wave infrared) imaging technology to aerospace and security system communities in Africa. SWIR imaging operates within the 0.9-1.7µm

  • Closing the gap [AAD141]

    With demand for air transport doubling every 15 years, the global airline industry will require nearly 30,000 new aircraft (of more than 100 seats) by 2032. Simultaneously, the dual factors of high jet fuel costs and industry commitments to halve 2005 CO2 emissions levels by 2050 are driving the

  • New brand, renewed ambition [AAD141]

    Following the rebranding and reorganisation of the Airbus Group, Eurocopter Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, has adopted a new name and brand as Airbus Helicopters Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (AHZA). “In addition to aligning with the rest of the group, our new branding signifies our renewed ambition

  • Building in Africa for Africa [AAD141]

    Earlier this year, Damen Shipyards Cape Town (Hangar 3, Stand C3), an integral part of the worldwide network of shipyards within the Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards Group, hosted the keel-laying ceremony for the first of two Damen ATD (azimuth tractor drive) 2909 tugs, currently under construction

  • Flying south [AAD141]

    Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), Pakistan’s largest state-owned manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, is a first-time exhibitor here, as part of a determined effort to break into the international market in general and targeting the African continent in particular. GIDS

  • Hot under the skin [AAD141]

    SARS, bird ’flu, swine ’flu, H1N1, and now the Ebola virus, have had a devastating effect on people and businesses, as today’s global travel enables outbreaks of infectious diseases to cross national and international boundaries in a matter of hours. While detection is a complex

  • Partnership strengthens [AAD141]

    France is a major player in the aerospace and defence sector, with a 20.3 per cent share of the world market and exports worth more than €50.8bn in 2013. Its partnership with South Africa continues to strengthen, with important manufacturing contracts placed with local companies – the

  • Secure over the net [AAD141]

    Governments and private entities find it increasingly important to have secure communications over public networks, such as the internet. First-time AAD participant Parsec (Hangar 5, Stand A2) of South Africa believes its HSNE high-security network encryption is just the answer. According to Tobie

  • Aiming to do better [AAD141]

    Specialised forces and snipers want their weapons to work perfectly, from the first shot. Truvelo Armoury, (Hangar 5, Stand A4) the long-established South African firearms manufacturer, has recently upgraded several of its rifles, notably the 7.62x51 specialised target rifle, the 338 Lapua long

  • Caring for the individual [AAD141]

    Blue Chip Flight School (Outdoor 6N) is one of the more experienced flight training schools in South Africa, based at Wonderboom Airport (Pretoria), and at Newcastle Airport (KwaZulu-Natal). The school has an accredited in-house examination centre, an Alsim ALX flight simulator, and a varied fleet

  • Fast machine gun goes less lethal [AAD141]

    Less Lethal Africa (Hangar 4, Stand B10), a leader in the manufacture of rubber bullets and plastic cases for less lethal ammunition, recently fired its ammunition through the Dillon Minigun, which, said CEO Donald Rickard, “met and exceeded all expectations. Gun owners now have a less lethal

  • Medical intervention in the field [AAD141]

    Ebola in Africa and unrelated casualties among United Nations or African Union peacekeepers have sharpened the minds of military medical authorities to a renewed focus on emergency medical treatment. Pretoria-based Weatherhaven RCS Africa (Hanger 3, Stand S4) was the first to deliver accommodation

  • Next-gen secure comms [AAD141]

    Visitors to Stand C17 in Hangar 6 may find out more about Seecrypt’s SC3, described as the next generation of secure communications for mobile devices. A user-friendly and intuitive application, SC3 allows users to make and receive unlimited, secure voice calls and text messages between

  • ‘Can-do’ charter service [AAD141]

    Lanseria International-based MCC Aviation (Pty) Ltd (Aircraft Park), a well-established fixed- and rotor-wing charter service provider, is having a busy and productive year. One of its two Jetstream 41s is in regular daily service between Lanseria, Sishen and Kuruman in the Northern Cape. Sishen is

  • Innovations from America [AAD141]

    First-time exhibitor FDC/aerofilter of California (Hangar 3, Stand C17) is promoting its inlet barrier filter (IBF) system, designed to protect helicopter engines from fouling, corrosion and foreign object damage in harsh environments. The IBF system is lightweight and easily installed, while

  • Let’s hope the weather holds [AAD141]

    We are always concerned about weather, no matter our profession. For pilots, it is arguably of greater concern due to the safety aspects of avoiding storms and lightning along the flight route. As a supplier of specialist weather instruments for a range of industrial sectors, CW Price & Co

  • Precision radar demonstration [AAD141]

    Landing an aircraft safely in poor visibility conditions depends very much on skill, but precision approach radar goes a long way in assisting the pilot. Set up on the western side of the show site, California-based Exelis is demonstrating its PAR- 2020 solid-state, electronically scanned precision

  • Tackling the scourge of poaching [AAD141]

    A worldwide team of experts discussed the use of the most current technology in the fight to eliminate African animal poaching in Pretoria yesterday. The USA-South Africa Border Surveillance and Anti-Poaching Technology Cooperation Symposium was produced by the US Commercial Service in South Africa

  • Travelling in luxury [AAD141]

    Whether business takes you from city to city or from continent to continent, South Africa’s Elegance Group (Aircraft Park) is ready to offer a bespoke luxury travel experience. With access to a worldwide database of carefully selected aircraft, it can tailor any itinerary to personal