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23-27 Jun 2020

The 7th edition of the biennial Exhibition and Business Convention SEAFUTURE 2020, will be held from 23-27 June 2020 at the Navy Base in La Spezia, Italy. This year it will have a particular focus on Maritime and Naval Defence, Underwater Technologies, Safety and Security, Transports and Logistic.

SEAFUTURE has enjoyed huge success in the past and it is one of the most prestigious events in the naval, shipbuilding and maritime calendar, uniquely encompassing both civil and military stakeholders in the Mediterranean Sea and worldwide. It is implemented inside La Spezia Navy Base.

SEAFUTURE is THE 2020 HUB to create connections, partnerships and share information with national and international leading marine, maritime organizations and Navies.

The event, co-organized by the Italian Navy, combines conferences, seminars, awards and an exhibition area, showcasing the latest technologies and services to meet the challenges of Sustainable Maritime Technologies

With the Mediterranean located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, and with increasing security issues facing the maritime transportation of people, commodities and freight, SEAFUTURE is the right place to promote your capabilities to the governments, to the professional visitors and to the bordering countries who are seeking solutions to the escalating challenges.


9000 sqm exhibit space

Dock area for military and civil boats

International conferences with politics, economics and scientific high profile

Technical seminar and business conversation

102 Military delegations from 42 Countries

177 exhibitors

1230 BtoB meetings between delegations and exhibitors

6000 professional visitors

50 thesis for the Seafuture Award

Lead nation 2018: FRANCE

For more information please visit or follow Seafuture on its social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube – on @SeafutureExhibition, @seafuture2020

La Spezia, Italy
29-30 Jun 2020

Opportunities and challenges in a new decade

As Chatham House celebrates its centenary year, Cyber 2020 will explore the key developments in cyberspace and how they are impacting the cyber security and governance landscape at both a national and international level. The conference will explore how different actors can proactively engage with these developments, to take advantage of the opportunities that they can bring, as well as effectively manage, regulate and defend against the challenges and threats that may come with them.

Read the agenda, see speakers and book your place on the event website:

Chatham House, London
06-08 Jul 2020

SECON 2020 is the biggest professional B2B security event as well as a comprehensive security platform, which helps you to grow your business through extensive network and robust meetings with distributors, SIs, installers, retailers and influencers playing at distribution and procurement market in Asia.

For the past 19 years, SECON has grown to become the leading tradeshow for international companies to introduce their products to the Asian and Korean markets. With support from influential Korean security groups of the SECON organising committee, SECON is a renowned must-attend exhibition for the whole security, fire and safety sector ranging from manufacturers to end-users.

The most influential Asian security exhibition dedicated to all sectors of the security industry under one roof

With 46,000+ industry professional and over 500+ exhibitors, SECON is the largest integrated security exhibition in Korea

Network with 25,000+Physical, IoT and IT Security Professionals

Experience international security trend with advanced security products and brands from global leading security enterprises

The perfect place for international companies to test-market their products in the Asian security market

Generate business leads from powerful buyers

Meet face to face with new potential customers/partners and existing partners

Powerful networking with IFSEC Global Events and other IT/Physical Security Events organised by UBM BN


Address: 8/F, Woodo Bldg., 214, Mangu-ro, Jungnang-gu, Seoul 02121, R.O.Korea

Tel: +82-2-6715-5400

Fax: +82-2-432-5885


01-02 Sep 2020

Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe 2020

1st – 2nd September 2020

Budapest, Hungary

SMi Group are delighted to present the 6th annual Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe! This year, the awaited event will return to Budapest, Hungary on the 1st – 2nd September 2020 where delegates will be given a fantastic opportunity to hear from key military figures and government personnel.

Key topics to be discussed: modernisation programmes, readiness of regional rotary fleets, procurement goals, national security, operations and interoperability, platform and programme upgrades, and much more.

The two-day conference will be expected to have the widest European nations, where key industry players such as Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, Sikorsky and many more are anticipated to attend! There will also be strong host nation representation from the Hungarian Forces as well as other senior military experts from the Central and Eastern European region.

Benefits of attending 2020’s event:

  • Keynote briefings from senior officers from Central and Eastern Europe
  • A unique focus on multipurpose helicopter technology and joint force interoperability
  • High level panel discussions involving technical managers and project engineers from established military organisations.
  • Informal networking time so you can gather insight from peers and colleagues also shaping and influencing regional helicopter programmes today

As the only conference that specialises in rotary systems in the Central and Eastern Europe region, join us and hear from an international speaker line-up, which includes Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, many more!

Early bird savings!

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30th April to save £600!

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Budapest, Hungary
01-02 Sep 2020

Small Satellites 2020
1-2 Sept 2020
London, United Kingdom

SMi Group are proud to announce the Small Satellites Conference taking place in London on the 27th and 28th April 2020.

With nations around the world developing their small satellites capability at pace, governments and trans-national agencies must manage this changing domain. Small Satellites 2020 will consider best practise, regulatory principals, production and operational lessons learnt to effectively utilise this revolutionised resource.

Gathering representatives from across the alliance to meet, network and explore the small satellite revolution and its impact on future space.

Event Highlights:

  • Explore the LEO/GEO small, cube and nano-satellite market and its impact on future space.
  • Delve into key topics surrounding the new space market including: the legal and policy framework for operating in space, creating a regulatory structure to support the small satellite industry and how data networking across small satellite constellations is enabling new connectivity on the ground.
  • Learn about key programmes being developed by emerging space companies and national Governments.
  • Exhibition opportunities for industry to showcase their capabilities.
  • Part of ‘Space Week’, this annual conference will be held in conjunction with a Military Space Situational Awareness Conference on the 29th and 30th April, to provide a holistic view of the new space environment.

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• Register by 13th December to save £400

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View the agenda or register online at:

London, United Kingdom
02-03 Sep 2020

Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness

2-3 Sept 2020

London, UK

In an increasingly complex and congested digital battlespace, the need to provide near real-time information on the whereabouts of an adversary’s location and intent, using enhanced situational awareness capabilities, is vital in aiding armoured units to respond quickly to incoming threats. It is therefore imperative for our defence forces to have a greater understanding of the capabilities available, to enhance both combat effectiveness and the survivability of the vehicle.

SMi Group proudly presents the fifth annual conference in the sell-out portfolio of Armoured Vehicle events: Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness 2020, the leading conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors, optronics and vehicle architecture.

The 2020 event invites not only military programme managers, operational commanders and leading engineers, but will also provide the perfect platform for both operational users and industry to share their insights on the latest systems and sub-systems, providing greater awareness of existing capabilities and future requirements.

Highlights for 2020

  • Hear the latest host nation capability updates from the British Armour Centre, Joint Forces Command, DSTL and DE&S
  • Network with key OEMs and System Integrators such as General Dynamics European Land Systems, Patria Land, Thales, Diehl Defence, SAAB Barracuda, BAE and General Dynamics UK
  • New focuses: sensor networks, signature management and integration of unmanned assets
  • Explore land force interoperability and training requirements for enhanced joint fires during coalition operations

Key topics will include: vetronic architectures, communications, CIS capabilities, battle management systems, acoustic sensors, optronics, crew displays, active protection, defensive aid suites and mobile camouflage systems

Early bird discounts:

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London, UK
02-03 Sep 2020

Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems

2nd-3rd Sept 2020

London, UK

The UK MoD has recognised the potential of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS), with a new multi-million-pound Transformation Fund to fast-track military robotic projects onto the battlefield this year. Enhanced RAS systems enable militaries to see more, understand more, cover a greater area and be more lethal, these game-changing capabilities are increasingly important in today’s digital battlespace.

SMi Group proudly presents Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) 2020, returning to London in April, for its third successful year.

The conference will revolve around the British Army’s five RAS priorities of situational awareness, lethality, manoeuvrability, survivability and sustainability, as well as cover other main themes such as counter-IED, deep learning, AI, international cooperation, and communication systems.

Highlights for 2020:

  • The leading event in Europe for senior RAS decision-makers, operators and experts
  • New for 2020: focus on Robotic Platoon Vehicles, autonomy and manned/unmanned teaming; new speakers from the UK, US, Estonia, Sweden and Australia
  • Hear the latest updates on the UK Ministry of Defence’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems programmes with a dedicated panel discussion on UK RAS modernisation
  • Discover the latest in RAS technology and find new products, techniques and opportunities in this dynamic field

As the only event specifically dedicated to robotics in the land environment, Military RAS 2020 is the ideal platform to meet the most informed and renowned experts in the field of autonomous and robotic technologies. Attend the two-day conference and understand the rapidly expanding role of military robots within the modern battlespace with insights from first-class scientists, researchers, academics and senior military figures.

Early bird discounts:

Book by 13th December to save £400

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London, UK
03-04 Sep 2020

Military Space Situational Awareness 2020
3-4 Sept 2020
London, United Kingdom

SMi Group are proud to announce the 15th annual Military Space Situational Awareness Conference and Exhibition will return to London on the 3-4 Sept 2020.

As space becomes more congested, competitive and contested; the need for effective SSA to support space operations has become increasingly heightened.

Military Space Situational Awareness will once again bring together leading experts from across the UK, US, Europe and beyond to discuss and coordinate the future of SST and STM across the alliance.

As the next generation of mega constellations are sent into orbit, understanding where satellites are and how they are interacting with other platforms is more critical than ever – as collisions can damage equipment valued into the billions and cripple vital communication and earth observation capabilities.

Event Highlights:

  • Hear from senior military and civil officials on the latest solutions being implemented to enhance the security of space assets through domain awareness.
  • Examine key issues impacting space security including debris, weather and hostile threats.
  • With the era of mega-constellations in LEO approaching, debate how best government and industry can manage further space congestion through policy implementation and best practices to ensure future sustainable space use.
  • Discuss the benefits of allied cooperation of Space Situational Awareness services and information to create a holistic approach to SSA and a more accurate global picture.
  • Part of ‘Space Week’, this annual conference will be held in conjunction with a Small Satellites Conference on the 27th and 28th April, to provide a holistic view of the new space environment.

Early bird discounts!

• Register by 13th December to save £400

• Register by 31st January to save £200

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View the agenda or register online at:

London, United Kingdom


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Eurosatory 2020

8-12 June 2020
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