• India's special forces getting equipment upgrade

    India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has finalised several contracts in recent months for weapons and other assorted equipment designed to enhance the capabilities of the country’s special forces. Official sources told Jane’s that miscellaneous equipment for the special forces of all

  • Qatar orders Kornet anti-tank missiles

    Qatar has ordered Kornet anti-tank missile systems, Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenade launchers, and machine guns under an agreement it signed with Russia in October 2017, the Russian ambassador to Doha told the Tass news agency on 21 July. The signing of a military contract was announced that

  • Hungary seeks 81 mm mortars

    Hungary's Ministry of Defence has announced a tender for 81 mm medium mortars to replace its 50 Soviet-made 82-BM-37 82 mm mortars. The tender is for 40 mortars, with an option for 20 more, 24 fire control systems, and a logistic package. The tender also includes 28,000 high explosive (HE), 7,500

  • Polish Armed Forces receive final Beryl rifles

    Poland’s Ministry of Defence has announced that small-arms manufacturer Fabryka Broni Lucznik-Radom (FBLR) has delivered the final 2,131 wz. 96C Beryl rifles to the Polish Armed Forces. This will be followed in August by the final 1,800 wz. 96C Mini Beryl carbines to be handed over to

  • Czech MoD seeks SHORAD SAM system

    The Czech Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced in late June that it is resuming the search for a replacement for obsolete Russian-designed 2K12 Kub mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems in service with the Strakonice-based 25th Air Defence Missile (ADM) Regiment of the Army of the Czech

  • Rafael unveils Spike NLOS Modular Launcher development

    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has finalised development of a new lightweight, vehicle-integrated evolution of its SPARC trailer-mounted and remote-controlled launch system for the Spike non-line-of-sight (NLOS) multi-purpose tactical missile. Spike NLOS is a multi-purpose precision guided missile

  • Russia reactivates heavy artillery

    The Russian armed forces are reinforcing their artillery, reactivating 2S7M 203 mm Malka self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and 2S4 Tyulpan 240 mm self-propelled mortars, military and industrial sources have told Jane's . “In late June, a Central Military District [CMD] artillery unit based in

  • BAE Systems pursues extended range 155 mm ammunition

    BAE Systems Land UK is developing a new 155 mm extended range (ER) high-explosive (HE) projectile to meet potential home and export market requirements. The 155 mm ER HE projectile features a screw on base bleed (BB) unit that leverages from the company’s development and production of the 4.5

  • ADF to trial ‘F90-SMASH’ assault rifle

    The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is set to begin trialling the ‘F90-SMASH’ assault rifle later this year, according to a 21 June joint statement by Israel’s Smart Shooter and Thales Australia. The weapon, which integrates one of Smart Shooter’s SMASH electro-optical

  • Denel Dynamics unveils layered C-RAM system

    South Africa’s Denel Dynamics is developing two vertically launched missiles as effectors for a layered, integrated counter-rocket, artillery, mortar (C-RAM) system also able to counter cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and helicopters: The 2 000 m range transonic Mongoose 3 as

  • Nexter details 155 mm Katana precision-guided projectile

    Nexter Munitions has revealed fresh details about its Katana family of 155 mm precision guided munitions (PGMs), which is under development as a private venture. Previously known as the Menhir, the Katana PGM features two sets of four control surfaces positioned on its ogive as well as four fins at

  • Eurosatory 2018: Arquus readies Hornet RCWS

    France’s Arquus (previously Renault Trucks Defense) has completed development of the Hornet remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) which will be fitted to future French Army armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs). The first application for the Hornet RCWS will be for the new 6×6 Griffon

  • Eurosatory 2018: Bosnian Serb company TRB presents its first pistol

    Tehnicki Remont Bratunac (TRB), a defence and security company based in Bratunac, Republika Srpska (RS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), promoted its new RS9 Vampire pistol at Eurosatory 2018, held in Paris on 11-15 June. Expected to serve as a platform for developing new and more advanced models.

  • Eurosatory 2018: Yugoimport offers fire support solutions

    The complete range of Serbian company Yugoimport’s truck-mounted self-propelled (SP) artillery systems was displayed for the first time outside the country at Eurosatory 2018. Firing trials for company’s latest 155 mm/52 calibre SP artillery system, the Aleksandar, began

  • Azerbaijan displays new long-range missile systems

    Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) revealed on 11 June that it has acquired both Belarussian Polonez and Israeli LORA precision surface-to-surface missile systems. The MoD released photographs showing three Polonez launchers and at least two LORA launchers to publicise a visit by

  • Eurosatory 2018: Expal unveils upgrade to EIMOS mortar system

    Spain’s Expal unveiled a new upgraded variant of its EIMOS truck-mounted mortar system at the Eurosatory trade show in Paris on 13 June. Key upgrades include changes to the system’s inertial navigation system to help act as a redundancy to the platform’s GPS system, following on

  • Eurosatory 2018: MMP missile fired over 5,000 m

    The French Army has fired Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) medium-range missiles over a range of 5,000 m as it prepares for operational deployment, MBDA, the system’s manufacturer, announced on 10 June, on the eve of Eurosatory 2018, which is being held in Paris on 11–15 June. The

  • Eurosatory 2018: Estonia orders more Mistrals

    Estonia has signed a contract with MBDA to acquire more Mistral manportable short-range surface-to-air missiles during the second day of Eurosatory 2018, which is being held in Paris on 11–15 June, the company announced on 12 June. The EUR50 million (USD58.7 million) contract, signed by ECDI

  • Eurosatory 2018: Elbit announces new mortar guidance kit

    Elbit Systems has announced a new guidance kit for 120 mm mortar rounds, which is designed to provide a lightweight precision capability for existing mortar shells. According to Ori Naor, programme manager of Elbit’s mortars business unit, the round can achieve a 1 m circular error probably

  • Eurosatory 2018: ST Engineering, Hirtenberger collaborate on 120 mm mortar

    Singapore’s ST Engineering Land Systems division Hirtenberger Defence Systems (HDS) signed an agreement on 12 June to co-operate on 120 mm mortar systems. Under the agreement, HDS’s UK branch will market ST Engineering’s 120 mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar Systems (SRAMS), which

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