• Indian MoD tries to avert month-long OFB strike

    Officials from the Indian Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Department of Defence Production met with union leaders representing the workforce of the state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) on 14 August to try to prevent a strike later this month that will cause an estimated 85,000 OFB

  • Iran unveils new Raad MRAP

    Iran has unveiled what appears to be its first indigenously developed mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (MRAP) on 13 August. The Raad was unveiled in a ceremony held at the Defense Industries Organization in Isfahan and attended by Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami, as well as

  • Rheinmetall offers new 60 mm for infantry, special forces

    Rheinmetall announced in a press release on 13 August that it has developed the new RSG60 60 mm mortar for infantry and special forces. Rheinmetall Waffe Munition began development of the mortar in October 2017. The company said the mortar is designed to be lightweight, quick to operate, and

  • Uzbekistan receives first Ejder Yalçin protected mobility vehicles

    Uzbekistan has received 24 Ejder Yalçin 4 × 4 protected mobility combat vehicles from Turkish company Nurol Makina, Engin Aykol, the company’s general manager, confirmed to Jane’s on 6 August. Turkey’s Sabah newspaper reported on 2 August that the vehicles had been

  • Northrop Grumman to demonstrate new programmable 30 mm proximity sensing round

    Northrop Grumman Armament Systems is expected, in early 2020, to conduct the first demonstration firings to the US Army of an all-up Programmable Light Weight 30 mm Proximity Sensing Ammunition (LW30 PROX) round. A company-funded development, drawing on legacy Orbital ATK sensor fuzed weapons

  • Zastava Arms develops new modular assault rifle

    Serbia’s Zastava Arms has developed a new gas-operated modular assault rifle (AR), that has been designated as the M17, that the company said is currently at Technology Readiness Level 6. Zoran M Susic, marketing and research manager at the company, said, “the base for the modular M17

  • Belarus to develop new MLRS rocket

    Belarus’ Precision Electromechanical Plant (ZTEM), together with BelVneshPromServis (BVPS), is scheduled to complete a research and development (R&D) programme later this year relating to the manufacture of an upgraded 9M524MB short-range effector to equip the Belarussian Armed

  • India’s Nag ATGM ready for series production, says MoD

    India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 19 July that the locally developed Nag (Snake) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) is ready to enter series production after the Indian Army (IA) successfully completed summer user trials with the ‘third-generation’ fire-and-forget weapon.

  • Russia’s Central Military District receives AK-12 assault rifles

    Russia’s Central Military District (CMD) has begun receiving Kalashnikov AK-12 5.45 mm assault rifles, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 17 July. “The first 8,000 [AK-12] assault rifles have been delivered to the CMD’s units and formations. The AK-12 is a new platform,

  • 6,000 Obves upgraded AK-74s delivered to Russian Central Military District troops

    The commanding officer of the rocket and artillery armament service of Russia’s Central Military District, Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Kuzin, said on 8 July that the combined arms and reconnaissance units within his district have received “6,000 AK-74M assault rifles with the Obves

  • BAE Systems teaming up with US Army on ERCA

    In the US Army’s bid to develop a Strategic Long-Range Cannon programme, BAE Systems has been officially tapped to help the service build an Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) prototype. The company announced on 15 July that it had received a USD45 million contract to help the service build an ERCA Increment 1 prototype

  • Indian MoD scraps RFP for sniper rifles

    India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has decided to scrap its September 2018 request for proposal (RFP) to foreign manufacturers for 5,719 8.6 mm sniper rifles and 10.2 million rounds of ammunition for the Indian Army (IA) and the Indian Air Force (IAF). Official sources told Jane’s on 10

  • IDF rapidly developing non-lethal systems for Gaza border

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have in recent months deployed a number of new non-lethal weapons and crowd-control measures on the border with the Gaza Strip as part of an effort to give its Gaza Division new tools to deal with weekly disturbances organised by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

  • Uralvagonzavod reveals more details about artillery programmes

    Russian company Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), a subsidiary of defence and industrial group Rostec, announced in its 2018 annual report published on 3 July that it would step up its development of artillery systems. In its report the company said that preliminary tests of the tracked and wheeled variants of

  • Yugoimport developing new family of 155 mm ammunition

    Serbia’s Yugoimport-SDPR is developing four new 155 mm artillery projectiles to extend the range of its 155 mm/52 calibre NORA series 8×8 self-propelled (SP) artillery system to meet potential home and export customer requirements. The first of these is the 155 mm/52 M101, which weighs

  • Estonia orders firearms from LMT Defense

    The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment and US company Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT Defense) signed a contract in Davenport, Iowa, on 1 July to supply the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF) with a new standard rifle, the Estonian Ministry of Defence announced on its website the next day. The

  • Serbia develops 20 mm remote-controlled weapon

    Serbia has built a first example of a remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS), designated the 20/1 mm Kiklop, that Yugoimport SDPR is offering for export. The RCWS is armed with a single Hispano 20 mm (Model M55) single-feed cannon. For most applications a drum magazine holding 60 rounds of 20x110

  • Serbia develops 20 mm turret

    Serbia’s defence industry has completed the first example of a new remote-controlled turret (RCT), called the Dubs 20/3 mm Kerber, and initial firing trials are due to take place soon, following its first showing at the Partner 2019 defence exhibition in Belgrade. The all-welded-steel turret

  • Serbia showcases modular rocket launcher

    Serbia’s Yugoimport SDPR has unveiled a new 267 mm/122 mm multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS), developed for the export market using internal funding. To provide mobility and rapid deployment after a fire mission, the new system is based on a KAMAZ 6560 8x8 chassis. According to a

  • Indonesia prepares to mass produce 122 mm rockets for marine corps

    Key Points Indonesia has completed a series of multiyear trials on the indigenously developed R-Han 122B rocket PT Pindad is preparing to mass produce the weapon, which will eventually be deployed with the Indonesian Marines Corps Indonesian state-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad has completed a

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