• AUSA 2019: Soldier Lethality CFT moving forward with next-gen technologies

    The US Army’s Soldier Lethality Cross-Function Team (CFT) is showcasing several items of equipment designed to assist the close-combat force at this year’s annual Association of the US Army’s conference in Washington Soldier Lethality CFT director Brigadier General David Hodne

  • Rheinmetall expands 120 mm mortar capability

    Rheinmetall Norway has developed to the prototype stage its MWS 120 Ragnarok 120 mm turntable mounted mortar system. According to Gunnar Andersson, director of sales and business development at Rheinmetall Norway AS, “we have already carried out successful firing trials in Sweden”. The

  • Possible Algerian-assembled Boxer spotted

    Photographs of what appeared to be a Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle at a production facility in Algeria have added credence to claims that the type is being assembled in the North African country. The photographs released via Twitter on 7 October showed a Boxer on a trailer at a location that

  • Pakistan’s MoDP reveals orders for MANPADSs and other weapon systems in 2017–18

    Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) revealed in its recently released yearbook for 2017–18 that the country ordered 52 9K129 Kornet-E anti-tank guided missile weapon systems and 295 FN-16 man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADSs) during that period. The document stated

  • Turkish laser weapon passes acceptance tests

    The Vehicle-Mounted Laser System (ARMOL) designed and developed by the Informatics and Information Security Research Centre (BILGEM) of Turkey’s Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBITAK) has successfully completed acceptance tests, according to a press release

  • Iran displays guidance upgrade for artillery rockets

    The Iranian Army unveiled what appeared to be a new guidance upgrade called the Labeik that converts existing artillery rockets into surface-to-surface missiles on 3 October. Several Labeik units were displayed in an event attended by General Mohammad Hossein Dadras, the deputy commander of the

  • Poland orders more rifles and pistols

    Poland ordered more 5.56 mm Grot C16 assault rifles and 9 mm Vis 100 semi-automatic pistols from manufacturer Fabryka Broni-Lucznik Radom on 30 September. “By 2022, every third soldier of the Polish Armed Forces will be equipped with the modern Grot rifle manufactured by Fabryka Broni in

  • Meprolight adds new capabilities to M5 optic, explores connected apps for Foresight optic

    Meprolight has added a capability to aim with a .300 Blackout round to its Mepro M5 electro-optical red dot sight. The M5 replaced the M21 in the Israeli army in about 2014, Ilan Abramovich, Meprolight’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing for defence, told reporters in a 24

  • Portuguese Navy reveals existence of ‘tech guerrilla’ unit

    The Portuguese Navy revealed the existence of the Unmanned Vehicle Experimentation Cell (Célula Experimentação Operacional de Veículos Não Tripulados: CEOV), dubbed Q-branch, during the ‘Recognised Environmental Picture Maritime Unmanned Systems’

  • Russian MoD speeds up acquisition of Tor SAM systems

    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed a long-term contract on 19 September with Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol, a subsidiary of the Almaz-Antey concern, for the acquisition of Tor-M2 (9K332) and Tor-M2DT (9K331MDT) short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems. The document was

  • Israel’s IWI eyes new markets, expands assault weapons offerings

    Israel Weapons Industry (IWI) is working towards an expanded portfolio of automatic rifles to address a wider export market outside of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). For example, IWI US was established in 2013 in Harrisburg, PA, and is 100% owned by IWI. The US business wing has been focused on

  • Israel’s IWI adds polymer Masada side arm, updates legacy Jericho

    IWI’s new 9X19 mm Masada pistol adds a striker-fired weapon to complement IWI’s legacy Jericho pistol, which is also being upgraded. Jericho is manufactured in polymer and steel variants, but IWI had mainly left pistols aside to focus on carbines and rifles, Ronen Hamudot, IWI marketing

  • Aselsan rolls out Alkar 81 mm mortar

    Turkish company Aselsan has completed development of its latest Alkar 81 mm mortar weapon system (MWS) using internal research and development funding. The company said production can begin as soon as orders are placed. The Alkar 81 mm MWS leverages on experience gained from the development of the

  • Portugal presents weapons purchased from FN Herstal

    The Portuguese Army has formally unveiled small arms that it purchased from FN Herstal through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for EUR42.8 million (USD47.3 million). The army officially presented and demonstrated the first SCAR-L STD and SCAR-H STD assault rifles, the SCAR-H PR

  • DSEI 2019: CTA International shines light on new munition for 40 CTAS

    Speaking to Jane’s at the 2019 Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019), CTA International managing director Sylvain Richy showed off its General Purpose Round – Kinetic Energy – Tracer (GPR-KE-T) ammunition for its 40 mm Cased Telescoped Armament System

  • FGM-148 Javelin fired from Titan UGV

    The Lockheed Martin/Raytheon Javelin Joint Venture has demonstrated a FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) live-fire engagement capability from a Kongsberg M153 Protector Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station II (CROWS II) mounted on a Titan tracked unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

  • DSEI 2019: SIG Sauer publicly unveils NGSW system

    SIG Sauer publicly unveiled its entry for the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) programme at the DSEI 2019 defence exhibition in London during September. This follows an announcement in August that SIG Sauer had been downselected by the US Army, alongside Textron and General

  • DSEI 2019: MKEK confirms rifle deliveries to Turkish Armed Forces

    More than 40,000 MKEK MPT-55/55K assault rifles have been delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces out of an initial order of 70,000, Jane’s has learned on speaking to an MKEK representative at the 2019 DSEI. The MPT-55/55K assault rifle is derived from the AR-15 design, but uses a short-stroke

  • DSEI 2019: New FN Herstal ammunition adds punch, opens use of smaller ranges

    FN Herstal has announced four new cartridges in the 5.56 mm and .50 calibres to augment its existing range of ammunition. The first of these is the FN PROPASS, a 5.56x45 mm armour-piercing round that features a tungsten carbide core the manufacturer states is capable of perforating armoured targets

  • DSEI 2019: Swedish Army to receive first series production Mjölner self-propelled mortars

    The Swedish Army will receive its first four series production Granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90 (Grkpbv 90) self-propelled mortars on 19 September, the Swedish Army told Jane’s at the 2019 Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019) being held in London on 10–13

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