• More details emerge about PLA’s new assault rifle

    More details have emerged about the new assault rifle for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that was displayed during the 1 October parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The design of the new rifle seen being carried by

  • Update: Seven companies receive US Air Force Hypersonics Pitch Day contracts

    Seven of the nine companies invited to propose at the US Air Force’s (USAF’s) inaugural Hypersonics Pitch Day (HPD) on 1 November earned contracts with some able to potentially earn USD1 million. Ursa Major Technologies, UES, Spectral Energies, Powdermet, GoHypersonic, Advanced Silicon

  • Turkish Naval Forces conduct first ship-launched Atmaca ASM test firing

    The Turkish Naval Forces (Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri – TDK) on 3 November conducted the first ship-launched firing of the Atmaca (Hawk) anti-ship missile (ASM) from the TDK Ada-class (MILGEM) corvette TCG Kinaliada (F-514) at an undisclosed location in the Black Sea. Evolved within the scope

  • Japan awards Kongsberg follow-on contract for Joint Strike Missiles

    Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace announced on 12 November that it has signed a NOK450 million (USD49.2 million) follow-on contract to provide additional precision-guided Joint Strike Missiles (JSMs) for the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces’ (JASDFs’) growing fleet of

  • Vietnam modernising its AK-47 assault rifles

    Vietnam’s Z111 factory has launched a modernisation of the armed forces’ inventory of AK-47 assault rifles in a move aimed at making the weapons more accurate and user friendly, according to a 5 November report published by the Vietnamese Soha news website. The upgrade includes the

  • Syria reportedly recovered David’s Sling missile

    The Syrian military recovered a Stunner missile launched by Israel’s David’s Sling air-defence system, China’s Sina website reported on 2 November. It said the missile was one of two fired at a Syrian OTR-21 Tochka (SS-21) ballistic missile launched after Israel shot down a Syrian

  • Chinese air-launched ballistic missile may enter service soon

    An article published in the Chinese bi-monthly magazine Modern Ships illustrating how a Xian H-6N strategic bomber would carry an air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM) may indicate that this capability is in the final stages of development, or may even have entered service. The 1 November issue of

  • Raytheon to provide Qatari air force with JSOW training

    Raytheon Missile Systems will be awarded a contract to provide the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) with initial integrated logistics support and training for the AGM-154C Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW), according to a notice released on the US Federal Business Opportunities website on 1 November. The

  • Gap remains between France and UK on FCASW requirements

    France and the United Kingdom remain apart on their respective operational requirements for the projected Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon (FCASW) programme, according to a French parliamentary report. The two governments plan to agree the next phase of the FCASW programme by the end of next year,

  • US Army looks to boost Hellfire Romeo, JAGM stocks

    The US Army Contracting Command has released a sources sought notice for the production of air-to-ground missiles (AGMs) for the army’s fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) assets. According to the notification, “The [US] Government requires the AGMS in Fiscal

  • US Navy, Japan to receive additional SM-3 Block IIA missiles

    Raytheon Missile Systems has won a contract modification for the production and supply of 20 Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IIA (RIM-161D) missiles for the US Navy, and of four similar missiles to Japan, the US Department of Defense (DoD) announced in a 1 November statement. With the move, the

  • US Air Force budgets USD6.75 million in prize money for upcoming Hypersonics Pitch Day

    The US Air Force (USAF) has budgeted USD6.75 million in prize money that could be spread among nine competitors at its first-ever Hypersonics Pitch Day (HPD) on 7 November. Nine companies have been invited to propose based on how their technology contributes to cracking one of the many challenges

  • North Korea releases image of 31 October weapon test

    An image released by North Korea’s state-run media shows that the weapon system the country tested on 31 October was the same ‘super-large multiple rocket launcher [MRL]’ it tested on both 10 September and 24 August. Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on

  • US Air Force increases potential JASSM, LRASM production quantities

    The US Air Force (USAF) is increasing the potential production quantities of the Lockheed Martin AGM-158A Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) and the AGM-158C Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) and plans a sole-source contract to the prime contractor for this effort. The USAF will

  • Raytheon, Saab conclude initial guided flight trials of Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition

    Raytheon Missile Systems and Saab Dynamics have completed an initial series of guided flight trials of the developmental Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition (GCGM) – the first guided round for the 84mm Carl-Gustaf reloadable weapon system. The trials pave the way for an end-to-end GCGM System

  • Fast Targeting 2 study explores direct target acquisition from satellite imagery

    A novel method to accelerate the targeting cycle for cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions has been investigated by MBDA Missile Systems as part of the French/UK Materials and Components for Missiles Innovation and Technology Partnership (MCM ITP). Known as Fast Targeting in Complex 3D

  • France begins process of arming Block 5 Reapers

    France has begun the process for arming its General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GA-ASI) MQ-9 Reaper Block 5 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with a weapon integration contract awarded on 25 October. The contract for the France MQ-9 Block 5 weaponisation and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) pod

  • Serbia buys Pantsir-S1 air defence system

    Serbia has purchased and will soon receive the Pantsir-S1 air defence system from Russia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced. He made the announcement on 24 October at Batajnica airbase, Belgrade, while visiting the first Russo-Serbian air defence exercise ‘Slavic

  • Raytheon reveals NGJ-MB pods for Growler

    Raytheon has released the first images of the Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB) pod it has developed for the Boeing EA-18G Growler electronic attack (EA) aircraft. The two images show the high-capacity and high-power airborne electronic attack weapon system fitted to the centre underwing

  • MADEX 2019: South Korea aims to deploy Tiger Shark torpedo by 2020

    South Korea is expected to deploy the Tiger Shark torpedo on its naval submarines by 2020, a South Korean government agency has told Jane’s . The weapon, which has been designed for the KSS-2 and KSS-3 classes of submarines, was showcased at the International Maritime Defense Industry

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