• US Army moves IMI Systems’ Iron Fist into next testing phase, prepares for fielding

    The US Army confirmed on 12 December that testing of IMI Systems’ Iron Fist active protection system (APS) on M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles will move forward to the next phase following an assessment of the technology by the service’s Requirements Oversight Council (AROC) in late

  • US Missile Defense Agency, Raytheon perform intercept with SM-3 Block IIA

    The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Raytheon on 11 December intercepted an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) target with an Aegis Ashore-launched Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IIA interceptor. This was an operational live-fire test demonstrating the Aegis Weapon System Engage On

  • US Army teams with Lockheed Martin to develop Airborne High-Powered Microwave UAS

    As the US Army continues to look for new technologies to down adversaries’ drones, the service is teaming up with Lockheed Martin on a project to equip unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) with a high-powered microwave (HPM) capability to down other unmanned aircraft. In late November, the

  • Iranian commander confirms medium-range ballistic missile test

    Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, confirmed to Iran’s Fars news agency on 10 December that a medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) was recently tested, as previously claimed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

  • Poland orders 20,000 pistols and upgrades Grot rifle

    Poland ordered 20,000 semi-automatic Vis 100 pistols in 9 × 19 mm NATO calibre for its armed forces on 4 December. The Polish territorial army, the Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej (WOT), is procuring the new handgun in 2019–22 through the JWN (Nil) special forces support unit with a contract

  • South Korea to procure SM-2 missiles for second batch of KDX-3 destroyers

    South Korea has decided to purchase an undisclosed number of Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) to arm the second batch of three Sejong Daewang (KDX-3)-class guided-missile destroyers being developed for the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN), the country’s Defense Acquisition

  • USAF clears production of nuclear bomb tail-kits

    The US Air Force (USAF) is to begin production of a new guided tail-kit assembly (TKA) for the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb, the service announced on 7 December. The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) said that this Milestone C decision, which marks the end of the engineering and manufacturing

  • RAF flies Meteor BVRAAM on Typhoon for first time

    The MBDA Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) is now operational aboard UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 10 December. According to the MoD, for the first time Meteor-armed Typhoons were scrambled from RAF

  • Brazilian Army looks to replace its 105 mm towed howitzers

    The Brazilian Army is looking to replace its inventory of 105 mm towed howitzers into a single line of BAE Systems M119 Light Gun 105 mm system, it recently told Jane’s . As part of the Field Artillery System subprogramme of the Army Strategic Program for ‘Obtaining Full Operational

  • Northern Fleet carries out cruise missile test firings

    Two of Russia’s newest warships and nuclear attack submarines have carried out firings of 3M-14 Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles (LACMs) at a test range in the north of the country earlier this month. The firing exercises involved the Russian Northern Fleet’s Project 885 Yasen-class

  • Almaz-Antey details new Viking air-defence system

    Russian air-defence systems manufacturer Almaz-Antey has disclosed detail of the new export variant of its Buk-M3 (SA-11, NATO: Gadfly) surface-to-air missile (SAM) system: the 9K317E Viking system. According to the company, the 9K317E Viking SAM system can simultaneously engage up to 36 targets,

  • Philippines selects Elbit to meet guided rocket requirement

    The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has invited Elbit Systems from Israel to bid for a programme to supply the service with lightweight laser-guided rocket systems. In a tender notice issued by the PAF in late November it said the proposed procurement would proceed on a sole-source basis through an

  • Lockheed Martin conducts initial flight test of new M-SHORAD Future Interceptor

    Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control on 14 November conducted a successful initial ballistic flight test of its new M-SHORAD Future Interceptor from a Stryker Maneuver SHORAD Launcher (MSL) at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.  The M-SHORAD Future Interceptor leverages Lockheed

  • MBDA completes initial Marte ER test flight

    MBDA has successfully completed the first test flight of a prototype Marte ER anti-ship missile. “The Marte ER missile flew for more than 100 km on a planned trajectory that included several waypoints and sea skimming flight, successfully testing all flying phases,” MBDA said in a press

  • Responses due soon for major Indian sniper rifle procurement

    Key Points Responses to India’s RFP seeking 5,719 sniper rifles are due by 12 December The new weapons would replace India’s Soviet-era Dragonov SVD rifles that were procured in the 1980s India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has invited responses by 12 December from overseas

  • Previously unknown Chinese HQ-22 SAM deployments revealed

    Key Points The HQ-22 SAM system is entering service with the PLAAF in increasing numbers Replacement of extant HQ-2 batteries with HQ-22 systems will complete China’s transition to a modern, mobile, strategic SAM force Satellite imagery captured between 2016 and 2018 reveals 13 HQ-22

  • Austrian special forces receive sniper rifles

    Austrian Defence Minister Mario Kunasek handed over new sniper rifles and a new building with a training hall to the Jagdkommando special unit in Wiener Neustadt on 23 November. The Jagdkommando is the first unit to receive the Steyr-Mannlicher SSG M1 rifle in 8.6 × 70/.338LM calibre with a

  • USAF boosts LRASM stocks

    The US Air Force (USAF) Life Cycle Management Center has awarded Lockheed Martin a USD172.1 million contract for Lot 2 production AGM-158C Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles (LRASMs). The contract, which was announced by the US Department of Defense on 15 November, provides for the production of 50 Lot

  • DARPA awards OpFires Propulsion System development contracts

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Tactical Technology Office has placed separate awards on three contractors to design and develop advanced booster concepts as part of the Operational Fires (OpFires) development programme. OpFires is a joint DARPA/US Army initiative for a

  • Philippines Navy demos new Spike ER capability

    The Philippines Navy conducted an open demonstration of its first surface-to-surface missile capability on 21 November, firing two Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Spike ER (extended range) effectors from a Multipurpose Assault Craft (MPAC) Mk III platform.  The Navy’s three current MPAC

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