• Milestones: India’s Integrated Air Command and Control System (IACCS)

    Latest developments India’s Integrated Air Command and Control System (IACCS) is an automated air-defence command-and-control (C2) centre designed for controlling and monitoring Indian Air Force (IAF) operations throughout the country. To achieve this the Indian government approved funding of

  • US, Croatia trial USV-UUV teaming capabilities

    A combined US-Croatia research and development (R&D) programme is assessing the use of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to monitor and potentially alter navigational positioning of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). The concept is based on using USVs to navigate a UUV to a target, such as a

  • IMDEX 2019: Singapore navy confirms 16 m-class USVs aboard future unmanned vehicle ‘mothership’

    The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) will field 16 m-class unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) on its future Multi-role Combat Vessels (MRCVs), a senior RSN official confirmed during a media briefing on the sidelines of the IMDEX 2019 exhibition held in Singapore from 14 to 16 May. Senior Lieutenant

  • Pratt & Miller’s EMAV put through its paces at US Army RCV rodeo

    Two examples of the Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle (EMAV) from Pratt & Miller have been assessed at the US Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) Phase II Demonstration and Assessment Event, held at the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus in

  • UDT 2019: BAE Systems posits new approach to unmanned underwater systems on submarines

    BAE Systems presented a paper at the 2019 Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) exhibition, which was held in Stockholm from 13 to 15 May, that hopes to provoke thought before decisions on next-generation weapons handling and stowage systems and layouts are taken. According to the authors, Alan Watson,

  • IMDEX 2019: Zycraft expands Vigilant IUSV capabilities

    Zycraft, a Singapore-based technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of unmanned surface vessels (USVs) for commercial and government applications, is continuing to push development of its Vigilant Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel (IUSV) and plans to validate new technologies

  • US Navy secretary says USN will soon be using unmanned systems for logistics

    Unmanned aerial systems will soon be delivering parts and logistical supplies for US Navy (USN) and US Marine Corps (USMC) operations, USN Secretary Richard Spencer said. “I saw some of the exercises they [USMC operators] are doing in unmanned aerial delivery,” Spencer said on 16 May

  • IMDEX 2019: Yunzhou Tech unveils L80 USV development

    China’s Yunzhou Intelligence Technology (Yunzhou Tech), a Zhuhai-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), has debuted a new armed USV development at the IMDEX 2019 maritime and defence exhibition held in Singapore from 14 to 16 May. The L80

  • IMDEX 2019: Harris debuts UAV-borne sonobuoy dispenser concept

    Harris Corporation has taken the opportunity to showcase its pylon-mounted sonobuoy dispenser concept at the International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference (IMDEX) 2019 being held in Singapore from 14 to 16 May, for the first time in public. The concept, called the Sonobuoy Dispenser

  • USN seeks path for unmanned systems operational concepts

    While the US Navy (USN) is investing more heavily in unmanned systems the service is seeking to develop operational concepts for how those systems can be integrated into service operations and be counted as USN assets, said Vice Admiral William Merz, deputy chief of naval operations for Warfare

  • US GAO says MQ-4C Triton UAV development cost grows

    Key Points A US congressional watchdog said Triton UAV development has grown by 2% from last year Wing development has been challenging due to the difficult maritime environment in which the aircraft will fly Development costs for the US Navy’s (USN’s) MQ-4C Triton unmanned aerial

  • China claims development of UAV-launching armoured vehicle

    China claims to have developed a “highly mobile” armoured vehicle capable of launching up to 12 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and loitering munitions, according to an 8 May report published by the state-owned Global Times newspaper. Developed by the Beijing Zhongzi Yanjing Auto

  • Navy League 2019: In potential conflict with China, US identifies need for unmanned ship-to-shore connectors

    If US expeditionary forces want to be ready for military operations against Chinese forces, the US Marine Corps (USMC) and US Navy (USN) need to step up their logistics game and develop a fleet of unmanned ship-to-shore connectors, according to military leaders. During a 8 May panel discussion on

  • Navy League 2019: USN expects to tap more unmanned systems for aviation-centric countermine operations

    The US Navy (USN) likely will turn toward the use of more unmanned systems for countermine (MCM) operations that depend on aviation assets, said Sam Taylor, USN Mine Warfare senior leader. “There will be an aviation piece [for MCM operations],” Taylor said on 8 May during a Naval Sea

  • Navy League 2019: Bell positions V-247 Vigilant for evolving USMC MUX programme

    Bell is designing its V-247 Vigilant unmanned tiltrotor as a solution for the US Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) emerging ship-based multi-mission aircraft requirement, Todd Worden, Bell’s senior manager for advanced tiltrotor systems, told Jane’s on 7 May at the Navy League’s

  • Pratt & Miller Engineering debuts Light Flexible Robotic Platform

    Pratt & Miller Engineering (PME) has developed a family of three unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) comprising the Light, Heavy, and Extreme Flexible Robotic Platforms. The company displayed the Light Flexible Robotic Platform for the first time in public at the 2019 Xponential exhibition held in

  • Xponential 2019: AeroVironment demonstrating Quantix UAV in potential military roles

    AeroVironment could open a new development in the use of agricultural sensors in military roles with the recent demonstration of its Quantix agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in potential military roles for US customers. The Quantix UAV launches as a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)

  • Xponential 2019: Australia expects Shadow Tactical UAV solicitation soon

    Key Points Australia expects to soon request solicitations for its Land 219 Phase 3 effort The country wants to bring in more native bidders Australia’s Land 129 Phase 3, an effort to replace the army’s Shadow Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is expected to solicit proposals

  • Xponential 2019: Collins Aerospace to soon complete Piccolo Elite Classic autopilot CDR

    Collins Aerospace expects to shortly complete the critical design review (CDR) of its new Piccolo Elite Classic autopilot system for military and other unmanned aircraft before entering low-rate initial production in September–October to allow for flight testing. Speaking at the 2019 AUVSI

  • Xponential 2019: Threod Systems developing direction finder for Stream C VTOL UAV

    Threod Systems of Estonia is developing a signals intelligence (SIGINT) direction finder capability for its Stream C vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), according to a company official. Siim Juss, Threod business development manager, told Jane’s on 2 May that

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