• Germany plans expanded artillery capabilities

    The German Army plans to expand its indirect fire capability and is emphasising its joint fires capability, according to Lieutenant Colonel Uwe Kraft, head of artillery and joint fires branch at the Germany Army’s Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre. The only conventional tube

  • Paris Air Show 2019: Viking Twin Otter Guardian 400 makes show debut

    Canada’s Viking has debuted its new intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft, the Guardian 400, at the Paris Air Show. The aircraft is based on the Twin Otter, and has been developed in association with Austrian company Airborne Technologies. The aircraft shown at Le Bourget

  • Belarus pursues armed multirotor UAS developments

    Belarusian companies have unveiled three new weaponised multicopter unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) being developed under a wider national effort to advance indigenous unmanned technologies. The Vitebsk-based KB Display, which specialises in development and production of displays and

  • Sweden set to test ‘Double Stirling’ AIP plant

    Saab Kockums and Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) are preparing to begin testing of a prototype ‘Double Stirling’ air-independent propulsion (AIP) system aimed at a nascent Swedish future submarine programme. The 150 kW module, which occupies the same footprint as

  • AESA technology could migrate to electronic warfare equipment

    Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology, typically associated with radar systems, is being explored to aid electronic warfare (EW) equipment. AESAs use multitudes of transmit/receive (TR) modules on their surface. In the radar domain, each of these modules acts as its own miniature

  • Paris Air Show 2019: Leonardo launches MAIR missile warning system

    Italy’s Leonardo has launched a new hostile fire indicator system, known as the Multiple Aperture Infrared (MAIR) system. MAIR can provide spherical IR-based protection to a range of aircraft platforms, including rotary- and fixed-wing systems, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and

  • Arquus details its Scarabee 4×4, aimed at VBAE competition

    Arquus unveiled the Scarabee, the company’s latest light tactical vehicle, to a select audience at Eurosatory 2018 but said little about the design or its progress until showing a handful of reporters the sole Scarabee prototype during an event in late May 2019. Development work on Scarabee

  • French Air Force’s DACAS declared operational on Rafale

    The French Air Force has officially achieved initial operating capability (IOC) with its digitally aided close air support (DACAS) system aboard its two-seat Rafale B F3 strike aircraft, according to Brigadier General Etienne Patry, Chief of Staff of Air Force Command for the French Air Force. The

  • Roketsan developing new directed energy weapon system

    Turkey’s Roketsan is expanding its research and development capability into directed energy weapon systems (DEWS). However, the company declined to comment on whether its DEWS was being developed with Turkish government assistance or as a private venture, and also declined to clarify its

  • Oriole TVC ballistic missile targets support Exercise ‘Formidable Shield 2019’

    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has revealed successful first flights of its Guided Oriole rocket system with thrust vector control (TVC) as part of NATO Exercise ‘Formidable Shield 2019’. The company’s Defense & Rockets Support Services Division, working alongside the

  • Rafael demos Spike LR from JLTV

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has demonstrated a live-fire targeted launch of the Spike weapon system from an Oshkosh-supplied 4×4 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). The demonstration firing, conducted during the 16th Spike Users Club Meeting (SUCM) in Slovenia from 4–6 June, was the

  • NATO eyes energy-efficient camps via data collection, monitoring

    After six years of trial-and-error experimentation, NATO logistics experts say they are close to a breakthrough in achieving more efficient interoperable energy production and consumption for multination camp operations. Combining new at-source kits for energy monitoring and data collection with

  • Paris Air Show 2019: UVision unveils new HERO developments

    UVision has disclosed a series of new developments within its HERO family of precision loitering systems, including a new-generation variant of the Hero-120 and a multi-canister launcher for the Hero-400EC. To be unveiled at the 2019 Paris Air Show, which takes place between 17–23 June in Le

  • Bundeswehr places second UTF order for 5-, 15-tonne trucks

    The German Bundeswehr has an order with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) for a second batch of unprotected transport vehicles, the company announced on 12 June. The order, which calls for 252 trucks, falls under the seven-year framework UTF (Ungeschützte Transportfahrzeuge) contract,

  • French Army begins receiving VT4 Standard 2 4×4 vehicles

    Arquus (formerly Renault Trucks Defense) in April delivered the first of 1,200 VT4 4×4 light tactical vehicles in Standard 2 configuration to French armed forces. The VT4 contract, officially known as VLTP-NP (Véhicules Légers Tactiques Polyvalents Non Protégés), was awarded

  • Inbra Terrestre to complete development of Gladiador II protected 4x4

    Inbra Terrestre, which is part of Brazil’s Inbra group, is finalising development of its Gladiador II 4x4 multi-purpose armoured vehicle to meet Brazilian Army and local homeland security forces requirements. Development of the reconnaissance configuration began in January 2015, the company

  • Rafael adds SAR capability to Litening 5, Reccelite XR EO pods

    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has teamed with Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI’s) Elta Systems to upgrade the Litening 5 and Reccelite XR all-weather stand-off airborne electro-optic (EO) targeting pods with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery intelligence payload. Litening 5 is

  • Schiebel tackles icy conditions with S-100 Camcopter UAV

    A compact aircraft design and fast spinning rotor are a few of the technical designs that enable Schiebel’s S-100 Camcopter unmanned rotorcraft to perform in icy conditions. Icing is dangerous to both fixed-wing and rotor-propelled aircraft because it adds weight as it accumulates. This

  • Singapore's next-generation Hunter armoured fighting vehicle breaks cover

    The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has revealed fresh details of its latest Hunter tracked armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), its first armoured combat platform equipped with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) capability. The new vehicle was commissioned into service during the Singapore Army armour

  • China marketing 8×8 and 4×4 ATVs

    China Jing AN Import & Export Corp is now offering for export two all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that can be armed or offered in a normal troop transport role, according to Wang Zhiyuan, project manager for the company. The largest of these is the CS/VP4 8×8 that, when being used in the troop

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