• AUSA 2019: Meggitt demos LOMAH shot scoring technology

    Meggitt Training Systems is demonstrating its location of miss and hit (LOMAH) capability to add to US Army and US Marine Corps (USMC) training ranges. In May, Meggitt was awarded a follow-on USD15 million contract via the Army Targetry Systems (ATS) III programme, and the company expects that an

  • Dassault Aviation releases images of second Rafale aircraft for Indian Air Force

    France’s Dassault Aviation has released images of the second of 36 Rafale multirole fighter aircraft New Delhi ordered in September 2016 for the Indian Air Force (IAF) for EUR7.9 billion (USD8.73 billion). The publication of the images, which show the aircraft (tail number RB 002) in flight,

  • Air Force research labs, BAE Systems team up on new semiconductor programme

    US Air Force systems engineers, in conjunction with BAE Systems, are teaming to develop next-generation, short-gate gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology that could prove critical to the service’s growing arsenal of radar, communications, and electronic warfare applications.

  • Poland orders Flexnet reconnaissance sensor systems

    Poland’s Armament Inspectorate announced on its website on 30 September that it had ordered 116 Flexnet reconnaissance sensor system (RSS) sets for PLN67 million (USD17 million) from Swedish company Exensor Technology. The systems are to be delivered in 2019–20 under a 2015 tender.

  • Squadron 2020 order marks first for Saab’s SLIM integrated sensor mast

    Saab has confirmed that the four new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes being procured by Finland under the Squadron 2020 corvette programme will be the first ships to receive the company’s SLIM [Saab Lightweight Integrated Mast] integrated sensor mast. Finland’s Defence Forces Logistics Command

  • Pentagon considering ‘No Trust’ architecture in future cyber security efforts

    The US Department of Defence must resolve itself to the notion that all its classified and unclassified networks have been compromised in some form or fashion if the US armed forces are to develop any viable cyber security strategy in the foreseeable future, according to a top Pentagon official.

  • US Army selects Lockheed Martin for new Sentinel radar

    The US Army has selected Lockheed Martin to build the next generation of AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel air-defence radar systems over incumbent Raytheon. Under the terms of the deal, valued at USD281 million, Lockheed Martin will spearhead work on the A4 variant of the stand-alone 3D Sentinel radar system,

  • MAPLE C2 system expands unmanned exploitation possibilities

    The United Kingdom’s Maritime Autonomous Platform Exploitation (MAPLE) command-and-control (C2) system has been used at NATO’s ‘Recognised Environmental Picture Maritime Unmanned Systems’ (‘REPMUS’) exercise, which was held on the Troia Peninsular and in Sesimbra,

  • UK’s single synthetic environment could support C2, training, experimentation

    The UK is running a year-long experiment to develop a single synthetic environment (SSE) which, if successful, could speed up headquarters (HQ) command processes, support mission rehearsal, and provide a standard training environment. This is “a hugely ambitious programme, designed to test

  • US Army seeks new SIGINT solutions for high-altitude, low Earth orbit operations

    The US Army’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) is seeking next-generation high-altitude, low Earth orbiting sensor platforms for offensive and defensive operations. Specifically, army engineers want “advanced concepts and capabilities” for signals

  • Switzerland selects Thales SkyView to upgrade air surveillance system

    Armasuisse, the Swiss Federal Office for Defence Procurement, has selected the Thales SkyView system for the surveillance and protection of national airspace, the company and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) have announced. Thales said in a 26 September press

  • Israel’s Camero networks sense-though-wall radars to mount on unmanned platforms

    Israel’s Camero is positioning its Xaver see-though-wall technology for networked use by unmanned systems, according to company officials. Ilan Abramovich, Camero (and sister company Meprolight) senior vice-president of sales and marketing for defence, said the company’s Xavernet, a

  • Netherlands acquires Ravenswood Solutions’ MARTE-O for experimentation

    Ravenswood Solutions has been awarded a contract by the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) for its modular augmented reality tracking equipment for observers (MARTE-O), the company announced in a press release on 21 August. Captain Ewout van Dort of the RNLA told Jane’s that the contract was part

  • Silvus Technologies demos future MANET capabilities

    Announcing the latest software-defined radio (SDR) in its family of Mobile Networked- Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MN-MIMO) solutions, Silvus Technologies demonstrated a range of emerging concepts of operations (CONOPS) to industry partners and end-users in September. Conducted from 6 to 7

  • QinetiQ, Collins-led partnership pursues new GNSS receiver for UK MoD

    QinetiQ has won a GBP67 million (USD83.2 million) contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to develop multi-constellation satellite receivers under the UK’s Robust Global Navigation System (R-GNS) programme, the company announced during the DSEI

  • Chinese navy holds launch ceremony for first helicopter carrier

    China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) held a launch ceremony for its first helicopter carrier on 25 September at the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai. The Type 075-class landing helicopter dock (LHD) amphibious assault ship was floated the same day in the dry dock in which it

  • USAF teams with USSOCOM on future autonomous ISR capabilities

    The US Air Force’s (USAF’s) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) directorate has teamed up with US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to develop future autonomous capabilities and processes for ISR operations, which may fold into a Department of Defence-led effort to

  • AFA 2019: BlackBerry, CACI team on new mobile security programme

    BlackBerry and US information technology company CACI International have teamed to develop next-generation applications to provide, for the first time, secure mobile communications software at the classified and unclassified level. “We identified that there was not just a huge need [for

  • Domo Tactical Communications launches new IP mesh waveform

    Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) has developed a new waveform called the MeshUltra wireless tactical IP mesh waveform, which it showcased at DSEI 2019 in London in September with an eye on addressing dismounted soldier communications. DTC product director Rob Garth told Jane’s that

  • Orolia launches new GNSS test and simulation suite

    Orolia has developed a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) testing and simulation suite following its acquisition of Skydel and Talen-X and launched it at the 2019 DSEI exhibition in London. Jean-Yves Courtois, CEO of Orolia, said the spoofing and jamming of GNSS was a concrete and rising

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