• Raytheon and Australia DST agree to pursue advanced EW systems

    The Australian Department of Defence and Raytheon have signed an interactive project agreement (IPA) to create advanced electronic warfare (EW) capabilities. The intent is to create an incubator for advanced systems that will enable Raytheon and the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group to

  • GNSS to receive Orolia atomic clocks

    Orolia has been awarded contracts totalling USD30.6 million to provide atomic clocks for the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Under these contracts, Orolia will supply its Spectratime Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard and its passive hydrogen maser physics package for an

  • Portugal finalises advanced air-defence C2 system

    The Portuguese Army recently completed building its SICCA3 (Sistema Integrado de Comando e Controlo para a ArtilhariaAntiaérea) air-defence integrated command-and-control (C2) system that is intended to improve Portugal’s National Air Defense System. The modular, transportable, and

  • DARPA pursues smart RF radios

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking ways to exploit autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve spectrum management and address the growing appetite for radio frequency (RF) communication in the military and civil domains. Paul Tilghman, microsystems

  • Lincad to supply batteries for Japanese HALO systems

    UK-based company Lincad has been awarded a contract by the Japanese Sojitz Aerospace Corporation for the supply of batteries for the Hostile Artillery Locator (HALO) systems operated by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). The company said it will provide 24 V, 80 Ah batteries based on its

  • Raytheon to provide digital radar warning receivers to Japan

    Raytheon has been awarded a USD90 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract by the US Air Force (USAF) to supply an undisclosed number of AN/ALR-69A digital radar warning receiver systems to Japan, the US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 29 May. The Foreign Military

  • DARPA’s cyber situational awareness tool to play a key role in army’s DCO

    In mid-2018 the US Army is expected to approve a Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Mission Planning requirement to provide new tools to defend army networks, systems, and data. The DCO Mission Planning requirement provides capabilities for DCO mission command and planning at all levels, an army

  • Israel’s Epsilor to supply battery chargers for Canada’s Integrated Soldier System

    Epsilor, an Israeli battery and charger manufacturer, has been chosen by the Canadian Armed Forces to supply a battery charging solution for Canada’s Integrated Soldier System (ISS) programme. The USD3 million contract will see Epsilor develop and deliver 400 multi-channel chargers, spares,

  • Chinese missiles to be fitted with jamming-resistant antenna

    China has developed an antenna for receiving Beidou navigation signals that is resistant to jamming and will be fitted to some of its missiles later this year, according to a report published in the state-owned Global Times newspaper. The 24 May report is based on remarks made by Jin Zhongshu, the

  • Czech Army showcases MKEB II mobile EW system

    The Czech Army took the opportunity at the IDEB 2018 exhibition in Bratislava to showcase the latest iteration of its MKEB (Mobilni komplet elektronického boje) mobile electronic warfare (EW) suite. The second-generation MKEB, known as MKEB II, was demonstrated by personnel from the 532

  • US warfighters begin receiving upgraded JTAGS system

    The US Army and Northrop Grumman have deployed the first improved Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) that modifies its in-theatre missile warning capability. Northrop Grumman announced on 22 May it had modified the JTAGS shelter and is providing more displays to improve battlespace awareness for

  • RAF assumes control for UK’s military space activities

    The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) has been given responsibility for the country’s military space activities as part of a wider Defence Space Strategy to be revealed in the coming weeks. The RAF’s Air Command has taken on responsibility for command and control (C2) of all UK military space

  • Mercury Systems develops new SSDs for defence applications

    Mercury Systems has developed a new generation of ball grid array (BGA)-based solid state drives (SSDs) that have a 10-fold increase in performance as well as improved security over its earlier secure SSD products. The TRRUST-Stor secure SSD is optimised for embedded computing applications in

  • BAE Systems and Dell EMC develop a scalable and secure cloud solution

    BAE Systems and Dell EMC have partnered to create a federated secure cloud that is flexible enough to power agency-level IT modernisation or support smaller, forward-operating units. The BAE Systems, Dell EMC solution arrives mission-ready and pre-engineered embedded with customisable Dell EMC and

  • Elbit Systems completes delivery of thermal weapon sights to ADF

    Elbit Systems of Australia has completed the delivery of XACT th65 clip-on thermal weapon sights to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) under the Land 125 Phase 3C Soldier Enhancement Version 2 - Lethality project, the company announced on 14 May. Since delivery commenced in September 2016 nearly

  • Raytheon readies updated ARC-231 radios for US Army

    The US Army has awarded Raytheon a USD11.9 million contract for low-rate initial production of the modernised AN/ARC-231 multimode aviation radio suite (MARS) hardware components. The AN/ARC-231 MARS provides secure two-way voice and data communications over the 30–512 MHz frequency range for

  • USAF ramps up ALR-69A(V) integration

    Raytheon has received a contract award from the US Air Force (USAF) for an initial order of 40 AN/ALR-69A(V) all digital radar warning receivers (RWRs) for tactical and large body aircraft. These systems have been ordered under a seven-year USD450 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity

  • BAE Systems seeks transition partner for Hallmark Software Testbed

    BAE Systems is seeking a government transition partner for its Hallmark Software Testbed (HST) effort, which the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) views as an opportunity for an advanced enterprise software architecture for tools that will integrate a full spectrum of real-time

  • Datron launches new handheld radio

    Datron World Communications has introduced its latest handheld radio, the multi-band Spectre M HH3100. The company has developed three variants: the HH3100V which covers the 30-88 MHz frequency range; the HH3100A covering 30-136 MHz; and the HH3100M covering 30-512 MHz. The HH3100A, in particular,

  • Digital Barriers reveals body-worn streaming video system

    Specialist video surveillance firm Digital Barriers has developed a new body-worn system to provide live, low-latency recording and streaming of video for the dismounted soldier or covert operator, which it displayed for the first time at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2018 exhibition in Kuala

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