• Jain Technology unveils acoustic shot detection system

    South Korea’s Jain Technology, a Seoul-based company specialising in ultrasonic liquid and gas flowmeters for commercial and scientific applications, has leveraged its research and development (R&D) experience in high-precision acoustic measurement devices to produce an indigenous acoustic

  • AUSA 2018: Meggitt marketing FATS 300 for weapons training

    Meggitt has booked its first orders with law enforcement clients for the company’s new FATS 300 multi-screen trainer, and is marketing it as an upgrade or new system for military users, Jay Ayala, a representative for Meggitt’s virtual training systems, told Jane’s ahead of the

  • Indonesian Navy to send aviators for anti-submarine warfare training in India

    Key Points Indonesia will dispatch an initial cohort of three naval aviators for anti-submarine warfare training in India The raining is being conducted as part of efforts to bolster the country’s embarked rotary-wing anti-submarine capabilities The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional

  • Italian CAMM-ER programme at risk

    On 1 October, the Italian government’s ministerial act on the financing of the multiyear programme for the development and acquisition of the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile-Extended Range (CAMM-ER) and related air defence systems (command and control and sensors) was withdrawn, delaying or

  • USAF and BAE Systems seek to improve semiconductor production

    BAE Systems has entered into a partnership with the US Air Force to transition and enhance semiconductor technology to make it more affordable and accessible for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The co-operative agreement between BAE Systems and the US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) will transfer

  • Latest ‘Cyber Blitz’ helps US Army develop TTPs for future battles

    The third annual ‘Cyber Blitz’ exercise showed US Army officials that soldiers will need to be more literate in Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA). “They need to be able to speak to the lexicon and understand what is being spoken to them,” Richard Wittstruck, the US

  • China develops large transonic wind tunnel

    China has developed a large-scale transonic wind tunnel that will be one of the most advanced in the world, according to information released on 25 September by the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The continuous-loop wind tunnel will feature a test chamber capable of

  • US Army contract continues effort toward fielding IBCS

    Key Points Award will enable upgrades to IBCS EOC Northrop Grumman will also update IBCS software version 4.5 Northrop Grumman has been awarded a USD289 million US Army contract to continue system design and development of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System

  • Norway’s FFI developing low-light satellite technology with US Navy

    The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (Forsvaret forskningsinstitutt: FFI) is developing low-light satellite technology in collaboration with the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), Jane’s has learned. The organisations are adapting a camera

  • RUAG Defence equipping NATO’s ‘forward’ troops with Tactical Access Nodes

    Multinational battlegroups operating in eastern Europe under the command of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) are now using Tactical Access Node (TAN) technology designed to optimise communications between forces. According to Switzerland’s RUAG Defence, TANs are integrated on

  • Modern Day Marine 2018: USMC seeks enhanced human factor in augmented reality

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) wants to create better synthetic beings in its augmented reality training, with an eye towards making those cyber personnel more humanlike in terms of unpredictable actions and tactics, said Lieutenant Colonel Bryon Harder, who leads the USMC Training and Education

  • IBCS tracks and engages air targets during three-week exercise

    Northrop Grumman’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) has completed another round of Soldier Check Out events (SCOEs), demonstrating the system’s ability to detect, track, and simulate air target engagements during testing at White Sands Missile Range

  • Esterline debuts RA4000 Magna digital headset with 3D sound

    Esterline has revealed the latest version of the Racal Acoustics RA4000 Magna digital headset, developed by its control and communications systems division, at the DVD 2018 exhibition in September. A private venture development that was first launched at DSEI in September 2017, the upgraded version

  • Locally developed CATS EO/IR system enters Turkish inventory on Anka-S UAV

    Turkish firm Aselsan’s Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS) has entered the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), Ismail Demir, director of the Turkish Defence Industries Directorate (SSB), announced on his Twitter account on 25 September. The CATS electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR)

  • Modern Day Marine 2018: USMC wants industry to rethink acquisition approach

    Industry suppliers for US Marine Corps (USMC) programmes need to reconsider the way they develop and present their products to meet new requirements and update equipment and systems for modern threats, according to Colonel Michael Manning, USMC manager for Ground Combat Element Systems. Marines are

  • Elbit, QuantaDyn team to provide mobile JTAC training services

    Elbit Systems UK, at the DVD 18 exhibition in September, showcased the mobile Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training facility that it is providing as a service to the United Kingdom’s 1st Artillery Brigade. Elbit is the prime contractor and is partnered with QuantaDyn for this

  • Cubic offers more realistic training with Artillery Mission Training System

    Cubic has developed a new training system that fills a gap in individual and collective artillery training, and has delivered its first concept demonstrator to the British Army’s Royal School of Artillery (RSA). Alastair Parkinson, programme manager for Cubic’s Project Pantheon for

  • Lockheed Martin develops generic 8x8 SkyKeeper C2 module

    Lockheed Martin UK (LMUK) has developed a generic 8x8 mission module for its SkyKeeper battlespace management command-and-control (C2) system, which was showcased at the DVD 2018 exhibition in September. The new mission module is designed for easy installation in the crew compartment of an 8x8

  • Revision Military hones power provision, management systems for dismounts

    Revision Military showcased its wearable Nerv Centr power supply solutions at the DVD 2018 exhibition in September, which include a power management system, a battery, and an enhanced charger. The Nerv Centr SharePack is a Li-ion integrated power supply and management device that weighs 1.2 kg and

  • AFA 2018: Mercury Systems offers a new processing blade for on-platform processing

    Mercury Systems has introduced a new processing blade for advanced on-platform processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Each EnsembleSeries LDS3517 blade combines an Intel Xeon D server-class processor, a Xilinx UltraScale field-programmable gate array (FPGA),

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