• US Navy demonstration converts heat into sound

    The US Navy has demonstrated a sonar made from carbon nanotubes, called a thermophore, that takes heat and converts it into sound without any moving parts. The demonstration was conducted using a small unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) during the annual Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX)

  • USN, JFD develop combat-navigation module for divers

    The US Navy (USN) Naval Surface Warfare Center – Panama City Division and subsea-capability provider James Fisher and Sons’ JFD have developed an advanced hands-free combat diver navigation module called Shadow Nav. Designed to help divers conduct accurate underwater navigation missions

  • AFA 2018: US Air Force views Advanced Battle Management as a system of systems

    Key Points The US Air Force will pursue ABMS as a system of systems, rather than a traditional monolithic acquisition programme This will be tricky as a top acquisition official admitted this has been difficult in the past The US Air Force (USAF) wants its next-generation Advanced Battle

  • AFA 2018: Northrop Grumman rolls out new open, modular ISR system

    Northrop Grumman’s newest air-to-ground surveillance radar, known as Vanguard, is designed around a single small panel that makes the system modular, scalable, and repairable on the flight line. The approach has enabled Northrop Grumman to have wide-band capability on a tile, Curtis Pearson,

  • AFA 2018: Mercury Systems offers a new processing blade for on-platform processing

    Mercury Systems has introduced a new processing blade for advanced on-platform processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Each EnsembleSeries LDS3517 blade combines an Intel Xeon D server-class processor, a Xilinx UltraScale field-programmable gate array (FPGA),

  • New NATO software interface to enable direct inter-ally tactical communications

    NATO is urging its members to ratify as quickly as possible a new software standard for secure encrypted communications between their armed forces. Once implemented, it would enable direct and interoperable tactical communications between allied forces in the field. The new software, called Secure

  • AFA 2018: Logos Technologies’ WAMI sensor now available for Integrator UAS

    Logos Technologies announced that its Redkite-I, a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system, completed its final Integrator unmanned aerial system (UAS) flight test and will now be added to Insitu’s catalogue of sensors available for the tactical UAS. John Marion, the president of Logos

  • UK RAF Typhoon aircraft shift to ISR for Operation ‘Shader’

    As the Islamic State group has been cleared from more of the territory that it once held, UK Royal Air Force Eurofighter (RAF) Typhoons on Operation ‘Shader’ are flying fewer planned attack missions, and instead are increasingly being used for ‘armed overwatch’, with a

  • AFA 2018: B-52 re-engining could feature rapid prototyping

    Key Points An industry executive believes rapid prototyping could play a part in the US Air Force’s B-52 re-engining effort Despite the engines being commercial, he believes there are many issues involved in integrating modern engines on legacy aircraft An executive from potential B-52

  • AFA 2018: CAE sees growth in classroom-based training solutions

    Key Points CAE sees future growth in the classroom portion of military training programmes Militaries want to free people up for more important tasks, while the company is attracted to these more lucrative efforts Canadian training provider CAE sees future growth in the classroom portion of

  • Argentina’s INVAP develops and tests new ISR platform

    Argentina’s INVAP has developed a prototype intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) pod mounted on a Laviasa PA-25-235 Puelche light aircraft prototype. The system consists of a gyro-stabilised turret, developed by local company FixView, that is equipped with a TV camera,

  • ‘Cyber Fog’ exercise aims to strengthen US and Estonian defences

    US and Estonian militaries conducted a joint cyber exercise aimed at boosting their co-ordination and communication in combined cyberspace operations. The two-day ‘Cyber Fog’ exercise took place in late July/early August at the Estonia Defence Forces Cyber Command in Tallinn. US Navy

  • UK MoD admits “misleading” report on Project Shepherd EW programme

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted misleading Parliament over the delivery of a new electronic warfare (EW) information system known as Project Shepherd. The MoD’s 2013 defence equipment plan suggested that the programme had achieved its in-service date (ISD). In reality, however,

  • WB Electronics reveals U-Gate, new software-defined radios

    WB Group is developing a software-defined radio (SDR) for the export market that will support the company’s forthcoming Battle Overwatch and Strike Capabilities (BOSC) concept. The Personal Radio (PERAD) 6010 was in development ahead of an expected low-rate initial production (LRIP) by the

  • Indra to supply Lanza 3D radar to RTAF

    Indra has been awarded a contract to supply its Lanza 3D long-range radar (LRR) system to the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF), the Spanish company announced in a statement on 11 September. Delivery will include the air surveillance radar as well as associated equipment such as Indra’s AirDef: an

  • British Army begins Bowman update

    The British Army begins the update of its Bowman communications system in the next few weeks with the delivery of Bowman ComBAT Infrastructure P-BISA (BCIP) 5.6 to 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade, based in Paderborn, Germany. BCIP 5.6 is the largest single upgrade to Bowman since it entered service and

  • France launches Scorpion studies

    The Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the French defence procurement agency, announced on 11 September that it had launched studies to prepare three new capabilities of the Scorpion programme. The studies are on the integration of unmanned ground and aerial vehicles into the

  • Elbit emerges as preferred bidder for UK’s Morpheus

    Elbit Systems UK has been selected as the preferred bidder for the UK’s Project Morpheus Battle Management Application (BMA) contract, Jane’s has learned. The UK’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) confirmed the decision, but was unable to comment further because the

  • Lockheed Martin’s eCASS will support F-35C in 2020

    Key Points Lockheed Martin’s eCASS automated test equipment will support the F-35C in 2020 eCASS is designed to enable aircraft to return to operational status quickly and efficiently Lockheed Martin’s electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) will support the F-35C

  • Poland’s PGZ unveils Rosomak Battle Management System

    A Polish state-run company has unveiled a technology demonstrator (TD) designed to satisfy the Polish Land Forces’ Rosomak Battle Management System (BMS) requirement for the Rosomak armoured personnel carrier (APC). The system was unveiled at the MSPO exhibition in Kielce, Poland. Unveiled by

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