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Janes launched a series of webcasts where the Janes Head of Industry, Doug Dixon discusses implications of Covid-19 on industrial policy, procurement as well as supply chain with reputable individuals from the defence sector. In the latest episode, Doug hosted US DoD Assistant Secretary for Defense Acquisition, Kevin M. Fahey, and Acting Principal Director Defense Pricing and Contracting, Kim Herrington to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on US industrial base and policy. Access the latest webcast episode here.


Janes subject matter experts release intelligence briefing webinars every week with analysis on various areas of defence and military. Janes customers have access to the full webinars here.

Shorter 10 minute extracts are available to watch for everyone here:

Intel Briefing: Covid-19 Markets Forecast – Platforms

Markets Forecast Covid-19 webinar 1

Intel Briefing: China’s military logistics and expanding expeditionary capability

china flag

Intel Briefing: An overview of Airborne Early Warning (AEW) capabilities

China AEW - background July 8
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