Ukraine conflict: EU countries pledge small arms, anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

by Amael Kotlarski

The Ukrainian military is set to receive further NLAW anti-tank weapons, having initially been equipped with systems by the UK. (Gaelle Girbes/Getty Images)

European Union (EU) members have announced a range of military assistance packages to support Ukraine, with a range of small arms and light weapons (SALW) included.

A mix of anti-tank weapons are set to be supplied by several countries. Luxembourg has pledged 100 Next-Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons (NLAWs), which will bolster the 2,000 sent by the UK in January.

The Panzerfaust 3 anti-tank weapon has been offered by Germany, the Netherlands, and likely Italy as well. The Netherlands has stated that it will send 50 launchers and 400 rounds of ammunition, while Germany has announced it would be sending 1,000 systems alongside 500 Stinger manportable air-defence missiles.

Although not confirmed as the Panzerfaust 3, the 1,000 anti-tank weapons pledged by Italy are likely to be of this type, coincidentally the Italian Ministry of Defence announced an order for new DM12 rounds on 25 February. Italy has also said it will supply 500 Stinger missiles.

Ukraine is set to receive a large number of single-shot, disposable anti-tank weapons. On 28 February, the Swedish government announced it would be sending 5,000 84 mm AT4 anti-tank weapons, while Norway said it would provide 2,000 66 mm M72 Light Anti-tank Weapons (LAWs).

Denmark and Finland also pledged to send 2,700 and 1,500 anti-tank weapons respectively. Although neither country specified the type of weapons, Janes believes these could include the M72EC from Denmark and M72A2/A5 from Finland. Denmark could also send AT4s, and Finland, the Armor-Piercing Infantry Light Arm System (APILAS), which the country has been slowly replacing with NLAWs. The APILAS fires a much larger and heavier 112 mm munition.

Belgium has pledged 200 anti-tank weapons, which could either be M72 LAWs, 90 mm RGW 90s, or a mix of both.

Small arms and associated ammunition have also been promised. Belgium has said it will send over 5,000 assault rifles, with at least 2,000 being older FN FNC types that the country is replacing with more modern FN SCAR rifles.

Portugal has announced that it will supply an undisclosed number of 7.62 mm G3 type rifles – locally produced as the m/963.

Among the small arms promised by Italy are heavy and medium machine guns, plus ammunition. These are likely to include the 12.7 mm M2 heavy machine gun and the 7.62 MG42/59.

The Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia have also announced that they will be sending small arms and ammunition that are likely to be drawn from stocks of Cold War-era weaponry that are chambered for Soviet calibres, which are predominantly used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UK and the US have also pledged to send additional weapons, which are likely to include NLAWs and Javelin systems to replace those fired or lost during the fighting. Denmark has offered components for Stinger systems.

European Union (EU) members have announced a range of military assistance packages to support Ukrain...

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