Saab wins tactical simulation training deal with Poland

by Giles Ebbutt

Polish BMP IFVs move towards the river during a joint river crossing rehearsal as part of Exercise Allied Spirit, a joint US-Polish exercise at Drawsko Pomorskie training area in June 2020. A Rosomak IFV is in the background. About 6,000 US and Polish soldiers took part in the exercise. The TES being procured by Poland from Saab will instrument similar vehicles and others and will enhance the realism of joint exercises like these. (US Army)

Saab has been awarded a contract by the Polish Armed Forces for live tactical engagement simulation (TES) training systems, the company announced on 7 September. The contract, which is over a five-year period from 2021 that includes three years of support, is worth about SEK1 billion (USD116.1 million).

The supplied systems are a complete instrumented TES solution for a reinforced mechanised battalion at the Drawsko Pomorskie combat training centre (CTC) together with four company-sized systems for separate individual unit locations. The solution will use Saab's GAMER instrumentation and communications system and exercise control (EXCON) software.

A Saab representative told Janes

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DESIE 2021: Elbit details ARCAS future soldier system

by Amael Kotlarski & Samuel Cranny-Evans

The Elbit ARCAS system mounted to an M4 carbine (Elbit Systems)

Elbit Systems UK unveiled its Assault Rifle Combat Application System (ARCAS) at the DSEI exhibition, which was held in London from 14-17 September.

ARCAS is designed to provide dismounted soldiers with relevant information from a force's battle management system, an Elbit spokesperson told Janes . It builds on experience gained through similar systems that have been used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the spiral development of the Elbit Dominator soldier system presented in 2007, the spokesperson added.

The system is mounted under the rifle's barrel using standard accessory rails. It acts as a handgrip and includes the various buttons of the man-machine interface and an electro-optical sensor. Elbit currently offers either an uncooled 640 × 480 17 µ far infrared (FIR) or 640 × 480 12 µ long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imager. This provide a 27° field of view and is capable of detecting a human target at 580 m, recognising one at 250 m, and identifying a human target at 120 m, according to Elbit.

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DSEI 2021: Ireland adopts SitaWare C2 software for ISTAR aircraft

by Giles Ebbutt

SitaWare IDF PC-12. Systematic's SitaWare C2 software has been installed on all of the Irish Air Corps' PC-12NG aircraft. (Defence Forces Ireland)

Command-and-control (C2) software house Systematic has announced Defence Forces Ireland has installed its SitaWare C2 software on its fleet of four Plilatus PC-12NG aircraft, operated by 104 Squadron of the Irish Air Corps.

The complete SitaWare suite consists of three interoperable and scalable segments: SitaWare Headquarters (HQ), designed for use in command posts (CPs) and HQs; SitaWare Frontline, a tactical-level battle management system; and SitaWare Edge for the dismounted user.

One of the PC-12NGs is configured for a utility role while the remaining three are known as ‘Spectre' platforms and provide an advanced intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability to the Defence Forces. Janes understands that these three aircraft are equipped with an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor suite controlled by a tactical flight officer from a mission station in the cabin.

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DSEI 2021: Italy joins Eurofighter ‘Radar 2' programme

by Gareth Jennings

The Italian Air Force has opted to equip its Eurofighter combat aircraft with the most advanced Radar 2 AESA currently being developed. (Janes/Gareth Jennings)

Italy has joined the United Kingdom in developing the ‘Radar 2' active electronically scanned array (AESA) sensor for the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft.

Leonardo announced on 14 September that Italy has opted to join the European Common Radar System Mark 2 (ECRS Mk2) radar, with engineers from its Nerviano radar site in Milan joining the UK development team at the company's Edinburgh site in Scotland in the coming weeks.

“The move represents the first step towards Italy's full participation in the ECRS Mk2 programme. This formation of what is known as the Industrial Joint Team follows the approval of a statement of principles document by the UK and Italian Ministry of Defence [MoD],” Leonardo said at the DSEI defence exhibition in London.

As noted by Leonardo, the focus of the team of Italian engineers will be to contribute towards the successful development of Radar 2, while acquiring system design capabilities that will ensure the Italian MoD has sovereign control over the new radar system at every stage of its operational life.

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Saab has been awarded a contract by the Polish Armed Forces for live tactical engagement simulation ...

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