Defence Industry Intelligence

Defence Industry Intelligence

Trusted, connected data and unique insight that enables growth in a complex and reshaping industry

Janes defence industry intelligence enables you to collect reliable market information, analyse opportunities and develop strategic plans by providing market and procurement forecasts, industry news and analysis, defence budget information, competitor assessments and much more. The breadth, depth and connectivity of Janes data enables you to move seamlessly from market and customer insights to business development or programme tactics.

  • Forecasts: 10-year forecasts of 19 key global markets and more than 60 countries.
  • Programmes: Programme level procurement and upgrade data with daily updates and 20-year forecasts across combat vehicle, military ship and military aircraft.
  • Company: More than 20,000 organisations across the global defence industry.
  • Equipment: Links from company entities to more than 41,000 equipment and product profiles.
  • Defence budgets: Top down budget across 105 countries, split by activity, and a bottom up view of budgets across 15 market sectors.
  • Market entry: Defence market and industry reports for more than 90 countries supporting market entry strategy, offsets and internal capability analysis.


Industry Intelligence

Janes provides you with unique insight into your competitors' activities and markets. Compare competing organisations across customer, product and capability to maximise your competitive advantage and position yourself to win.

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Market Intelligence

Gain a complete understanding of your customers' environment and market size. Examine past and current capability, existing risk that will drive requirement and identify opportunity ahead of announcement.

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Equipment Intelligence

Comprehensive equipment intelligence on current capability, global inventories, revenue performance and future developments to better differentiate, position and shape your products and portfolio.

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Defence Industry Intelligence

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