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When you are navigating opportunities and risks in defence markets, Janes Capella interconnects and contextualises millions of assured data points across equipment, forecasts, and manufacturers to deliver the single source of truth. Janes Capella provides the quickest and most effective way to inform your judgement and puts your business in context.

The Power of Interconnected Intelligence 

Janes foundational intelligence across markets, budgets, forecasts, companies, military capabilities, equipment, and events is verified and validated using our human-centric tradecraft, developed over 120 years, to deliver intelligence you can trust. Janes Capella provides a common framework through the interconnection, contextualisation and integration of Janes assured foundational intelligence with third-party and your own data to deliver a single source of truth.

Janes Capella delivers enhanced situational awareness and analysis of geopolitical scenarios, market opportunities, customer decisions, competitor strategies, and technology trends that you need to succeed in any competitive situation. 

Interconnected Multi Source Intelligence, Integrated

Janes unique position as the leading expert in military capabilities research and analysis, and data modelling enables us to normalise and integrate disparate data across multiple sources into a common usable framework.

Whether you are looking to identify new opportunities or enhance your solutions to meet your customers’ requirements, Janes Capella enables the integration of your own and 3rd party data and sources to enable a truly multi-source intelligence environment.

Deeper intelligence. Sharper focus.

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