Verified and validated data and insight into global risk

Country risk reports for more than 190 countries

Identify, analyse, and forecast risk over the next 12 months for your chosen country. Ratings are based on qualitative analysis from the previous month across five main categories – political, infrastructure, internal security, external, and economic – and 20 sub-categories.


Politics – internal/external/leadership

Expert qualitative analysis of political leadership, as well as internal and external affairs across more than 190 countries.



Quick, specific, and contextual reference content of the critical economic features driving decision making in 200 countries. 


Structured database of events impacting risk and security

Janes vast database captures events from all over the world on a number of themes and topics, including non-state actions, state actions, and bribery and corruption. Risk-relevant events are identified and collected against risk-indicator guidance and translated from relevant local input language.

Structured data for more than 9,200 installations

Janes provides coverage of more than 9,200 military installations across the globe. Installations are geocoded, classified by domain and type, and linked to operator countries, units, and equipment, enabling you to quickly understand the capabilities present at your chosen location. Janes has captured 2,100 SAM sites and 2,200 early warning sites with mapping tools, enabling you to draw range rings for detailed threat assessment. More than 1,600 nuclear facilities are also covered.

Analysis of satellite imagery that increases your situational awareness

Janes satellite imagery analysis delivers a regularly updated database of more than 2,200 finished imagery intelligence products, derived from Maxar and Airbus Defence and Space imagery, covering a wide range of global security issues including WMD proliferation, force modernisation, and global military operations. 

The example below shows Janes analysis of Airbus Defence and Space imagery of Iranian S-300PMU-2 deployments at Mashhad, Iran.

Defence budget analysis that delivers insight into current and future capabilities

Janes analyses the defence budgets of 105 countries to deliver an 'at a glance' view by activity, force, and spend type (including procurement and RDT&E). Procurement budgets are broken down into 15 key defence market sectors to deliver critical insight into the current and future size, shape, and capabilities of the world’s key military powers.


Events data and threat profiles for non-state armed groups operating in country

Janes global, structured, consistent, and comprehensive database of more than 410,000 verified, open-source events related to non-state armed groups is updated daily. With multiple fields of metadata the events database and group profiles, along with expert in-depth analysis of trends and militant groups’ use of propaganda, explains the context and driving forces behind global terrorism and insurgency.


News and analysis that increases your understanding of the global threat environment

From tactical briefs to strategic insight, Janes news and analysis helps you see the bigger picture. Janes international security news and analysis tells you what’s happening and provides the geopolitical, technological, and economic context necessary to understand the threats posed by both state and non-state actors.  


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