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  • German tactical radios [DSEI17D2]

    Following the June announcement that it had been selected to provide joint radio systems for 50 of the German armed forces’ command and control vehicles, Rohde & Schwarz (Stand S2-268) is promoting its communications and intelligence systems.

  • Keep the wheels turning [DSEI17D2]

    Dutch company Van Halteren (Stand N9-110) is showing roadwheels, military simulation systems and naval equipment. Partnered with OEMs, Van Halteren has designed, tested and delivered roadwheels for several newly introduced tracked vehicles.

  • Moisture controlled [DSEI17D2]

    UK company Baltimore Innovations (Stand N8-291) has launched SuperDrySim software to help customers with their packaging needs by means of SuperDryPak-DS military grade moisture-control packaging.

  • New mortar mixes it up [DSEI17D2]

    Saab (Stand N2-230) has introduced a 120mm mortar round that contains a mix of shapes, materials and fragmentation sizes. The Thor ammunition is being manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland (SBDS), and is on display at the show.

  • Power up USA-based Protonex [DSEI17D2]

    (Stand N4-221) is showing its PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions, which includes the SPM-622 squad power manager that dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter.

  • High-power outboard engine [DSEI17D2]

    Cox Powertrain (Stand S10- 360) is exhibiting a full-size model of its CXO300 high-power, low-weight 300hp diesel outboard engine.

  • Keep the tyre on [DSEI17D2]

    When a rubber tyre deflates, the driver could lose control of the vehicle. Tyron Runflat (Stand N9-300) has developed the Tyron Rubber Beadlock System (RBS) to firmly push the bead of the tyre against the wheel flanges so the tyre does not slip and result in the vehicle losing traction.

  • Motion control covered [DSEI17D2]

    Heason Technology (Stand S3-102) is showcasing its newest motion control systems, including a production example of a new pan and tilt positioner that is custom-designed for secure communications.

  • Quick stock [DSEI17D2]

    Milectria (Stand N3-430) has launched Military Quick Stock (MQS), a new updated service through which military specified special cables and harness components could be acquired.

  • International pavilions [DSEI17D2]

    This year DSEI has 41 international pavilions - representing the most innovative and well supported companies that represent their nation. As some of the largest exhibits at DSEI, they help represent the fundamental imperativeness of government and industry working together to create the right condition.

  • Remote refuelling [DSEI17D2]

    WEW (Stand S4-257) has introduced a new self-contained fuel storage and dispensing (FSD) system that provides operational remote refuelling of land vehicles.

  • Save on weight [DSEI17D2]

    Research done by UK-based Phoenix Dynamics (Stand S2-124) into lightweight harnessing materials showed they can save 30 per cent or more on typical wiring harness designs compared with traditional technology. Such weight reduction has advantages throughout the value chain, from improved fuel efficiency and vehicle mobility to higher payload capacity and a positive environmental impact through lower carbon emissions.