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  • Versatile vehicles from Pakistan [DSEI17D2]

    Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) (Stand N9-458) is the main centre of excellence for the design, development and production of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) in Pakistan and is now offering these for the export market.

  • Get the troops talking [DSEI17D2]

    Building on its 30-year legacy of developing secure communications and connectivity solutions, Finland-based Bittium (Stand N3-157) is launching its Tough Comnode terminal at DSEI this week.

  • Secure, snag-free fit [DSEI17D2]

    Helmet cameras of US company Mohoc (Stand N5-402) have had a recent spate of success, having been selected by various military and law enforcement agencies for use in operational and training scenarios. These include customers in the Asia- Pacific, South America and GCC regions, all of which have seen the benefits of operating what the company claims to be the first cameras ruggedised for military use. These add to NATO nations that are already operating the cameras.

  • The right link [DSEI17D2]

    Miniature electrical connectors and cable harnesses are essential to OEMs in all areas of the military, hence US-based Omnetics Connector Corp (Stand S2-100) is represented in all sectors at DSEI.

  • A smooth and quiet ride [DSEI17D2]

    The latest BAE Systems Hägglunds CV9030 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) for the Norwegian Army are fitted with Soucy Defense (Stand N4-152) composite rubber tracks (CRT) rather than convention steel tracks. CRT offer a number of important advantages: they are lighter, generate less noise and vibration, and have less rolling resistance, which means greater fuel efficiency.

  • All-seeing bird [DSEI17D2]

    Small and lightweight unmanned air systems (UAS) afford significant operational advantages. UK-based Swarm Systems Ltd (SSL, Stand N3-597) will this week announce the entry of its Owl 4 UAS into the sub-250g sector.

  • Automated mine warfare [DSEI17D2]

    France’s ECA Group (Stand N7-312) has completed the development of an integrated unmanned mine countermeasures solution for an unnamed Southeast Asian navy. Sea acceptance tests are due to be undertaken this month, customer maintenance and operational training having been conducted in May at ECA’s facilities in the south of France. Two complete systems are being delivered this year, to enter service in 2018.

  • Beat the heat [DSEI17D2]

    UK-based Equivital (Stand S3-357) is launching the latest version of its wearable technology to end avoidable heat stress injuries and fatalities. The Black Ghost system provides information to commanders and medics about a soldier’s temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, position and activity.

  • Sentry for smart comms [DSEI17D2]

    Australia-based Codan Radio Communications (Stand N7-384) offers an innovative comms solution with its Sentry-H with 150W RF power, which integrates easily into both military base and mobile platforms. It has now been optimised with an ergonomic smart handset featuring an icon-driven, colour, high-resolution, multiple-language interface. Using second-generation digital voice and frequency hopping, it is interoperable with the Codan Patrol 211M manpack.

  • Advanced sighting [DSEI17D2]

    Opgal Optronic Industries (Stand N8-155) offers a range of innovative thermal imaging solutions, custom-made subsystems, thermal cores and open frame cameras, as well as combat-proven technology suites for airborne, naval and ground applications.

  • Hit the ground running [DSEI17D2]

    Australia-based Praesidium Global (Stand S10-210) has unveiled its Pathfinder UGV at DSEI. According to the company, it is the world’s first air-deployable unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) solution.

  • Hold it steady [DSEI17D2]

    An innovative and versatile rifle stock developed by BCB International (Stand N5-200) allows the operator to comfortably discharge a firearm while wearing a ballistic helmet with the visor fully lowered.

  • Killing drones by hand [DSEI17D2]

    California-based technical and industrial innovations company IXI Technology is displaying its compact, hand-held Drone Killer counter-UAS system at DSEI (Stand N5-250). Drone Killer has been created to disable UAVs that could be used by criminal, terrorist or regular enemy forces for observation or attack purposes.

  • Safe subsea lifting [DSEI17D2]

    Underwater lifting operations, referred to as subsea, are both routine and potentially dangerous. Germany-based RUD Group (Stand S3-302) has been providing innovative rigging for more than 100 years.

  • Spot the difference [DSEI17D2]

    Among an array of high-performance electrooptical devices by Canada-based Newcon Optik (Stand N4-156) at DSEI this week is the new Spotter range of combined spotting scope/laser rangefinder systems.

  • Crossing the Rubicon [DSEI17D2]

    Today, a team of 18 Ministry of Defence civilian and military staff will arrive at DSEI after cycling three days, and climbing in excess of 10,300ft over 225 miles from MoD Abbey Wood, Bristol, to London’s ExCeL.

  • Get connected [DSEI17D2]

    ODU of Germany (Stand S6-434) is showing its latest developments at DSEI this week. Its involvement with the Bowman programme, together with work on several Future Soldier programmes, led to the introduction of its Advanced Military Connector series of miniature push-pull connectors.

  • Situational awareness anywhere [DSEI17D2]

    US company goTenna (Stand N5-197) is displaying its latest mesh-networking tactical radio, ahead of planned deliveries to end users in the fourth quarter of 2017. The third product released by the company, the goTenna Pro has been adopted by special operations forces (SOF) units, and works in conjunction with a complementary application that can be used on smartphones, or with a number of other applications built onto the radio’s open software development kit. This allows users to send and receive situational awareness data over large distances and different terrains without requiring a central control unit, and the smartphone integration means that training is minimal.

  • True scene observation [DSEI17D2]

    Adimec Advanced Image Systems of the Netherlands (Stand N9-110) is displaying a number of its camera systems designed for the security market, including the TMX series of rugged full-HD and 4K resolution systems that are used to provide daylight full-motion video in airborne payloads and long-range observation systems.

  • Unmanned innovations [DSEI17D2]

    Making its DSEI debut, Hungarian UAV specialist Uaviator (Stand S6-370) is showing a range of its unmanned air vehicles, from the smaller Blacktip Reef to the 7m wingspan Hammerhead.