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  • Security against steganography [DSEI17D1]

    UK-based network security company Deep Secure is working on defence against steganography, which is being used to get malicious codes into an organisation undetected, or to get data out undetected.

  • A non-lethal alternative [DSEI17D1]

    The use of non-lethal technologies allows law enforcement agencies to adopt the principle of the proportional use of force - reducing lethality, permanent injury and damage to property. Brazil’s Condor (Stand N8-130), a pioneer in non-lethal technologies for more than 30 years, is highlighting two of the latest products in its extensive portfolio - the Precision and NT-901 ammunitions.

  • Innovative thermal imaging [DSEI17D1]

    Renowned British thermal imaging and night vision expert Thermoteknix (Stand S3-230) is launching its TiCAM 1000B multifunction thermal imaging binocular here at DSEI. ‘‘The TiCAM 1000B is an exciting addition to the existing range of Thermoteknix lightweight, portable imaging systems for day and night-time security, surveillance and observation,’’ said managing director Dr Richard Salisbury.

  • Keep out! [DSEI17D1]

    Crime and Fire Defence Systems (Stand N8-186) has completed and handed over to the client the first three high security perimeter protection systems.

  • Pocket-sized ultrasound [DSEI17D1]

    Medical emergency situations often call for ultrasound scanning of a patient. What if such equipment is not readily at hand? Clarius (Stand N3-586) is an innovative wireless handheld ultrasound scanner that produces high-resolution images and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Remote security [DSEI17D1]

    Providing security in remote or inaccessible areas such as swamps, island clusters or deserts can prove extremely difficult. UK-based Hov Pod, exhibiting as Reaction International (Stand N7-263), has a solution with its Perimeter Observation and Disaster Operations (POD Ops).

  • Making sense of it [DSEI17D1]

    Australian firm Dexata (Stand S10-210) is demonstrating its innovative Horus ISR Big Data Analytics products.

  • Resolve on the march [DSEI17D1]

    Chemring Technology Solutions (Stand S2-230), part of Chemring Group plc, a global provider of advanced electronic warfare (EW), explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and communication information systems (CIS), is launching a major capability upgrade of its award-winning RESOLVE EW system at DSEI, exploiting its wideband sensor collection capability to deliver automatic target geo-location in mounted operations.

  • Virtual reality rewards [DSEI17D1]

    Frestems (Stand N3-150), a leading manufacturer of military ambulance products, is demonstrating a virtual tool for streamlining ambulance vehicle variant design.

  • Monitoring makes sense [DSEI17D1]

    Scimitar C5i Real Time Command and Control Platform from Brisbane-based EPE (Stand S10-210) was selected by the Australian Defence Force under the Army Innovation Day funding for a 12-month human factor performance trial. The trial has just concluded with positive results.

  • Tough terrain no obstacle [DSEI17D1]

    Digital Concepts Engineering (Stand N8-384) is launching the X-2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle fitted with the Marionette control system at DSEI. Exhibited as a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection platform, it is also well suited to EOD, search and rescue, perimeter patrol, communications relay, mine detection and clearing, light weapon mount and load-moving tasks, and is capable of manual or autonomous operation.

  • A new name [DSEI17D1]

    First time exhibitor PelGar International (Stand N4-290) is showcasing its CBRN and personnel protection products.

  • Get it powered [DSEI17D1]

    Michigan, US-based Acromag (Stand N5-192) has added the AP580 series to its PCIebased AcroPack modules for powered devices (PD).

  • In-ear communication [DSEI17D1]

    Sweden’s 3M PELTOR Communication Solutions (Stand N2-228) has introduced the TEP-200 tactical earplug, which combines its level dependent technology and conventional hearing protection with the ability to receive audio signals wirelessly from a neck-loop accessory.

  • Out of the blue [DSEI17D1]

    As its name suggests, South Wales-based Airborne Systems Europe (Stand S4-156) has been at the forefront of developing aerial delivery systems for nearly 100 years.

  • Optimal vision [DSEI17D1]

    Barneveld-based Dutch company Orlaco Products (Stand S6-264), a developer and producer of high-quality camera and monitor systems, has fundamentally improved its AMOS IR-LED compact cameras. The new FAMOS IR-LED combines advanced technology with an integrated, sturdy design, providing optimal (night) vision under all circumstances, even in rain, fog and winter conditions, for maritime vessels, industrial vehicles and heavy equipment.

  • Penetrate the dark [DSEI17D1]

    An extreme low-light capability is what one requires to penetrate the dark of night. Besides its existing solutions for day/night surveillance, homeland security and scientific markets, Northern Ireland-based Raptor Photonics (Stand N7-378) has now launched the Owl 1280.

  • Virtually indestructible [DSEI17D1]

    Peli Products (Stand S4-240), the world’s leading manufacturer of military and aerospace-approved reusable plastic cases, is presenting its shock-proof engineered cases, designed to be lightweight, watertight, heat- and impact-resistant and virtually indestructible.

  • Brake boost [DSEI17D1]

    Alcon Components, a Midlands, UK-based motorsport brake and clutch manufacturer, has launched an armoured vehicle brake caliper. The CIR55 is designed to fit 8x8-type military vehicles operating at 30 to 40+ tonne GVM, but could also be used on heavy 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles.

  • Compact firepower [DSEI17D1]

    US company DRD Tactical (Stand N5-186) is showing its Kivaari 338 Lapua Magnum semi-automatic sniper weapon system at DSEI 2017 this week.