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  • Roadmap guides armour [CANSEC2016D2]

    Preliminary details of a roadmap to foster development of innovative materials and armour products are being shared at CANSEC this week.

  • Rock solid [CANSEC2016D2]

    Vital Alert Communication (Booth 1732) is highlighting its communication products, including CanaryTalk, which helps military teams to communicate through solid rock, soil and concrete, and in other shielded environments where traditional communications are ineffective.

  • Training expertise for Canada [CANSEC2016D2]

    Canada’s CAE (Booth 1611) has a global footprint and has become a world-renowned name for training and simulation excellence. As the military looks more to integrated training systems, CAE has expanded its capabilities to meet the needs for increasingly cost-efficient training.

  • Up and away [CANSEC2016D2]

    Last month, Textron Systems (Booth 611 and Outside 3036) successfully demonstrated the fixed-wing Aerosonde sUAS enabled with Hybrid Quadrotor technology, allowing the system to take off and land vertically and thereby significantly increasing mission flexibility.

  • Embedded computing [CANSEC2016D2]

    Connect Tech (Booth 1034) is a hardware design company that specialises in rugged, small form factor solutions.

  • Growing innovation and sustainability [CANSEC2016D2]

    House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, CADSI president, Christyn Cianfarani, made a strong case for more government action in facilitating the growth of an innovative and sustainable Canadian defence manufacturing base.

  • Winning ways [CANSEC2016D2]

    Simex Defence (Booth 910) has won several contracts from the Canadian military and government institutions, totalling some C$8.2 million.