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  • Safeguarding the nations [SOFEXD1]

    His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Bin Al Hussein once again underlines his country’s continued focus towards creating a peaceful world, and the role played by SOFEX.

  • Giant Russian helo takes centre stage [SOFEXD1]

    Dominating the outside static display is an example of Jordan’s latest helicopter. The mighty Mil Mi-26 ‘Halo’ is the world’s largest helicopter, and the Royal Jordanian Air Force has ordered four of the latest Mi-26T2 version. The first was delivered to the RJAF here at Amman- Marka airport on 17 January this year.

  • Largest AFV built in Jordan [SOFEXD1]

    The King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) (Hall 5) is showing its latest Al-Mared (8x8) armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) in the armoured personnel carrier (APC) configuration. For a high level of cross-country mobility, the Al- Mared is based on a Tatra chassis, to which is fitted an all-welded steel body, claimed to provide ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 4, but with growth potential to Level 5.

  • More venom from Snake Head [SOFEXD1]

    The Jordan Advanced Machining Company (JAMC) (Hall 5, Stand A501) is showing its latest Snake Head Cupola Mk VI armed with two .50 M2 machine guns for increased firepower, with each weapon provided with 200 rounds of ready-use ammunition. The Snake Head Cupola has previously been shown armed with a single .50 machine gun, with other alternatives being 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine guns.

  • Integrating security control [SOFEXD1]

    US-based security and surveillance company Persistent Sentinel is partnering with the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (Hall 5, Stand A511) (KADDB) to co-develop and demonstrate integrated command and control security software for use within Jordan, the wider MENA region and Africa. The enhanced software will provide more efficient and comprehensive integration of security sensors and systems.

  • Upgraded light attacker on show [SOFEXD1]

    Being shown in public for the first time is one of the Royal Jordanian Air Force’s Iomax/Air Tractor AT-802i two-seat turboprop light attack/surveillance aircraft, which are based on the airframe of a crop-duster. The AT-802i on display is the first of the six-strong fleet to have undergone an upgrade that increases the aircraft’s weapons-carrying ability.

  • Force multiplier [SOFEXD1]

    Lieutenant General Mahmoud Freihat, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army, views SOFEX and the stability and security of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as the best opportunity to create an appropriate environment for all countries in the world, their armies and leaders, to choose Jordan to stage such important events.

  • International reach [SOFEXD1]

    Amer Tabbah, the show’s managing director, reflects on the development of SOFEX and its role in the region and the wider world.

  • Ammunition for FBI [SOFEXD1]

    Hornady Manufacturing Co (Hall 1, Stand C113) is highlighting its law enforcement products.

  • Flexibility in the field [SOFEXD1]

    Oshkosh Defense (Hall 6, Stand A609) has brought its Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV) to Jordan for the fi rst time. This lightweight 4x4 vehicle has been designed to provide special forces and other users with a platform that can be rapidly adapted for a wide range of battlefield missions and allows both internal and external helicopter transportability.

  • Understanding the grey zone [SOFEXD1]

    Getting to grips with an ever-changing operational environment calls for a diagnosis of hybrid warfare in the global grey zone. This was the topic and message from several speakers at the ninth biennial Middle East special operations conference, MESOC, which took place on Monday, 7 May.

  • A whisper is enough [SOFEXD1]

    Phonak Communications (Hall 1, Stand A145), a specialist in miniaturised audio systems, is presenting Roger Covert, a platform that allows more flexibility through loop-free operation during surveillance, while advanced microphone technologies and an ultra-discreet earpiece ensure that operatives’ transmissions can be heard even in noisy situations, or while whispering.

  • Sprinting ahead [SOFEXD1]

    South Australia’s Codan Radio Communication (Hall 1, Stand C110) is highlighting the combined advantages of its small and light Sentry-H platform and its Sprint software. Sentry-H provides no-fuss integration into military base stations and mobility solutions from main battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, marine assets and soft-skinned vehicles.

  • Armed to fire [SOFEXD1]

    Brasil’s Forjas Taurus (Hall 1, Stand C131), a manufacturer of individual-use fi rearms, offers a portfolio of revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifl es, carbines and shotguns.

  • Extract casualties in safety [SOFEXD1]

    With a 160-year history, UK-based Survitec Group (Hall 1, Stand A124) is sure to have the technological expertise to off er innovative safety solutions. At SOFEX this year, the company is launching the SONICS MilPod man-portable stretcher, which features a personal isolation chamber, alongside its range of CBRN products, including the Bio Skin and Bio Shell protective suits. The display features a ‘wounded special forces operator’ mannequin being placed into the MilPod and treated by a medic mannequin using Survitec’s waterproof medical bag and individual first aid kit.

  • Fast intercept craft [SOFEXD1]

    Vigor (Hall 6, Stand B644), builder of the US Navy’s Combatant Craft Medium and Combatant Craft Heavy, as well as the United States Coast Guard Response Boat – Medium (RB-M), is debuting the Vigor Fast Inceptor (VFI) patrol boat at SOFEX.

  • Persistence pays off [SOFEXD1]

    US-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) (Hall 6, Stand B614), a specialist in remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), with more than 800 aircraft produced for customers around the world, is working with Middle East customers to provide a higher return on investment for its aircraft by enabling a Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) capability.

  • Clear and dependable [SOFEXD1]

    Maintaining clear, dependable communication is essential to completing successful missions and, often, to saving lives. US firm AR Modular RF (Hall 6, Stand A617) has a variety of booster amplifiers that extend the range of communications when and where needed most, in critical situations, extreme conditions and hostile environments.

  • Humans over hardware [SOFEXD1]

    Crescent Tactical (Outdoor Stand OD6), a subsidiary of Crossfit Crescent, offers custom fitness solutions that teach, train and equip special operations forces.

  • Rotor lift for Gulf [SOFEXD1]

    It has taken four years since the tentative agreement for the acquisition of 22 NH90 helicopters was signed in 2014, but the stubbornly elusive contract was finally signed and sealed at Qatar’s biennial Dimdex defence exhibition in March, in the presence of Italian defence minister, Roberta Pinotti.