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  • Jordanian prowess [SOFEX18D2]

    As is now tradition at SOFEX, the Jordanian Special Operations Forces once again staged a spectacular demonstration of its capabilities. The demonstration was preceded by a 21-gun salute in honour of King Abdullah II, who took the salute from the podium in front of the pavilion packed with top-level invitees and VIP delegates.

  • Upgraded Cobra takes a bow [SOFEX18D2]

    Last month the first two AH- 1F Cobras to be upgraded for the Royal Jordanian Air Force were returned from rework at the Science & Engineering Services (SES) facility at Huntsville, Alabama, and one is on show at SOFEX in the outside display area. Following a competitive process, SES was awarded a contract to perform a far-reaching upgrade on 12 of the RJAF’s original Cobra fleet.

  • Wraps lifted off Jordan’s armed UAV [SOFEX18D2]

    An example of the CH-4B armed UAV is being shown by the Royal Jordanian Air Force for the first time. Designed by the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, part of the wider China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the CH-4B is one of a growing family of UAVs developed under the Cai Hong (rainbow) family name.

  • New trainers make debut [SOFEX18D2]

    The Royal Jordanian Air Force has implemented a new fixed-wing pilot training system based on the Grob G 120TP and Pilatus PC-21 aircraft. Examples of both are on show in the outside static display for the first time. Together with the Robinson R44 Raven II that became fully operational in 2015 for rotary-wing training, the new aircraft represent a complete recapitalisation of the trainer fleet.

  • Smart power and data hub for the digital soldier [SOFEX18D2]

    Being exhibited for the first time at SOFEX is the Star-Pan VI power distribution and data hub unit from Glenair Tactical Interconnect Solution (Hall 1, Stand B104). The soldier-worn system is primarily aimed at Special Forces and joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC), who often operate for extended periods while employing a number of peripheral devices and managing various data sources.

  • Accuracy cuts risk [SOFEX18D2]

    Precision weapons significantly reduce the risk to civilians and friendly forces, hence the US military’s preference for the likes of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) laser-guided rocket of BAE Systems (Hall 6, Stand B636). The system is already in service with the US Navy, Marine Corps, Army and US Air Force, and is available to allied nations through the US foreign military sales process.

  • Speeding into action [SOFEX18D2]

    Now that production of the M777A2 155mm/39 calibre lightweight towed howitzer is underway again, BAE Systems is looking for additional export opportunities in the Middle East. The M777 was originally developed to meet the requirements of the US Army and Marine Corps to replace their much heavier M198 155mm/39 calibre towed howitzers.

  • New role on the ground [SOFEX18D2]

    Leonardo (Hall 1, Stand B144) is exhibiting its Type 163 laser target designator at SOFEX, providing an impressive example of how technology originally developed for combat aircraft is now finding a second life with special operations forces on the ground.

  • Sharper sniper rifle [SOFEX18D2]

    Austrian manufacturer Steyr Mannlicher (Hall 1, Stand A125) has now evolved its SSG M1 sniper rifle to improve its shooting performance.

  • Big punch for Humvee [SOFEX18D2]

    AM General (USA Security and Defense Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand A604) has brought to SOFEX a version of the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) fitted with a 105mm howitzer on the rear. This is referred to as the Enhanced Tactical Indirect (ETI) – HMMWV Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System. AM General is responsible for the platform and Mandus Group for the weapon system. The weapon is provided with a hybrid special recoil system, which allows it to be installed on light platforms such as the HMMWV.

  • Effective defences against aerial attack [SOFEX18D2]

    China Aerospace Long- March International (Hall 3, Stand A303) is demonstrating its complete air defence capability. Heading up its product range are two man-portable surface-to-air missiles (SAM), the FN-6 and the FN-16, which are both of the fire-andforget type.

  • Breathe easy [SOFEX18D2]

    UK-based Avon Protection Systems (Hall 6, Stand B601) has 130 years’ experience in supplying specialist respiratory protection devices and equipment for the military, law enforcement personnel, first responders and firefighters. At SOFEX, the company is showing its newest generation of powered air purifying respirator against CBRN threats, the Avon CS-PAPR.

  • Train to get it right [SOFEX18D2]

    Counter-terrorism, homeland security and military customers will find a range of innovative training solutions from California-based Cubic Global Defense (Hall 6, Stand A608) here at SOFEX this week. The company’s P5 Tactical Combat Training System for air combat force-on-force training is already in use in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and several other countries in the region. The system relays time, space and positioning information between participating aircraft during training sorties.

  • Fifth-generation fighters on the ME horizon [SOFEX18D2]

    A spate of recent orders and deliveries of fourth-generation fighters is dramatically changing the landscape of tactical airpower in the Middle East.

  • Get sight of this [SOFEX18D2]

    Renowned as the originator and global leader in refl ex sighting systems, Sweden-based Aimpoint (Hall 1, Stand A150) is showing its new compact and rugged CompM5 sight.

  • Sharpened predator [SOFEX18D2]

    Following the restructuring of the German Army, significant numbers of Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) have become available and as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Rheinmetall Defence (Chalet 3, Outside Area) has purchased a large number of these, plus the driver training version. These are for potential refurbishment and sale to export customers with the approval of the German government.

  • Terrain is no obstacle [SOFEX18D2]

    Polaris Government and Defense (Hall 6, Stand A607) has launched two new vehicles, the DAGOR A1 ultralight ground mobility vehicle and the MRZR-X multimode connected vehicle, both of which are being displayed for the first time in the Middle East.

  • Fire power from Serbia [SOFEX18D2]

    Yugoimport of Serbia (Hall 1, Stand B155) has brought models of its latest self-propelled (SP) artillery systems.

  • In the heat of battle [SOFEX18D2]

    Russia’s Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company (Hall 4, Stand A401) is highlighting the TOS-1A 220mm (24-round) heavy flamethrower system, which is also referred to as the Sunheat.

  • Loitering with intent [SOFEX18D2]

    China’s Aerospace Long- March International (ALIT) is showcasing its WS-43 loitering munition. The weapon is part of the Weishi family of multiple-launch rocket systems, and is described as a “miniature cruise missile attack system”. A full-scale mock-up is on show as part of the ALIT display (Hall 3, Stand A303).