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  • Marine aids of many kinds [INDODEF16-D1]

    Visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with the large portfolio of marine-related products produced and marketed by national trading company PT Kemenangan (Hall B, Stand 010).

  • Simulator suite for seafarers [INDODEF16-D1]

    The training and assessment of Indonesian seafarers applying for seagoing certification is being supported by a new suite of bridge simulators supplied by Kongsberg Maritime (Hall A, Stand 025) to the Ministry of Transportation’s Maritime Training Centre in Jakarta.

  • Golden power [INDODEF16-D1]

    This year, Honeywell Aerospace (Hall A, Stand 073) marks the 50th anniversary of the TPE331 turboprop engine, which powers single-engine aircraft around the world.

  • First in line [INDODEF16-D1]

    The presence here of long-established Lithuanian company Helisota (Hall D, Stand 226), a member of the Avia Solutions Group, reflects the increasing use of Russian helicopters in the Asia Pacific. These currently number at least 1,400 machines, including the Mil Mi-8P, PS and T, Mi-8MT (Mi-17), Mi-8MTV-1 (Mi-17-1V), and Mi-8AMT (Mi-171).

  • Parts to go [INDODEF16-D1]

    Australian firm Global Aviation Spares (GAS, Hall F, Stand 222) has been servicing the Indonesian forces and MoD for seven years through the supply of quality aircraft parts in association with its Indonesian partners.Its wide range of capabilities range from Cessna business aircraft to fighter jets such as the Lockheed Martin F-16 and Sukhoi Su-27/30, to the Lockheed C-130 Hercules and Boeing C-17 transports.