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  • Cobra II completes Middle East trials [IDX15D2]

    Turkey’s Otokar has confirmed to the IDEX Show Daily that its latest Cobra II (4x4) armoured amphibious tactical vehicle (AATV) successfully completed 5,000km of exhaustive trials in the Gulf late last year. Cobra II has a typical gross vehicle weight of 12 tonnes. It is powered by a Cummins

  • Defeating IEDs and mines [IDX15D2]

    USA-based NIITEK, part of Chemring North America (Stand 06-A24), and Critical Solutions International (CSI) have announced an exclusive partnership on their respective ground-penetrating radar sensor and Husky mine-clearance vehicle systems. NIITEK’s and CSI’s combined technologies have

  • Discreet armour [IDX15D2]

    Not everyone wishes to be seen wearing body armour, which is why UAE-based Hardshell (Stand 11-B06) developed the Steller vest for children. Resembling a book-bag carried on the back with a waistcoat-style vest, it is not immediately apparent that the child is wearing protection. The bulletproof

  • Increased firepower [IDX15D2]

    Russian holding company Techmash’s (Russian Pavilion) subsidiaries NPO Splav and Bazalt are showing new and more powerful munitions. The S-8 OFP is the latest in the 80mm unguided rocket family, with the ability to destroy land targets from the air. Also featured are the RPG-28 handheld

  • Intelligent protection [IDX15D2]

    With several subsidiaries in Europe, Singapore and India, Danish defence and security group Terma (Stand 03-C14) has just opened an office in Abu Dhabi. “For the past 10-15 years, Terma has supplied radar systems and airborne solutions to the Middle East region in close collaboration with

  • Laser rocket is on target [IDX15D2]

    Turkey’s Roketsan (Stand 10-B05, Turkish Pavilion) is showing off an impressive range of weapons at IDEX. Most interesting to Emirati visitors will be the Roketsan CİRİT – a laser-guided 2.75in rocket that has been combat-proven on the Bell AH-1W helicopters of the Turkish Army

  • Discrimination is the key [IDX15D2]

    US defence giant Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems is highlighting some of its capabilities against ballistic missiles here at IDEX, a clever strategy in a region that is becoming increasingly concerned over the threat posed by cruise missiles and ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets

  • Floating hospitals [IDX15D2]

    Having received a significant order from the German Navy to overhaul a number of MERZ containers for shipboard hospitals, German company FHF-GmbH is up to the task. Onboard ship hospitals for the navy usually incorporate the same medical functions as field hospitals operated by armed forces the

  • FNSS unveils Saber 25 turret [IDX15D2]

    Turkey’s FNSS Savunma Sistemleri is launching the Saber 25 one-person medium-calibre turret at IDEX 2015 (Stand 10-A05). The turret has been developed by the company as a private venture for installation on new-build tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), or to upgrade the

  • Working safely from inside [IDX15D2]

    Having integrated its innovative IGS-4S targeting system in the Colombian Army’s fleet of Cascavel vehicles, South African defence company Rippel Effect (IGG pavilion, Stand 04-C20) now offers its VK-RSS-02 thermal imaging rifle scope as a further enhancement, and as a standalone night scope.

  • Multi-band radio system [IDX15D2]

    With some 20 years’ experience in developing advanced military tactical radios, Czech company DICOM (Stand 01-B18) has just launched its new RF40 integrated radio system. This follows the success of DICOM’s RF13 and RF20 in the international market, both of which continue to be sold in

  • Hand-made for stepping out [IDX15D2]

    A grand military parade goes hand-in- hand with striking uniforms. What is often less obvious amid the pomp and ceremony is that much of the insignia and accoutrements are still hand-made, such as the products of Stepahead Military Headwear (South African Pavilion, Stand 12-C20). The company has a

  • Integrated ships’ comms [IDX15D2]

    Communications specialist EID (Portuguese Pavilion, Stand 11-A10) has been contracted to provide the navies of Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal with its sixth-generation Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS6). Under the M-class frigate user group memorandum of understanding, a

  • Safe landings in the sand [IDX15D2]

    France’s Musthane has invented a 20x20m Helicopter Landing Mat that is specially designed for desert use, overcoming the problems of ‘brown-out’ and foreign object damage that occur when operating from unprepared desert surfaces. It has taken more than four years of research and

  • DALO selects Tarian [IDX15D2]

    AmSafe Bridport (Stand 05-C18) has been selected by the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) to design and supply its Tarian net-type rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) armour system for installation on a wide range of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. This will be AmSafe