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  • Heavy truck gears up for testing [IDEX19D4]

    Mack Defense (IGG Stand 04- C20) has begun building five production-standard M917A3 heavy dump trucks (HDTs), based on the civilian Granite series. The vehicles are being built as part of a US Army contract to conduct production vehicle testing on its armoured and armour-capable HDTs. After completion, the trucks will be dispatched in the summer to the Army’s Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland, where they will be subjected to 40 weeks of rigorous durability trials.

  • Watercat sharpens its claws [IDEX19D4]

    Finnish boatbuilder Marine Alutech Oy (Stand C-014) is showcasing its new Watercat M22 AMC patrol craft design. Based in Salo, southwest Finland, Marine Alutech specialises in the design and manufacture of fast patrol boats and government vessels. The company has extensive experience in both aluminium and composite boat construction.

  • Deal to support patrol boats in KSA [IDEX19D4]

    SAFE Boats International of the USA (StandA-034) and Al Blagha Industrial Company (Stand A-035) have concluded a teaming agreement for the long-term service, support and production of SAFE Boats’ products, including the Mk VI patrol boat, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Small but potent [IDEX19D4]

    With its menacing weapons on a low platform, the Badger unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Advanced One, part of the Remah International Group (Stand CP-310, UAE Pavilion), reminds one of the fearless animal after which it is named. The UAE designed and developed Badger was officially launched at IDEX this week.

  • Making an impact [IDEX19D4]

    On the Milrem Robotics Stand 07- C10 can be viewed an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that is the result of an eight-month joint project with MBDA.

  • Rabdan rides in with Russian turret [IDEX19D4]

    The Rabdan (8x8) infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is being shown at IDEX on the Otokar Stand 10-A05 fitted with the complete turret of the Russian BMP-3 IFV, which is deployed in large numbers on the UAE’s present tracked vehicles.

  • Shelter support [IDEX19D4]

    Rubb Building Systems (Stand 05-C05), a leader in defence structures and hangars, has announced a new two-year contract from the UK Ministry of Defence for the continued provision of military shelters, repairs, refurbishments, spare parts, training, post design services and support for infrastructure that can be deployed in the field.

  • Korean rocket reaches far [IDEX19D4]

    The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) currently deploys the Chunmoo 12-round 239mm diameter Long Range Multiple Rocket System (LRMRS) from Hanwha Defense (Stand 12-B20).

  • Latest VAB offers more of everything [IDEX19D4]

    French company Arquus (Stand 07-B30, French Pavilion) has brought its latest Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (VAB) Mk 3 (6x6) armoured personnel carrier (APC) to IDEX. The VAB Mk 3 has been developed for the export market and has already been sold to two countries in the Middle East.

  • On the ground and in the air [IDEX19D4]

    Following a colourful opening ceremony, the UAE Armed Forces put on a dramatic demonstration of successfully thwarting the efforts of armed militias at an abandoned army base through the use of advanced techniques, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and satellite communications. A swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles displaying the national colours marked the conclusion of an impressive performance.