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  • Serbian artillery boasts extended range [IDEX19D3]

    Yugoimport – SDPR (Stand 12- E05) is displaying a wide range of artillery systems, headed by the NORA B52 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled gun-howitzer, which is based on a 8x8 platform.

  • Software goes to sea [IDEX19D3]

    Software house Systematic (Stand 06-A26) is looking to broaden the uptake of its SitaWare Headquarters C4I solution across naval forces.

  • All-round awareness [IDEX19D3]

    Ukrainian technology company Limpid Armor (IGG Stand 04- C20), which specialises in artificial intelligence, augmented reality and computer vision, is presenting its new Land Platform Modernisation Kit (LPMK) for armoured vehicles.

  • Floating decoy seducts, distracts and confuses [IDEX19D3]

    With regional navies becoming ever more conscious of the antiship missile threat, IrvinGQ (Stand 05-C02) is pressing the merits of its FDS3 corner reflector decoy system at IDEX.

  • Naval training support contract awarded [IDEX19D3]

    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions (Stand 02-B11) has been contracted to provide training support to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) under a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case with the US government.

  • Shipping forecast [IDEX19D3]

    South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries (Stand B-036) comes to NAVDEX 2019 poised to buy its local rival Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME).

  • Drones neutralised [IDEX19D3]

    Poland’s Advanced Protection System (APS, Stand 06-B16), in partnership with its distributor Anker Sikkerhet AS, has just completed the installation of its Ctrl+Sky system at Sola Airport, Stavanger, Norway.

  • PGK production ramps up [IDEX19D3]

    Northrop Grumman (Stand 03-A04, US Pavilion) has now completed the second production year of its M1156 Precision Guidance Kit (PGK). This was originally developed to meet the requirements of the US Army and Marine Corps, but has also been sold to at least two export customers, Australia and Canada, for use with their BAE Systems M777 155mm lightweight artillery systems.

  • Shock-proof cases for sensitive equipment [IDEX19D3]

    For the safe transportation of sensitive electronic equipment, there are now new sizes of removable shock rack transport cases from US company SKB Cases (Stand 03-B01). The company’s 30in 3RR series is lightweight, shock-proof, watertight, dust-proof and heat and chemical resistant.

  • Totally tough and secure smartphone [IDEX19D3]

    For military and civil operators requiring ultra-secure communications, DarkMatter Group (Stand 05-A12) has the solution in the KATIM R01 smartphone, launched this week.

  • Fusing radar and vision [IDEX19D3]

    Chinese company Nanoradar, a subsidiary of Novasky (Stand 11-A03, China Pavilion) is proposing radar and visual fusion as a new security technology.

  • Keep going [IDEX19D3]

    Having just opened a large new manufacturing plant in Thailand, known as Tyron Rubber Ltd, Tyron Runflat (Stand 07-C20) based in Loughborough, UK, can now extend its current production capability for all-terrain rubber (ATR) run-flat systems by 14,000 units per annum.

  • Stream C goes vertical [IDEX19D3]

    Estonia’s Threod Systems (Stand07-C10, Estonian Pavilion) is showing the latest version of its Stream C UAV for the first time, which has been adapted to offer a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability through the addition of four electric rotors located on booms that are mounted on the wings. It had earlier created a VTOL version of its Eos mini-UAV, and has applied the same concept to the larger 30kg Stream C.

  • Advanced soldier weapons training [IDEX19D3]

    Meggitt Training Systems is a US-based division of the UK-headquartered Meggitt plc. The division specialises in integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training, and has recently expanded with the acquisition of FATS and Caswell technologies. At IDEX, the division is displaying some of its training solutions.

  • Grenades launched from light UAVs [IDEX19D3]

    UAE-based International Golden Group (IGG, Stand 04-C20), in conjunction with the South African defence company Rippel Effect Systems, has developed a battlefield solution to safely and accurately launch 40mm grenades from a light UAV.

  • Michigan on show [IDEX19D3]

    Eight defence-related companies from the US state of Michigan are exhibiting at IDEX with the state’s marketing arm and business development advocate.