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  • Build driver confidence [IDEX17D5]

    Having secured a contract in the Middle East in 2014, ECA Group (Stand 07-B43) has once again been awarded a similar contract for the supply of a military vehicle simulator (MVS). While not revealing the contract value, the company said it was significant.

  • Lazar eyes exports [IDEX17D5]

    Now that it is in service with Serbia, Yugoimport (Stand 12-E20) is ramping up export marketing of its latest Lazar III (8x8) MultiRole Armoured Combat Vehicle (MRACV).

  • A swarm of mini UAVs [IDEX17D5]

    Italian company Vitrociset (Stand 07-B10) is showing for the first time at IDEX the SWARM, a command and control system for a cooperative fleet of heterogeneous mini/micro UAVs.

  • Get combat-ready [IDEX17D5]

    Military weapons training is significantly improved with the range of training ammunition and convergence from the UK-based UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions), showing its offerings in the UK pavilion (Stand 05-C27).

  • On the move [IDEX17D5]

    Ireland-based Timoney Technology (Stand 09-A32) this week signed an agreement with Indonesia’s PT Pindad to upgrade the Badak 6x6 military vehicle with a customised Timoney modular driveline, transfer case and steering system.

  • Improving defences [IDEX17D5]

    Italy’s Elettronica Group (Stand06- B21) constantly endeavours to improve the defensive capabilities of its electronic warfare (EW) systems, notably by also participating in international experimental trials.

  • Hornet with a sting [IDEX17D5]

    EDePro from Serbia is exhibiting a mock-up of the X-01 Strsljen (hornet) rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as part of the Yugoimport display (Stand 12-E20).

  • Zero the weapon [IDEX17D5]

    South African company Desert Wolf Consulting (Stand 12-C40) is showing the innovative Red-i laser boresighting system for marksmen who need to zero their rifles without firing a shot. This is especially critical for special operations forces or paratroopers in a situation where any noise would give away their position and thus endanger their lives and mission.

  • Kaplan NG demonstrated [IDEX17D5]

    FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (Stand 10-CO5) is showing its Kaplan New Generation (NG) mobility platform technology demonstrator. This has an all-welded steel hull with an appliqué layer of passive armour, but gross vehicle weight will depend on the armour package and weapon installation. It is typically powered by a 771hp diesel engine coupled to an automatic diesel engine and has a maximum speed of 70km/h.

  • VBCI enhanced [IDEX17D5]

    Nexter Systems (Stand CP-240) has completed production of 630 Vehicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie (VBCI) (8x8) for the French Army, with 520 in the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) configuration and 110 command posts (CP).

  • CTAS in full production [IDEX17D5]

    CTAI, a joint venture company between Nexter Systems of France and BAE Systems of the UK, is now in full-scale production of the 40mm Cased Telescoped Armament System (CTAS), which is the largest medium calibre weapon programme in Europe.

  • Complex armour kits [IDEX17D5]

    MTL Advanced of the UK (Stand10-E01) has recently received a multi-million pound contract from an original equipment manufacturer to supply armour kits for a large overseas vehicle programme.

  • Independent suspensions [IDEX17D5]

    Michigan, USA-based AxleTech International (Stand 03-A08) is showing its newest 5000 Series in its line of independent suspensions axle systems (ISAS).

  • New ammunition company [IDEX17D5]

    Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC, Stand 05-A05) has just announced the establishment of Barij Munitions, which will be a manufacturer of all types of ammunition, ranging from ammunition for small arms and infantry to artillery and aircraft.

  • Playing for real [IDEX17D5]

    For customers interested in helicopter simulation and training, Ryan Aerospace of Australia is showing its capabilities along with partner Risk and Co, in the International Golden Group (IGG) display on Stand 04-C30.

  • Making waves [IDEX17D5]

    UK-based TMD Technologies (Stand 06-A32) is showcasing its latest technologies for the first time in the UAE. Said Jane McAlister, sales and business development director: “We see many opportunities for involvement within the GCC community with companies that are interested in expanding their indigenous capability, rather than outsourcing the complete solution.”

  • Seeking export success [IDEX17D5]

    Hanwha Defense Systems (Stand 12-C35) of the Republic of Korea (ROK) has brought its latest production K21 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to IDEX in an effort to win a first export contract for it. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the ROK Army and has also been referred to as the Next Infantry Fighting Vehicle (NIFV), with an estimated 500 units under contract or delivered.

  • Accurate targeting [IDEX17D5]

    The only private manufacturer of thermal imaging systems in Pakistan, Shibli Electronics (Stand 12-E01) is now very much focused on the Middle East market.

  • Automatic transmission [IDEX17D5]

    ZF Friedrichshafen (Stand 08-D15) continues to invest in its capability to design, develop and manufacture automatic transmissions for both the civilian and more demanding military markets.