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  • Beating a path [IDEX17D3]

    Reducing obstacles in the way of advancing troops or vehicles requires innovative solutions.

  • MDH brand returns [IDEX17D3]

    A structural reorganisation within the Bioquell Group saw its defence division, Bioquell Defence, reverting to its legacy brand MDH Defence (Stand 05-C10).

  • Tactical purchase [IDEX17D3]

    South African defence group Reutech (Stand 12-C40), part of the Reunert group, has acquired Nanotech from Business Connexion and minority shareholders.

  • Bolted on to Beretta [IDEX17D3]

    Beretta (Stand 06-B22) has announced the acquisition of the Victrix Armaments brand from Italian company Officina Meccanica Rottigni. Victrix Armaments offers leading-edge solutions in the field of precision bolt-action rifles and related technologies.

  • Tail-sitting UAV [IDEX17D3]

    One of the more eye-catching unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) on display at IDEX is the CANTAS from the Czech Republic, making its second international appearance having been debuted at the Indodefence show in Indonesia last November.

  • Set your sights [IDEX17D3]

    Greek high-technology company Miltech Hellas (MLT) (Stand 08-A29) is showcasing some of its innovative solutions in thermal imaging, thermal periscopes, surveillance systems and wireless aiming devices.

  • Monitoring signals [IDEX17D3]

    Renowned German electronics company Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) (Stand 06-C06) is showcasing a range of its advanced technologies for radio monitoring, secure communications and innovative platforms for interoperable communications systems.

  • Simulating the stress of combat [IDEX17D3]

    RUAG Defence (Stand 08-B20) has strengthened its position as a global leader in simulation systems by recently winning a contract to provide equipment to the combat training centres of the French Army.

  • Hard-hitting VAB [IDEX17D3]

    Renault Trucks Defense (RTD), part of Volvo Group Governmental Sales (VGGS), has brought its latest VAB Mk III (6x6) armoured personnel carrier (APC) fitted with a Belgian CMI Defence two-person turret armed with a 90mm gun and a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun (MG). This is being shown on the CP-305 stand associated with the French Pavilion in the outdoor area.

  • Hawkei soars Down Under [IDEX17D3]

    Following trials with prototype vehicles, Thales Australia (Stand 08-A08) was awarded a production contract for the supply of 1,100 Hawkei (4x4) Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light (PMV-L) plus 1,058 trailers to meet the Australian Army Land 121 Phase 4 requirement.

  • Eat well [IDEX17D3]

    Aidpol (Stand 12-E46) is offering its innovative electric MRE (meal ready to eat) solutions, which can keep the food warm for up to three hours. Using DC power (12/24 V), the system heats group food rations by means of renewable energy. The Polish company is showing its flameless Speedy Hot box heater for group meal preparation, which heats food and beverages without fire.

  • Packing a punch [IDEX17D3]

    After an absence of 12 years, the Taiwan-based National Chung- Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) is at IDEX to showcase its broad range of indigenously developed technologies.

  • ISR in an instant [IDEX17D3]

    Defence, intelligence or commercial entities requiring a quick intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) solution need look no further than Airborne Technologies (Stand 07-D03). Backed by leading-edge aeronautical engineering expertise, Airborne is now offering its innovative self-contained aerial reconnaissance (SCAR) pod, which can be integrated on any aircraft with hardpoints.

  • Flying options [IDEX17D3]

    A proven, certified high-performance aircraft with advanced integrated subsystems to operate in either piloted or unmanned configuration opens up a host of mission possibilities. This is a solution contained in an agreement between South African company S-Plane Automation (Stand 12-C40) and Stemme AG of Germany.

  • TiltRotor back on course [IDEX17D3]

    Leonardo’s AW609 TiltRotor is due to begin icing trials as part of its certification process. Recently the third AW609 prototype performed unrestrained ground tests and a series of flight trials during which systems and avionics were tested. These trials were undertaken at Leonardo’s Philadelphia facility, while icing trials are to take place at Marquette, Michigan. Prototype no. 3 is planned to expand its envelope with flights to 4,000ft and short take-off/landing operations.

  • Best of Brazil [IDEX17D3]

    The wide variety of products, systems and services from Brazil is being presented on Stand 09-B20 by the Rio de Janeiro-based Smart Power Group, which assists and represents foreign companies selling into the Brazilian market, and Brazilian producers in their international sales.

  • Transportable terminal [IDEX17D3]

    ACTIA Telecom (Stand 10-B32), part of a diverse group with expertise in satellite communications, broadcast, railway, energy and telecom network infrastructure, is highlighting its new DEKA150F FlyAwaySat, a transportable satellite terminal.

  • Easy spotting of threats [IDEX17D3]

    When shots ring out in difficult terrain or extreme conditions, it is hard to establish the shooter’s location to counter the threat.

  • Big and heavy [IDEX17D3]

    Germany’s Goldhofer AG (Stand 08- E5), a market leader for transport equipment in the field of general and heavy-duty road haulage and oversized cargo transportation, is presenting its military transport vehicles designed to provide trouble-free operation in the harshest climates and most challenging situations.

  • Pipeline surveillance [IDEX17D3]

    With militant terrorist groups increasingly targeting oil and gas pipelines, inflicting not only critical damage in terms of revenue loss and repair costs, but also having wider implications to a country’s economy, French company HGH Infrared Systems (Stand 07-B27) is offering its Spynel 360° thermal imaging system to address what it claims is a lack in current security measures.