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  • Bite the bullet [IDEX17D2]

    As the need to counter threats grows, specialist ammunition is improved, which is why UK company Primetake (Stand 07-D21) is launching three new small arms ammunition products. It has just introduced the armour piercing (AP) and armour piercing incendiary (API) rounds in .338 (8.6x70mm) calibre, along with the .308 (7.62x 51mm) APround.

  • Night time ally [IDEX17D2]

    The ability to ‘see’ at night adds immensely to a military or homeland security force’s operational success against an enemy. French company Bertin (Stand 07-B40) is offering its innovative FusionSight night vision device, developed with Photonis. The company stated: “To win in close combat missions under increasing global terrorist threats, the ability to use the night as your ally has become a priority.”