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  • HSSV family speeds up logistics [IDEX17D2]

    Building on the on-time and on-budget delivery of two 72m High Speed Support Vessels (HSSVs) to the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) in 2016, Australian shipbuilder Austal (A-015) has announced an expanded HSSV design portfolio that includes a new 113m variant shown for the first time at NAVDEX.

  • Missile tie-up with India [IDEX17D2]

    India’s Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and European missiles house MBDA have announced the formation of an India-based joint venture to pursue opportunities for the development and supply of missile systems to meet the growing potential requirements of the Indian armed forces.

  • Sea Snake spits venom [IDEX17D2]

    The asymmetric threat posed by swarms of fast inshore attack craft and/or suicide boats – recently brought home by the suicide attack on the Saudi frigate Al Madinah in the southern Red Sea – is driving many regional navies to reassess their defensive anti-surface warfare capability.

  • Powering up [IDEX17D2]

    Rolls-Royce Power Systems is presenting the latest in its MTU-branded line of marine propulsion solutions at IDEX 2017.

  • Public order ensured [IDEX17D2]

    Iveco Defence Vehicles (Stand06- B07) is showing its latest Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) in the specialised Public Order configuration, which is already in service with an undisclosed customer in the Gulf.

  • Maritime security through partnership [IDEX17D2]

    With the conflict in Yemen now starting to spill out into neighbouring seas, the spotlight is once again falling on naval forces to ensure that maritime trade can continue to flow unimpeded into the Middle East region.

  • UAS flies south [IDEX17D2]

    The Royal Australian Navy has selected the S-100 Camcopter from Schiebel (Stand 07-D04) to assess the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air system (UAS) capabilities alongside its manned helicopter inventory.

  • EDEN comes to IDEX [IDEX17D2]

    Part of the major French participation at IDEX is the EDEN cluster (Stand 07-B53), an organisation that incorporates 130 French SMEs in the defence sector. Nine of those companies are exhibiting in Abu Dhabi as part of the cluster’s display.

  • Beat the threat [IDEX17D2]

    US based HighCom Security (Stand C3-004) has just announced four new hard armour models to its ballistic product line. As with High- Com’s other products, the four new Guardian models received compliance status through the National Institute of Justice compliance testing programme (NIJ CTP).

  • Seeing is... taking control [IDEX17D2]

    The ability to timely detect enemy incursions is vital for countering such a threat. UK-based Blighter Surveillance Systems (Stand 05-C20) is showing its new Explorer Nexus, a compact, lightweight, all-weather surveillance solution designed for covert operations.

  • Customer focus [IDEX17D2]

    Brazil-based Cecil SA (Stand 09- B20), a leading supplier of raw materials and components for ammunition, has invested in technology, process development, quality, lean manufacturing and innovation.

  • Make it real [IDEX17D2]

    For effective military training, the simulated operation should appear as realistic as possible. The FATS 100e virtual training system from Meggitt Training Systems (Stand 03-A22) is making its Middle East debut at IDEX, with several other products.

  • Ukrainian APC [IDEX17D2]

    The Varta is a special purpose vehicle designed and manufactured by Kiev-based Ukrainian Armor (Stand 08-D22).

  • Enhanced rifles [IDEX17D2]

    Colt (Stand 03-B18) has added the M5 Enhanced Carbine series of assault rifles for the modern war fighter and special weapons law enforcement professional when weight, comfort and adaptability are critical.

  • Information superiority [IDEX17D2]

    Canada’s IXTROM Group (Stand 01-A22), a developer of advanced software solutions for 360° situational awareness, and command and control, is introducing the Intelligence, Mission Management, Command, Control and Dynamic Collaboration (IXM2C2) system, designed to meet the operational requirements of military, law enforcement, government and corporate clients.

  • Mitigating bomb blast [IDEX17D2]

    BlastGard International (Stand C3-004) is presenting its bomb mitigating Trash Receptacles models MTR91 and MTR101, which reduce the pressure from a very large charge from 60.47psi (fatal), to 7.5psi (eardrum damage) at 3m. BlastGard CEO Michael Gordon said: “Under extensive testing, BlastGard’s MTR units suppress the force of a very large charge, even when it is placed against the vulnerable sidewall weld seam.

  • Take on robotic humans [IDEX17D2]

    The world’s first and only autonomous robotic human type target system can turn soldiers into ‘pre-combat veterans’, says Australia-based company Marathon Targets (Stand 07-C01). Used in dry and live-fire combat training, the robotic targets look, move and behave like real people.

  • Fine weave and stitch [IDEX17D2]

    Fabrics of innumerable types play an important part in all facets of the military. Several manufacturers in South Africa now form a South African Technical Textile Cluster, which aims to become recognised as a global supplier of standard-setting quality. Both Stepahead and Gelvenor Textiles (Stand 12-C40) are members of the cluster.

  • Cutting edge [IDEX17D2]

    Fox Knives (Stand 06-B05), based in Maniago in Italy, known for ages as ‘the city of knives’, is showcasing its extensive range of knives and cutting tools for military and security operators.

  • Secure communications [IDEX17D2]

    Travelling members of defence and government agencies are vulnerable to cyber threats when communicating with headquarters over public or satellite networks. South African company Parsec (Stand 12-C40) has been developing high-security network encryption (HSNE) products since 2007.