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  • SECURITY - Securing the information domain: a persistent threat [ES2016D5]

    In May 2016, details emerged about a significant cyber attack against the global banking system. Malicious actors used stolen login details for the SWIFT financial messaging system to request close to $1 billion in transfers of funds from banks throughout the world. Most of the requests were denied, but $81 million was transferred from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York after receiving a fraudulent request from the National Bank of Bangladesh. Wells Fargo transferred $12 million after receiving a fraudulent request from a bank in Ecuador.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - North America [ES2016D5]

    USA The FY17 presidential budget request (PBR) showed a modest increase of 2% over last year’s enacted budget for the top military ground vehicle programmes. Ninety per cent of the FY17 request was for modifications to existing platforms over new-build initiatives. The military ground vehicle market has held steady, and made progress toward the success of future programmes by concentrating on priorities.