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  • Energy-efficient radar surveillance [ES2016D4]

    A growing need for surveillance of borders, perimeters, critical infrastructure and installations such as transport nodes and energy plants has led to the development of systems that can assist and automate the task of guarding against intrusions.

  • Double up [ES2016D4]

    Tatra (External Stand D320) is displaying two new T815-7 Force family tactical truck models.

  • Attack accuracy for helicopters [ES2016D4]

    FN Herstal has unveiled one of the fruits of its significant recent investment in digital technology. The FN head-up display (HUD), developed to improve the accuracy of firing axial-mounted rockets and machine guns from rotary-wing platforms, is being shown at Eurosatory for the first time in its fully functional three-unit form.

  • K-BATS simulates ballistic missiles [ES2016D4]

    Hanwha Corporation (Hall 5, Stand K397) has brought its K-BATS ballistic aerial target system to Eurosatory for the first time. Launched from a canister, the vehicle replicates a ballistic missile and provides a target for operators of surface-to-air missile systems during trials.

  • Fourfold mobility solutions [ES2016D4]

    Dutch company Koni (Hall 5, Stand A698) has incorporated pneumatic springs and dampers in self-contained units as an alternative to conventional metal springs and dampers. Known as Hydroride, they have been designed to be fitted to tracked and wheeled vehicles up to 50 tonnes.

  • Innovative head protection [ES2016D4]

    US based Gentex Corporation (Hall 5, Stand B458) is introducing its Ops-Core Fast and Sentry helmets for enhanced protection against a full range of ballistic, blunt trauma and blast threats.

  • Well protected and multi-purpose [ES2016D4]

    UkrOboronProm (Ukrainian Defence Industry, Hall 5, Stand H801) has brought its latest production standard Dozor-B (4x4) armoured personnel carrier (APC) to Paris.

  • SECURITY - The future of the global defence/security industry [ES2016D4]

    Global security and defence industries are experiencing enduring and intersecting technological, competitive and market transitions that will affect both immediate and distant opportunities and risks. The intersection of five particularly powerful forces will necessitate new ways of thinking about and planning for uncertain and complex futures.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - Asia Pacific [ES2016D4]

    Chinese militarisation of the South China Sea remains the dominant security story in the Asia-Pacific region, providing a lightning rod for growing competition with the US and leading to almost universal condemnation.