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  • Italy joins missile modernisation [ES2016D4]

    On Tuesday, French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and his Italian counterpart, Roberta Pinotti, signed a co-operation agreement that will see Italy join the development programme for the MBDA Aster 30 Block 1 NT surface-to-air missile.

  • IED imaging speeds the advance [ES2016D4]

    Raytheon (Hall 5, Stand D658) has unveiled a new development in IED detection in the shape of GroundEye, a laser/seismo system that not only detects suspected emplaced threats, but can also confirm and diagnose them. This ability allows forces to move at greater speed than with current counter-IED methods, maintaining the momentum of advance.

  • Red Arrow strikes [ES2016D4]

    Following its first showing at the Zhuhai Air Show less than two years ago, the China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) (Hall 5, Stand H521) is launching its latest Red Arrow 12 multipurpose missile, also referred to as the Hongjian-12 (HJ-12), on the international market here at Eurosatory.

  • A new sensor house [ES2016D4]

    By next spring there should be a new name in the marketplace: Hensoldt. Under current plans this will be the branding adopted early in 2017 by the newly formed Airbus Defence and Space Electronics and Border Security (EBS).

  • Brazilian expertise [ES2016D4]

    Part of the Embraer Group, Atech is Brazil’s leading systems house, with extensive know-how in the development and implementation of critical mission systems. In Brazil, it has been at the forefront of large strategic systems, such as the SIVAM Amazon surveillance system, nuclear-electric generation laboratory and the nation’s air traffic monitoring system.

  • Sharper eyes for Apache [ES2016D4]

    Since the Boeing AH-64 Apache’s introduction into service in the mid-1980s, the attack helicopter’s sensor suite has undergone a number of improvements, the most significant of which was the M-TADS/PNVS (modernised target acquisition and designation system/pilot night vision system, also known as Arrowhead) fielded from 2005.

  • Safe inside the Drone Dome [ES2016D4]

    First shown at the LAAD show in Brazil some weeks ago, Rafael’s Drone Dome is making its European debut at Eurosatory.

  • Fighting vehicle diversification [ES2016D4]

    Turkish company Otokar (Hall 5, Stand E847) has now moved into the tracked armoured fighting vehicle market and has brought the latest model, Tulpar-S, to Paris. The first example was completed in mid- 2015 and since then has been undergoing company trials. The hull is of all-welded steel armour with an appliqué passive armour package and has a gross vehicle weight of 15 tonnes.

  • Updated UAV offers enhanced performance [ES2016D4]

    A new version of the ASV 30 quad or octocopter from Aero Surveillance (Hall 6, Stand F680) now sports significantly improved features.

  • Heavy-duty haulage [ES2016D4]

    Germany’s Goldhofer (Hall 6, Stand LK639), a market leader for transport equipment in the field of general and heavy-duty road haulage and oversized cargo transportation, is presenting its military transport vehicles, which are designed to provide trouble-free operation in the harshest climate and most difficult situations.

  • Defeat landmines and IEDs [ES2016D4]

    Two leading route-clearance companies from the USA have won an order to provide the Afghan National Army with mine clearance and counter-IED capabilities.

  • Avoid a hit [ES2016D4]

    Aircraft and helicopters remain vulnerable to air defence systems, especially man-portable variants. Israel’s BIRD Aerosystems (Hall 6, Stand C353) is showing its new directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system here.

  • Stamp of approval [ES2016D4]

    Two NATO member nations have selected the Rippel Effect Systems (Hall 6, Stand B588) handheld XRGL40 extended-range grenade launcher in recent months.

  • Latin American show a leader [ES2016D4]

    Expodefensa will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, from 4-6 December 2017, writes Nadia Deseilligny.

  • Akash on display [ES2016D4]

    Indian defence electronics giant Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) produces more than 350 systems across the defence and civilian domains, and a small selection is on display at Eurosatory (Hall 5, Stands J847/H848).

  • Check from afar [ES2016D4]

    A volatile situation in theatre calls for detection and interrogation from a safe standoff distance. Australian firm Trakka Systems is demonstrating its vision-enabling solutions built around gyro-stabilised camera systems on the Scorpion APC with a datalink to Streit Group’s display in Hall 6, Stand H53.

  • Swoop on a drone [ES2016D4]

    Israel’s Phantom Technologies (Hall 6, Stand C301) is introducing its Eagle 108 advanced drone detection and jamming system. According to the company, the Eagle 108 tactical jammer is effective in neutralising an unauthorised drone or quadcopter.

  • Telecoms and more [ES2016D4]

    A specialist in the supply of equipment and integrated systems for telecommunications, broadcasting and defence sectors, RF COM (Hall 6, Stand B170) also manufactures and integrates a complete line of mobile units, shelters and semitrailers for commercial and military applications.

  • A first for India [ES2016D4]

    Award-winning Indian shipbuilder Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) last year delivered its first warship built for export to the coast guard of Mauritius.

  • Tiny coolers for infrared detectors [ES2016D4]

    One of a small number of world specialists in cryogenic coolers is Slovenia-based Le-tehnika (Hall 6, Stand J138). These advanced miniature cooler units are designed to cool infrared detectors for surveillance, defence, medical and special equipment.