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  • Block the signals [ES2016D3]

    Suppressing enemy radio signals on the battlefield not only adds a significant advantage, but is also a valuable protection measure for own troops. Bulgarian company Samel-90 (Hall 6, Stand H287) is showcasing its SVJ-2600 mobile jammer this week, claimed to be the world’s biggest. Displayed on a pickup truck, the SVJ-2600 operates on the 20-6,000MHz frequency band, with 44 frequency sub-bands operated by means of a remote control unit installed inside the vehicle.

  • Commanding high protection [ES2016D3]

    Renowned for its innovative defence technologies, Germany’s Drehtainer (Hall 6, Stand L695) is focusing on its command post solutions. These include the Air Force Mobile C²IS for the Bundeswehr (MobFüSys Lw), the C²IS for NBS C-RAM Mantis (also known as Rheinmetall’s Skyshield), and the Ground Support Container System for the Eurofighter/Typhoon project.

  • Out of sight [ES2016D3]

    Aeryon Labs Inc (Hall 5, Stand K880), a leader in small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), and Persistent Systems LLC, a specialist in mobile ad hoc network (MANET) technology, have announced the integration of the latter’s Wave Relay technology into the airframe of the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS.

  • Clarity through the haze [ES2016D3]

    A problem suffered by many long-range surveillance systems is the reduction in image clarity encountered in dusty, hazy or smoky conditions, or during the twilight hours. Israeli surveillance house Controp (Hall 6, Stand C517) is launching a new system at Eurosatory that, according to the company, provides sharp and clear images in all weather and environmental conditions.

  • Minimise collateral damage [ES2016D3]

    Collateral damage is always a cause for concern. PolyCase Ammunition (Hall 5, Stand D607) has a range of advanced small arms ammunition products designed to reduce this risk.

  • Container rooms [ES2016D3]

    First-time participant in Eurosatory, NARR Modular Systems GmbH Defense & Security (External Stand C250) from southern Germany is showing its proven CRM-Eurolight container room module.

  • First electric helicopter landing gear [ES2016D3]

    With the ever-growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, industries worldwide are looking for alternatives. US-based Ametek Airtechnology Group (Hall 6, Stand F498) has been considering alternatives to the tried and tested hydraulics in aircraft.

  • Ceramic armour gets complex [ES2016D3]

    German survivability system expert IBD Deisenroth Engineering (Hall 6, Stand K567) is displaying an example of its latest composite ceramic-faced armour protection. The component demonstrates the company’s ability to produce ceramic armour offering high protection levels for complex shapes, a requirement that had hitherto required heavy steel to satisfy.

  • Short-wave infrared in a small package [ES2016D3]

    Technology improvements lead to greater long-range surveillance applications and image quality. Israel-based Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) (Hall 6, Stand E661) has just unveiled two advanced shortwave infrared (SWIR) solutions.

  • Move faster over difficult terrain [ES2016D3]

    Heavy-duty vehicles in rough terrain rely on advanced drivetrain systems to operate efficiently and safely.

  • One-shot rocket [ES2016D3]

    Armar Corp from Bulgaria (Hall 5, Stand J461) is showing the latest version of its Armblast shoulder-launched rocket family for the first time. The Armblast 2 TB is a single-use weapon firing a 73mm enhanced-range thermobaric cartridge that can engage a wide range of targets, including fortifications. The weapon can also engage forces in hard structures, bunkers and trenches, and armoured vehicles.

  • Fuel tank stands up to gunfire [ES2016D3]

    Aircraft and vehicles are always susceptible to enemy fire, which can rupture an integral fuel tank. Israeli firm Magam Safety (Hall 6, Stand ED617) has just introduced a lightweight self-sealing fuel cell able to withstand gunshots from weapons up to 12.7mm (.50 calibre).

  • Strong guards [ES2016D3]

    US-headquartered TriMark (Hall 5, Stand G730) is showing its TriGuard line of heavy-duty latches, handles, linkages and door modules developed for heavy armoured vehicle applications.

  • SECURITY - The future of borders, boundaries, sovereignty and security [ES2016D3]

    A review of the global security environment – from the Middle East to the European Union to Crimea to the South China Sea – reveals a world in which modern borders are in flux and the capacity of central sovereign governments around the world to control effectively all of the territory, populations, resources and institutions within their borders is increasingly tested.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - Europe [ES2016D3]

    The Ukraine crisis and Russia continue to cast a long shadow, with the rest of Europe still reeling from the outbreak of war on its eastern borders. Threats to the east were not confined to Russia, however.