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  • SWORD play [ES2016D2]

    MASA Group (Hall 5, Stand F82) has delivered a fully customised version of its war game with automated forces, SWORD, to the Bangladesh Army Training and Doctrine Command, to equip its Computerized War- Game Center.

  • Discreet surveillance [ES2016D2]

    Austrian surveillance specialist Airborne Technologies (Hall 5, Stand HG397) has introduced a camera lift system for fixed-wing aircraft that allows large surveillance systems to be completely retracted into the aircraft.

  • Smart display [ES2016D2]

    Ginsbury Electronics and display manufacturer Industrial Electronics Engineers (IEE) are using Eurosatory (Hall 5, Stand H73) to debut a 12.1in smart-touch control and display unit (CDU) designed with next-generation ground vehicle architectures in mind.

  • Measure the range [ES2016D2]

    System integrators could do well to consider long-range laser rangefinders from Finland-based firm Noptel (Hall 6, Stand F197), now wholly owned by FN Herstal.

  • Heavy lifting on the spot [ES2016D2]

    Waiting for lifting equipment is not only frustrating but could significantly hamper military operations. Australian logistics firm Steelbro (Hall 6, Stand CB390) prides itself on the success of its SB450 sidelifter, which operates independently to load containers from trucks.

  • Scaled down but real [ES2016D2]

    Despite the huge growth in drone technology, the requirement of high payload and long endurance still limit its applications. Italy’s Helicampro (Hall 5, Stand K848) believes it has a solution with its HCP-M rotorcraft that is being shown here at Eurosatory.

  • For better protection [ES2016D2]

    Brazilian firm Protecta (Hall 6, Stands B170/1) has many years’ experience in ballistic protection, with complete control of the entire production process of its range of products. At Eurosatory, the company is showing its bulletproof vests for the military and law enforcement, armour panels for vehicles and NailPro, an anti-puncture insole for shoes and boots.

  • Clearing the air [ES2016D2]

    Scott Safety (Hall 6, Stand B147 with its French partner TR Equipment) is highlighting its Light Decontamination System (LDS, inset), which can deliver any chemistry, powder, polymer or liquid as atomised micro droplets.

  • Powertrain parts [ES2016D2]

    Military vehicles need reliable powertrain components to keep moving. Austria’s GHM Transmission (Hall 5, Stand H338), a subsidiary of FABCO Automotive Corporation, provides high-quality parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks and armoured and logistics vehicles.

  • An eye for detail [ES2016D2]

    With the constant increase in threats to infrastructure, French firm HGH Infrared Systems (Hall 6, Stand F370) has now added Hypervisor to its Cyclope advanced intrusion detection and tracking software.

  • Safety in early detection [ES2016D2]

    As the threat of nuclear terrorism remains real, it is vital that peace-loving nations co-operate in sharing technologies for early radiation detection. Finnish company Environics (Hall 6, Stand D301) is a leader in the field of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection.

  • Hearing protection for Estonia [ES2016D2]

    Estonia’s army has selected the Racal Acoustics RA7000 Elite hearing protection and communication system for use with its CV90 tracked vehicles.

  • Mountain Lion can run and run [ES2016D2]

    DCD Defence of South Africa has selected Tyron from the UK (Hall 5, Stand H731), and its South African partner Global Wheel, to provide complete run-flat wheel assemblies for its Mountain Lion, a 4x4 armoured utility vehicle with four-wheel steering.

  • Land on the light [ES2016D2]

    Advancing military forces on rapid deployment invariably land or drop tactical airborne forces at temporary landing sites, which might lack suitable lighting.

  • Expertise in armoured vehicles [ES2016D2]

    Irish vehicle driveline specialist Timoney is showcasing its considerable expertise in armoured vehicle systems engineering and mobility, along with its key production partner, Texelis.

  • Building on track [ES2016D2]

    With more than 40 years’ experience, Rubb Building Systems (Hall 5, Stand K720) has a proud track record in providing fabric-covered building and structures.

  • SECURITY - Promise and peril: opportunities and challenges of disruptive technologies and innovation [ES2016D2]

    The rapid development of a range of emerging technologies is driving four revolutions in military and security capabilities to which the global defence and security industry is increasingly required to respond.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - South America [ES2016D2]

    Latin America is presently relatively free of interstate hostilities, and one of its longest simmering insurgencies appears to have ended as the Colombian government and FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels reached an agreement on 23 September 2015 that could end their bloody, decades-long conflict.