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  • Seek and find [ES2016D1]

    Canadian firm Newcon Optik (Hall 5, Stand J636) has introduced its Seeker series of mountable rangefinders. Comprising the Seeker S and Seeker M, this series of versatile and lightweight rangefinder modules can be boresighted to practically any optical system.

  • Seeing through armour [ES2016D1]

    Operating from under the protection of armour is necessary in most tactical scenarios, but it poses problems for the vehicle’s crew in terms of situational awareness. Sensors can provide 360° vision around the vehicle, but the presentation of that imagery can be cumbersome.

  • Armoured cabs [ES2016D1]

    UK company MTL Advanced (Hall 5, Stand G731), part of the WEC Group, has received its largest order to date for the supply of armoured cabs to UAE armoured vehicle manufacturer NIMR Automotive.

  • Light airborne modem [ES2016D1]

    Kontron (Hall 6, Stand C681) has shipped its first comms-on-the-move satcom system to Hughes Defense and Intelligence Systems.

  • Satcom contract [ES2016D1]

    Airbus Defence and Space (External Pe6b, Stand D210) has been awarded a €113.8 million follow-on contract by the procurement agency of the German Armed Forces (BAAINBw) to provide commercial satellite communication services until 2023, having provided these since 2006.

  • Trailers for training [ES2016D1]

    Oasis Advanced Engineering has selected Kentucky Trailer Technologies (KTT) (Hall 5, Stand DC598) to provide 30 trailers to support its mobile Conduct of Fire Trainer-Situational Awareness (COFT-SA) system for the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation (PEO STRI).

  • Beat heat stress [ES2016D1]

    Although the outdoors can be a pleasant environment for most, it could be dangerous for heavily kitted out combatants. US-based company Breezer Mobile Cooling (Hall 5, Stand E577) offers the Power Breezer to help manage hot temperatures in harsh climatic conditions.

  • Taking the sting out of attack [ES2016D1]

    Allen-Vanguard (Hall 5, Stand J662) is officially unveiling here its SCORPION 2, the latest addition to its electronic countermeasures (ECM) product line.

  • Baring sharp teeth [ES2016D1]

    General Robotics (Hall 6, Stand D732), the Israeli specialist in the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced robotic systems for defence and homeland security, is showing for the first time DOGO (left), a lightweight tactical combat robot capable of carrying light weapons. The company is also introducing Pitbull, an ultra-lightweight weapon station with integral sensors for accurate and fast detection and counter-fire capabilities.

  • Vehicle-borne threats are no match for new robot [ES2016D1]

    Ottawa-based ICOR Technology (Hall 5, Stand LK829), an established manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, yet affordable, protective security equipment to EOD, tactical and CBRNE units worldwide, is presenting the newest member of its Caliber robot family.

  • Larger than life [ES2016D1]

    Malmö, Sweden-based Aimpoint (Hall 6, Stand J352), a leader in electronic red-dot sighting technology, has introduced three new accessory magnifiers to its product line, all designed to work in conjunction with its electronic reflex sights.

  • Make the connection [ES2016D1]

    What to do where electronics have to be robust and lightweight for connection in confined spaces and in harsh environments? Swiss company Fischer Connectors (Hall 6, Stand G497) has launched the ultra-miniature MiniMax 06 as an extension of its MiniMax series.

  • SECURITY - Unmanned ground vehicles: technology and market trends [ES2016D1]

    Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) have been a consistent feature of military operations since the start of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq in the early 2000s. Thousands of UGVs were deployed during these conflicts predominantly to perform explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) operations.

  • REGIONAL FOCUS - Middle East and Africa [ES2016D1]

    The Saudi-led intervention in Yemen and the rise of Iran in the wake of its nuclear deal appear to have set the stage for a further escalation in the region’s Shia- Sunni rivalry. Meanwhile, Russia has re-established itself as a major player in the Middle East with its military deployment to Syria.