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  • Silver service [ES2016D1]

    This 25th Eurosatory land, air-land defence and security show organised by the French federation of industries in those sectors, GICAT, and its exhibition subsidiary COGES, confirms its position as the leading such show in the world with the continuing rise in companies exhibiting here: 1,571, up from 1,504 in 2014.

  • Effecting defence [ES2016D1]

    At the ILA show in Berlin in late May, MBDA Deutschland unveiled a high-energy laser effector that can be mounted on marine and land-based platforms to provide a 360° defence against agile targets such as UAVs, rockets and mortar shells.

  • Stalking the enemy [ES2016D1]

    Supacat, part of the SC Group (Hall 5, Stand A257), is launching its all-new LRV400 Mk 2 light reconnaissance vehicle onto the international market at Eurosatory.

  • Gun for future tanks [ES2016D1]

    Rheinmetall (External Pe6b, Stand D261-211) is presenting its latest 130mm smoothbore tank gun developed by Rheinmetall Waffe and Munition. The first technical demonstrator was completed in May 2016, and following its unveiling at Eurosatory, will start its company firing trials from a static stand at the Rheinmetall proving ground.

  • Customers line up for Piranha 5 [ES2016D1]

    General Dynamics European Land Systems – Mowag (Hall 5, Stand G847) is showing its latest Piranha 5 (8x8) armoured personnel carrier (APC), which has recently been selected and ordered by two customers.

  • More punch and capability [ES2016D1]

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (External Pe6b, Stand B221 and Hall 6, Stand ED660) has revealed further improvements to the latest addition of its Spike SR (short range) tactical missile family.

  • Stretch in firepower [ES2016D1]

    Orbital ATK Armament Systems (Hall 5, Stand B608) has revealed that it is developing a suite of new 40mm ammunition to support a system approach (gun and ammunition) for its MK44 Bushmaster Chain Gun in its latest 40mm configuration.

  • Smart munitions from Turkey [ES2016D1]

    Turkish weapons specialist Roketsan Missiles Industries (Hall 6, Stand D178) has brought it Smart Micro Munition (SMM) to Eurosatory for the first time.

  • Breaking the mould [ES2016D1]

    Lockheed Martin (Hall 6, Stand K201) prides itself in always exploring innovative technologies to provide customers with value, performance and affordability.

  • Silent delivery [ES2016D1]

    Airborne Systems North America (Hall 5, Stand LK837) has added the MicroFly II to its inventory of guided precision aerial delivery systems (GPADS), which are capable of delivering food, equipment, survival kits, troop resupply equipment and much more to a war zone to support troops or for humanitarian relief.

  • Teamwork against rogue UAVs [ES2016D1]

    The world’s first fully integrated detect-track-disrupt-defeat Anti- UAV Defence System (AUDS), developed by a trio of British companies – Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems – and integrated/supported in North America by Liteye Systems, has been selected by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for evaluation at US airports as part of its Pathfinder Programme.

  • Falcon family grows [ES2016D1]

    Harris Corporation (Hall 5, Stand B547) has introduced the Falcon III RF-7850S advanced wideband secure personal radio (SPR), providing modern-day warfighters with secure networked voice, data and situational awareness in a single, lightweight, easy-to-use platform. More than 2,000 have been sold since its release in March this year.

  • All fired up [ES2016D1]

    The NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) (Hall 5, Stand HG470) is a multinational training installation on the island of Crete, which was established with the multilateral agreement signed on 11 June 1964, initially by eight countries. Today, three countries – Germany, Greece and the Netherlands – are still parties of the agreement and support and use NAMFI on permanent basis.

  • Power on [ES2016D1]

    Batteries and chargers have become indispensable in modern life, including in the military, and the technologies involved undergo constant improvement.

  • Probing deep [ES2016D1]

    Daily at 15.00, IMS Innovation & Measurement Systems (Hall 6, Stand 482), will demonstrate an integrated system for the reconnaissance of potentially dangerous areas such as nuclear threats, using the Nerva LG robot from Nexter Robotics integrated with IMS’ smart gamma-ray probe and micro-sized gamma spectrometer radioactive ultra-light sensors.

  • Pure oxygen boost [ES2016D1]

    Founded two years ago by CEO Alenka Vrecko, Slovenia’s Oxygenium (Hall 6, Stand J138) is a first-time exhibitor at Eurosatory, promoting FeelOXY, high-quality pure oxygen (99.5 per cent) from the Alps in gaseous state, compressed into a can and used to boost energy levels.

  • Fail-safe actuation [ES2016D1]

    High reliability is a cornerstone of the successful operation of UAVs, encompassing every flight-critical element of the air vehicle’s systems. MTC Industries and Research Carmiel from Israel has introduced a unique fail-safe servo actuator that it claims enhances UAV survivability, and enables extended flight endurance.

  • Mission accomplished [ES2016D1]

    Designed by German company Trixy Aviation (Hall 5, Stand J378) TrixyEye is a specially designed gyrocopter based on the successful Model G 4-2 for use in several fields, such as aerial photography, police air support, traffic observation, border control, search and rescue, surveillance, tactical air support, as a radar system carrier, and more.

  • A head start [ES2016D1]

    Marom Dolphin (Hall 6, Stand D692), a manufacturer of tactical textile solutions and personal military supplies, is launching the Raider-X1, a slim, lightweight tactical vest with a unique aluminium buckle that enables the fighter to open and close the vest with one hand, reduces the weight of the vest, and allows an optimal fit.

  • Get attention [ES2016D1]

    In high noise environments, it becomes critical to still be able to communicate. This is where Belgian firm Summit Engineering (Hall 6, Stand D258) offers a solution with Stentor, its range of ultra-high power acoustic hailing devices.