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  • Confronting the future [ES18D3]

    Rheinmetall Defence has chosen Eurosatory to launch the latest version of its private venture Lynx KF41 tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

  • Helicopter for everyone [ES18D3]

    Airbus Helicopters is showing a model of its H160M multi-role helicopter (Hall 5A, Stand C158), which has been selected by France to replace seven fleets of helicopters in service with the air force, army and navy.

  • Triple boost for French Army [ES18D3]

    Following a competition for the Véhicule blindé multirôleléger (VBMR-L), a contract was awarded early in 2018 by the Direction générale de l’armement for design, development and production. The first tranche covers the supply of prototypes plus 489 production models, which should be delivered by 2025. VBMR-L is a joint proposal of Nexter Systems (Stand B170, External PeB6) and Texelis (Hall5A, Stand C268).

  • 300 up for the F-35 [ES18D3]

    Lockheed Martin has just delivered the 300th production F-35 Lightning II. The total comprises 197 F-35As, 75 F-35Bs and 28 F-35Cs for 10 countries: Australia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Turkey, US and UK.

  • Building-block air defence [ES18D3]

    IAI has launched a modular air defence system that draws on its experience with the Barak missile family. Known as Barak-MX, the new system takes a modular and scalable approach, linking sensors, launchers and effectors into a system that can be tailored and sized to meet air defence needs. While IAI can provide all of the necessary elements from the company’s portfolio, the Barak-MX can work with radar and effector types from other sources, and which may already exist within a country’s inventory.

  • Displays for Turkey [ES18D3]

    Based in Georgia, American Panel Corporation (APC) specialises in producing advanced displays for supply to vetronics and avionics integrators for military vehicles and aircraft. Among its products is the Large Area Display that is fitted to the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

  • Reduced loading cycle [ES18D3]

    Christopher Pyne, the Australian Minister of Defence Industry, unveiled the Supashock Automated Load Handling System (ALHS) on the Rheinmetall Defence Stand (External Pe6B, C241/C201) on Monday.

  • Acquisition completed [ES18D3]

    On 6 June, Northrop Grumman closed its acquisition of Orbital ATK following the receipt of US Federal Trade Commission antitrust approval.

  • Bridging wide gaps Down Under [ES18D3]

    Williams Fairey Engineering Ltd (WFEL, Hall 5A, Stand DC821) is supplying two bridging systems to the Australian Army to meet its Land 155 Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability Project, with final deliveries to be made in September 2018.

  • Centauro II at the ready [ES18D3]

    Development of the latest Centauro II Mobile Gun System (MGS) for the Italian Army is complete and the Consortium Iveco Oto Melara (CIO, Hall 6, Stand B/C 301) is now awaiting a contract for an initial batch of 11 units. The total requirement is for 148 units in two batches of 74.

  • Full production for PGK [ES18D3]

    Orbital ATK Armament Systems, which has just become Northrop Grumman (Hall 5A, Stand B627), has announced that it has now delivered 25,000 of its M1156 Precision Guidance Kits (PGKs) to the US Army and Marine Corps, as well as some export customers, including Australia and Canada.

  • Ready to shoot [ES18D3]

    Law enforcement and the military can now avail themselves of the new PMX-D7 sub-machine gun in 9x19mm (9mm Parabellum) calibre launched here by Beretta Defense Technologies (Hall 6, Stand E360).

  • Seeing is believing [ES18D3]

    Israel’s Semi Conductor Devices (SCD, Hall 6, Stand D658) is unveiling its SWIR Imager (SWIRi) Video Core here at Eurosatory.

  • A paragon of performance [ES18D3]

    Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control (Hall 5A, Stand G840) is promoting its Paragon precision-guided bomb, the latest iteration of the highly successful Paveway series of laser-guided and dual-mode weapons.

  • Black Eagle takes off [ES18D3]

    Israeli UAV specialist Steadicopter is showing its Black Eagle 50 rotary-wing UAV in its final form, having completed development of the 35kg air vehicle. The final configuration is being unveiled at Eurosatory (Hall 6, Stand ED751).

  • JLTV can tackle any environment [ES18D3]

    Now that production of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is ramping up, Oshkosh Defense (Hall 5A, Stand D628) is intensifying its export marketing. The first export customer will be the UK, which selected the JLTV to meet its requirement for the Group 1 Multi-Role Vehicle Protected, with a contract expected to be placed via the foreign military sales programme in the future.

  • Advancing networked capability [ES18D3]

    Elbit Systems (Hall 6, StandD751) is showing a range of its broad product portfolio, with a variety of fire systems, command/ control/communications solutions, sensors, and systems for protection and simulation.

  • Award-winning technology [ES18D3]

    India’s prestigious Defence Technology Award was recently conferred on SMPP (Hall 6, Stand B483) for its bulletproof jackets. The company has supplied bulletproof products to the Indian Air Force, naval commandos, paramilitary forces and state police, and armed forces around the world.

  • Hero on fire [ES18D3]

    Last month, Israeli loitering munition specialist UVision Air (Hall 5A, Stand BC627) undertook two live firings of its Hero-30 short-range loitering munition. One was undertaken in front of representatives from a strategic customer during a military exercise, while the other was conducted during the International Fire Support Symposium with an audience including NATO armed forces representatives.

  • Pointing the way ahead [ES18D3]

    CTA International, a joint venture between BAE Systems of the UK and Nexter of France, has now built more than 240 of its 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon (CTC), with production running at 14 per month at its Bourges facility on a single shift basis.