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  • Pars is new predator [ES18D2]

    FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (Hall6, Stand B201) has unveiled the first prototype of the Pars 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) it is developing to meet the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC).

  • Finnish newcomer [ES18D2]

    Finland’s Patria (Hall 6, Stand G260/300) has launched its new armoured fighting vehicle, temporarily called the Patria 6x6.

  • Iron Dome goes on the road [ES18D2]

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled the latest member of its Dome family of defensive protection systems. Known as I-Dome, the new system takes the combat-proven Iron Dome V-SHORAD (very short-range air defence) and C-RAM (counter rockets, artillery, mortars) system and mounts it on a battlefield MAN 6x6 truck chassis.

  • On the rampage [ES18D2]

    State-owned companies Israel Aerospace Industries and IMI Systems have joined forces to co-develop a supersonic air-to- surface guided rocket. The Rampage has been tested a number of times to clear safety issues associated with air launch and, while there are still more operational employment tests to be undertaken, the weapon is considered ready for production for an undisclosed customer.

  • Skyranger counters UAVs [ES18D2]

    Switzerland-based Rheinmetall Air Defence (Stands C240-C201, External Pe6B) is showing its latest Oerlikon Skyranger Gun 35mm mobile air defence systemon the rear of an ARTEC Boxer (8x8) multirole armoured vehicle (MRAV). This is already deployed in its basic armoured personnel carrier version by Germany and the Netherlands and is now entering service with Lithuania in the infantry fighting vehicle role.

  • Armed for Italy [ES18D2]

    Iveco Defence Vehicles (Hall6, Stand B301) has completed development of the latest generation Light Multirole Vehicle2 (LMV 2).

  • More roles for TITUS [ES18D2]

    Nexter Systems (Stand B170, External Pe6B) has developed a new version of its Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System (TITUS) called the TITUS ‘Augmented Mission’, which is being shown in public for the first time.

  • New eyes for Finnish Crotale [ES18D2]

    Finland’s defence forces have recently conducted a test firing of the Crotale NG short-range air defence (SHORAD) system fitted with a Thales Catherine-XP thermal camera. The new sensor has been supplied to the Finnish Defence Forces as part of a services and capability sustainment contract for the optronic system.

  • Weapons with logic [ES18D2]

    Getting data on a weapon system for the purposes of maintenance and readiness is the latest innovative solution presented by technology company Secubit (Hall 6, Stand JH517). Its name, WeaponLogic, clearly shows what this management system can do.

  • Sting in the tail [ES18D2]

    Making its defence exhibition debut on the ASC Stand D240 outside Hall 6B is the Hornet Special Operations Vehicle (SOV).

  • Roping down [ES18D2]

    A fast descent from a hovering helicopter is now a standard procedure for special forces and SWAT teams. Fast roping is made possible with essential equipment provided by UK-based Marlow Ropes (Hall 5B, Stand C100).

  • Speedy deliveries [ES18D2]

    Manufacturers of electronic equipment can now rely on French company Nicomatic (Hall5A, Stand D450) to ship its new DLMM micro connectors in record time. Nicomatic has indicated that its DLMM lightweight, robust and cost-effective connectors are available in just three weeks. Based on the popular DMM Micro-D type mix connectors but with a flange and metallised composite shell, the connector’s weight is reduced by 20 per cent and the back-shell weight by 40 per cent.

  • Smart rangefinder [ES18D2]

    Properly packaging an innovative laser rangefinder is exactly what French company SensUp (Hall6, Stand 733) has achieved.

  • Steady and stable [ES18D2]

    Keeping the sighting and observation systems on a moving vehicle platform as steady and stable as possible, is where French company iXblue (Hall 5A, Stand C267) comes into its own with a cost-effective solution at Eurosatory.

  • All-in-one [ES18D2]

    French company Nyco (Hall 5A, Stand H691) has announced that Nicolube 127 CLP and its bio-based highly penetrating fluid used to clean, lubricate and protect firearms and weapon systems have been approved and qualified by the US Department of Defense.

  • On display [ES18D2]

    American Panel Corporation (APC), attending in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (Hall 5, Stand DC500), is exhibiting bespoke NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture-compliant display head assemblies for armoured combat vehicles, incorporating native 10-bit driver technologies offering optimum alignment to third-generation infrared sensors. APC is also showing the large area display, with dual displays and redundant video and power circuits.

  • Stars in the sky [ES18D2]

    Israeli aerostat company RT LTA Systems (Hall 6, Stand E751) is presenting its SkyStar family of aerostats, which includes the Skystar 110, SkyStar 180 and SkyStar 330, while RT’s subsidiary, Aero-T, is highlighting its SkyGuard1 large aerostat system. At the same time, RT LTA has disclosed that it has received an order from an unnamed European customer for the purchase of a SkyStar 180, having rented it for a number of months.

  • First firing for Fletcher [ES18D2]

    Arnold Defense (Hall 5A, Stands D/E/F177) has confirmed that a successful firing of its Fletcher land-based 2.75in/70mm Laser Guided Weapon System (LGWS) was carried out at an undisclosed location in the US. The Fletcher LGWS, which is aimed at special forces, is being shown here on a Polaris all-terrain vehicle on the Dillion Aero Stand A450 in Hall 5A.

  • Gee-whizz [ES18D2]

    Shown publicly for the first time on the Daimler AG external Stand D240 is the Mercedes-Benz MRV6.2, a further development of the LAPV 6.1 project study unveiled at Eurosatory 2016.

  • Colombian aviation expertise [ES18D2]

    Exhibiting at Eurosatory as part of the Colombian Pavilion, the Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana (CIAC; Hall 5A, Stand B721) is highlighting its experience in the fabrication, repair and maintenance of aircraft in the civil and military sectors.